So Youtube has been getting bizarrely slower and slower.

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Due to my having both crappy internet and a fairly old laptop, I never watch videos in anything higher than 360p. However, I've been having trouble with YouTube not being able to properly load videos for months so this isn't really news to me.

They're probably futsing with the code and broke somethin somewhere.

They're probably making the buttons shinier for an upcoming update. Software companies love to make pretty interfaces while breaking features. YouTube already did it once a couple years back; they added glossy-looking buttons and broke playlists. It's called improvement.

It's not just YouTube either. I was contracting for a well-known software company once and they switched our internal web mail to a "new interface with better performance" that looked slightly nicer but would throw up an error page during half your login attempts.

If you don't do this already, get Ccleaner ( Uncheck the boxes for wiping your saved passwords (if you keep auto-login on through your cookies and such). Run it, and it'll take care of cookies, massive cache folders, and internet history. I've had to fix many computers that were "just slow", and ccleaner ended up removing 1-5 GB of just internet history, cache, and cookies. You'll probably still get throttled at peak hours and stuff, but it shouldn't be as bad.

Alternatively, you can enable Youtube "feather" beta, through Youtube itself. It'll display less comments, related videos, and disallow likes/dislikes of videos. However, the bandwidth used for that purpose gets applied to the loading/buffering of the video itself. I've done both of these things and I haven't had it as bad as this thread describes in quite some time : )

Ditto. I thought Comcast was throttling my speeds, but noticed that Escapist loads fine. What's up Youtube?

I had the same thought. Except I noticed that I could stream from Blip and whatever Comedy Central uses, not specifically the Escapist.


I've been getting this too lately, although it seems more consistent for me. I always seem to have to wait at least 5 minutes for the average video to load at 720p. In the past I could just click on a video and it wouldn't have to stop for buffering every other minute.

I've also started having another issue where videos will end prematurely at random. I don't know what is causing all of this, but if I had to guess I'd say Google has managed to screw the site up with their numerous updates and overhauls.

Same thing happens to me. However, SOME videos would load fast and others would load slow.
I actually talked to my ISP and found some interesting information. They keep google servers ON the ISP's network which caches youtube videos and other google content. This really surprised me, but I bet it's an incredibly common practice. Thus things cached on your ISP's network I imagine would load quickly, but if it's not and has to fetch the video from the actual google servers I reckon they'll be pretty slow.

Youtube is ridiculously broken in countless ways. I'm a partner & the bugs are even more annoying when they're costing you money, lol.

I've been having the same problem, but I thought it was just my internet acting weird. It's even worse for me though. Forget about HD video at all, half the time I'm lucky if I can get 480p to load, and only 240p functions with some regularity. But with that level of quality, is there even any point in watching? Hope they get this sorted out soon, you never realize how dependent you are on a thing until you lose it.

Man, everyone and their dog is having problems with Youtube. Guess I'm not the only one.

Here's hopin' they fix it up soon.

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