Doctor Who Series 7.9: Cold War

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Oh, as an aside, interesting that 1983 is now considered to be a historical setting.

Also, as it happened, on 5th Jan 1984, the BBC started showing "Warriors of the Deep", a story about a bunch of ancient lizards taking over an underwater missile base to launch everything and turn the cold war hot.


albino boo:

I'm not sure what they used, but the Soviet TT-30 was derived from the Browning and the later Makarov doesn't look that different.

Yeah, I did actually wonder about the TT. The Chinese copy of it strangely looks even more like the Browning. It would still be massively out of date by '83 though, and I dunno - I think the Makarov looks pretty different. It's a lot stubbier and doesn't have that characteristic taper on the underside of the muzzle. Like I said, it's really not that big a deal on the scale of things. I guess I noticed it so much because I'd already made my mind up before the episode even started that the BBC would get the guns wrong.


What bugged me was that he was threatening to fire the missles from the bottom of the sea.

They're rockets, not torpedos. They have to be fired close to the surface. Like no more than 50 meters.

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that. I actually voiced my disbelief of that bit to the two friends I was watching it with. Naturally, they rolled their eyes at me and told me to just enjoy the cheesy Saturday night kids show. But still, the whole 'instant peril, just add nukes' thing really does bug me; people don't seem to realise that if something goes wrong with a nuke, it more often than not ends up not working rather than 'backfiring' explosively. Fiction writers are fiction writers, though, not military historians.

For clarity's sake, I feel I should reassert the fact that despite all I've said, I still enjoyed the episode as a bit of casual TV. Game of Thrones it ain't, but it's fun nonetheless. Now I've just got to wait and see if Defiance is finally going to bring some decent sci-fi back to TV.

Well I don't know if and/or when the soviet navy replaced the TT but what I do know that navies tend to lag behind in small arms. The Royal Navy was still carrying cutlasses in the late 70s and was using the sterling smg until the mid 90s.

As to the missile problems. Not only can they only be launched from no deeper than 50ft underwater but the sub was under ice and you can't launch through ice.

I know I'm a bit late to thread but I've only just watched the episode and I actually quite liked it. It was definitely an improvement on last week's episode anyway.

I liked the characters of the Captain and the Professor and I loved that the Doctor and Clara were genuinely trapped in the Sub. The Ice Warrior was a pretty decent bad-guy/not really a bad-guy.

Still not sure what to make of Clara, she kind of flits between heroic and pathetic so hopefully they'll eventually find some kind of medium.

At least they didn't say "doctor who" or anything about fucking bow ties.

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