Sweden Moves Towards Gender Neutrality [Support Thread]

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So what the hell do we call out sexual organs now? Poonises?

As a Swede, I think the word hen is so stupid. Though I think that about most of the things in this country. It doesn't even sound neutral. It's a pretty clearly feminine word, especially since the first thing you think of is the english word hen.

I don't think these changes will change much to be honest. Even if the country does this, there are too many backwards retards here for it to work very good.

Dirty Hipsters:
I find the whole thing rather silly. Not to part about them wanting gender neutrality (that's completely fine), but the fact that they actually had to come up with a new word and incorporate it into their language in order to have a pronoun that's gender unspecific. I mean, couldn't they just re-appropriate some other word from their language and give it a secondary definition, kind of like "one" in English.

Also, "hen" seems a rather poor choice for a gender neutral word. If they were looking for a word that resembled "han" and "hon" then why not "hin" or "hun"?

Anyway, good luck to them I guess if they are trying to make their country entirely gender neutral. I've always been a fan of the fact that Sweden has really great gender equality (especially that they give both the mother and the father of a new born baby government mandated "maternity leave").

Yeah, it is a certain type of national strangeness, a desperate determination to be progressive.

All countries are crazy I suppose, some in their very own special way.

So what? This is a positive thread only? No place for criticision or opinion? Thus no discussion? Really ? Well that makes this thread pretty ...boring . I was looking for flame wars , but peoples opinion would be nice. Anyways, i think this is silly but since this is a "positive" thread i'll just leave it at that . If i had something positive to say it would be i applaud them on having the courage and will to support change .

It is positive, do not discuss the new program, only support it. It is good and the way forward so we have been told, do not question.

Aaaand as has been demonstrated before, far left policies circle around and start to sound far right. It is always about control and thought/attitude policing. The masses must be made to heel to the start, because complex, crude people and their attitudes must always be edited into the new, more correct form.

Here's the thing about the word 'hen' here in Swe that you don't hear if you aren't "within the borders" (Swe is brilliant at creating an awesome international image of itself, but that's bending the truth.)

Outside Stockholm and its protected "little sphere", it's generally laughed and scoffed at. Personally, I see it as an easy word to write instead of "him or her" (so I don't dislike it as such), but its actual purpose remains useless.

It's a simple way for politicians, strawfeminists and other "Politically Correct" people (who are oversaturated in Sweden to begin with) to gain kudos points. The bottomline is that adding a word does absolutely nothing. It's an empty gesture. It contributes nothing, other than turning people on the fence against feminism/equality even further because they find it silly and destructive. People have been called misogynistic and anti-feminist because they don't like the word, which is a common modus operandi with everything here in Swe.

IMO, equality comes from high political levels and through a dialogue with the people, not through adding silly words. Through action, not empty PC talk. Calling a boy "hen" in the belief that calling him "he" triggers negative masculine traits simply serves to create resistance to the whole hijacked movement. (There's a debate storming regarding all this, but most of it is in Swedish.)

And, yea, expecting only positive reinforcement in a forum thread is hilarious.

Cities always have difficulties in converting the provinces to their point of view. Cultural power has its limits.

Casual Shinji:
Gender neutral words and toys!? Wha-... why?

When did it happen that being called 'he' or 'she' is suddenly not done?

Looks like worldpeace can only be achieved by forcing everyone to be the same. No distinction, no flavor, just a saltless grey society.

I dunno. I'm finnish and the gender neutral pronouns never really seem to do anything but help avoid pointless hassle. Hell in much of the finnish spoken language everything is referred to as "it".

Don't know about the toys though. Seems to be taking it a bit to far.

Op: A positive thread? Not something I see as a good idea. You can only really have a useful discussion if two sides are involved, otherwise it's just pointless, especially on a subject as critical as this.

Well, this is interesting... Why are people trying to wipe out gender? Humans are either male or female, they are not the same! They have slight differences and we can't just ignore them. I think stereotypes are not to be taken seriously, everyone should live as he or she (not hen) thinks it is the best. I think the focus should be equal rights and same oppurtunities for both men and women. I mean, why not make everyone the same and call everyone "comrade"? Because it's not natural, I don't think that ignoring reality is the sollution here. This is not a positive reply because I don't think this is a positive thing. However I can't really know how these changes will affect anything, I guess it remains to be seen.

Government mandated language, sure, because that's always super popular

Anyway, I don't mind, but there better be no complaints when physical standards in schools and the workplace becomes gender neutral as well


First of all, I'm a Swedish man.

Further, I find the term offensive.

The gender neutral term "hen" is pointing out the lack of gender as the main source of quality.
If a _person_ has done an admirable thing, words such as _person_ directs attention to the actual thing that he or she has accomplished. If "hen" has accomplished something, it directs attention to the genderlessness, rather than the accomplishment.
Therefore, the word is completely unnecessary, and everyone who is uses the word is either:
1. Lacking of vocabulary.
2. Making a political point.

Interesting. I suppose if the Swedes think it's necessary, then I've got no complaints. In English, we just have "they" or "them" for gender neutral messages. For example:

"If the doctor does not want to perform the procedure, then they can refuse" would be an example of such a message. We don't need "he or she", we can just use they and them and their.

An interesting idea. I'm not in favor of trying to ignore gender differences entirely, especially during puberty and afterwards, BUT, I think it's worth having a gender-neutral pronoun and removing color-coding from young childrens' toys and encouraging kids from either or neither gender to try anything e.g. girls mucking around with what's traditionally been considered boy's toys and vice versa. Not sure about clothing exactly, but I think it's worth trialling these things. I hope they properly track what's going down so other societies can consider the benefits. They probably should do control groups, but that's problematic for ethical reasons I guess.

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