Choose your death!

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I will slip and fall to my death, due to a break in the safety harness keeping me on my dragon.

This means that I get a dragon.

I'll follow suit from the man who chose the manner of his own execution. Being run off a cliff by a horde of naked women. I won't link the clip, as it's technically NSFW.

I did always wonder what was meant to happen if they caught him, though.

I always liked the way Tasslehoff figured he'd go out. Falling off a cliff into the mouth of a lion who's on fire.

I want to be shot by Clint Eastwood wielding a gun that shoot shurikens and lightning and has tits and is on fire, and I want it narrated by Morgan Freeman. And I want TSFH playing in the background.

edit: typo
why is the "i" and the "o" next to each other? >.<

I'm going to be super immature and say that the best death is being beaten to death. By Breasts.

Well, some kind of thing related to the creation of the universe, which if god is real, must be real too, explodes and irradiates me with some kind of divine rays, killing me and giving me the ability to respawn whenever, whereever and in whatever form I desire.

The zombi apocalypse struck 15 years earlier and the human race is whittled down to only a few thousand of the hottest women in the world. Somehow, only them and I survived. I discover a cure , which I release into the air and it kills all the zombies, and evaporates their bodies leaving nothing but a subtle fresh minty scent. After an epic and hard struggle for 15 years, we can finally relax. I die of pleasure days later, while doing my part to repopulate the human race, and eating a ham an pickle sandwich. The added ecstasy of the ham and pickled sent me into a pleasure induced death.

Capcha: Tastes good.

I want to be launched at the speed of light directly in to the center of the biggest blackhole.

Or spontaneously combust at the bottom of the ocean.

1 solidly built Toboggan, 1 Motorcycle Helmet lined with Explosives and Contact Detonators and The Summit of Mount Everest...


After having a ton of unprotected, no commitment sex and a mighty lunch of my choice, I rob a bank with a team of comically incapable thugs and go down in the resulting firefight with the police/SWAT/federal agents of current country while Rammstein blears in the background.

EDIT - Or the Smile Song from My Little Pony.

Quite simple. Wait for my assassin to come to Tsugala and murder me, proving my father to be the hypocritical asshat he really is.

As much as I like the Curze approach, I can't help but feel it'd have been more entertaining if it had been another of the traitors to be assassinated. Now I'm not saying that any of them wouldn't have been a blast, but I'm pretty sure that you couldn't beat Angron killing him with an angry glare. The guy would have just exploded from mild displeasure.

I think the popular one is being shot by Clint Eastwood with Morgan Freeman narrating, which sounds pretty awesome and I would have gone with.


Now I've got 40k in my head I'm thinking I'm an Inquisitor trapped on a daemon planet, and I have to manually detonate a cyclonic torpedo. The last thing the vile heretics and warpspawn hear before the annihilation of their entire world is me saying "You just got Exterminatus'd"

With a glass of wine, standing on the deck of a spaceship as we near the first human colony, the colony I helped discover and create.

In my final days I am magically granted amazing guitar skills. I quickly gain fame online, and I get set up for a concert on my last day on earth. I play the most amazing shred guitar solo in human history. As I hit the final note, the position of all the speakers in the stadium combined with the reverberation and the specific frequency of the final note cause the soundwaves to reinforce themselves and focus in on my exact position, causing me to explode, showering the front rows of the audience with gore.

Well, I would ask to die while saving someone else from death. I think it would be an honourable ending for my life, an I would give someone else a reason to carry on. It could be something as simple as saving a child from being hit by a bus.

Yeah, going out in a "blaze of glory" all the way. Like, execution immediately after assassinating someone who was on the verge of starting WW3 or something. Not just for my benefit but if that death is allowed then I'm preventing a lot of awful crap from happening too ;)

With the satisfaction that my term as president of the earth has seen the birth of FTL travel, the death of fossil fuel overconsumption, and the end overpopulation. That my legacy has been sucured as the greatest leader of mankind, when man is on the path to well and truly achieving its potential, only then will then will I press the red button and doom us all.

Does anyone know if you really DO blackout if you fall from a really high height before you hit the ground?

Because I might do that, but I would want everyone to see it...

That would be awesome

There is a famous series of 5-8 photographs taken by a professional photographer of a man who plummeted to his death on 9/11 just before the World Trade Centers collapsed. The man angled himself almost like a comic book super hero diving down would be pictured. His head was also angled so he could see the approaching ground.

Yes, people can be awake all the way down...right to the finish.

Moreover there have been instances of sky divers whose chutes failed to work surviving falls from as high as a mile up. If I remember correctly at least to such survivors recalled being awake during the whole ordeal--and not being knocked out upon impact. O.O

One landed in some wetlands somewhere. I don't recall where the other landed.

death by perfectly natural causes in humanities first colony on mars.

Hypoxia, you die painlessly and in a euphoric state.

Cut apart and eaten by a crowd of giant, mutated lobster monsters
on a beach somewhere in the future.

Have the HTTYD universe become real, enter into an all out battle between wearing clans, and ride a dragon into the jaws of death after we win!

Depends if I've killed my doppleganger yet. I've never met him, but I know he's out there, watching me. There is nothing that makes me more nervous than the fact that I'll have confront him one day, and at that moment, neither of us will hesitate. But I suppose I wouldn't feel so bad if I lost to him. I imagine the rain starts pouring down on me as he holds me in his arms and watches the blood drain from my body and the life from my eyes with a sort of melancholy you can only feel from knowing you had no choice but to kill the one person in this world who could truly understand you, and yet whose life you had no choice but to end. Or maybe he just smashes a photocopier on my head repeatedly and puts the result on a Christmas card to my loved ones. I haven't quite figured out yet which one of us is evil.

Other than that, I'm partial to being a bystander in a gang/police shootout or something. I never knew what hit me, but I don't mind, it seems like they have a lot of money on the line.

I would want to go having a chainsaw fight with a bear.....while riding jetpacks.
Yea, it'd be gruesome, but EVERYONE would remember it for all time. Plus when you're standing in line waiting to get into heaven, when another soul asks how you died, you can proudly proclaim, "In a chainsaw duel with a bear!! While riding jetpacks no less! How'd you die? Broken neck from tripping on a Barbie? Pfft, what a wuss death."

I really don't care how I go out, as long as it happens painlessly and immediately. I wouldn't want to spend the next 15 years (or even 15 minutes) knowing it was coming.

I'd want to go out saving someone; being a hero or something like that. Not for some set cause but for my own desire to help others.

Preferably, I don't want a "closed coffin kind of death".

Here's how I die: in my last moments, I boot up an online game of some sort (like TF2 or something) and get 1 minute to live each time I get a kill, but permanently die if I get killed.

Screw the 15 years, within the next hour or two from notification, utterly random event.

i want to be executed on the electric chair!

now here is the twist: as my last meal, i demand 10 pounds of unpopped popcorn and a bucket full of butter to wash it down!

my death shall be hilarious, delicious and traumatizing..

edit: captcha: "crackling fun" oh yes captcha, indeed.

Nobody said SnuSnu yet? I go with Snusnu!

If that's not possible i'd settle with a Succubus or a Vampire too.

I simply can't imagine a more comfortable way to go.

Driving a HUMVEE packed full of TNT and glass jars of grain alcohol into a natural gas repository while wearing a vest of lit road flares.

That sounds like it would be AWESOME!

Mine? Well, I would die Naked pelvic thrusting at ground zero, of a nuclear strike.

I'd step on a spike and explode into flashing orbs like Mega Man. I think dying like Pac Man would be terrible. Your jaw splitting open and bent backwards into itself...

I would just like to die in my sleep. Not all that exciting, but certainly far less crappy than being conscious when it happens. I suppose I can give second place to something unexpected and extremely fast. Like an explosion or something similar that I never even see coming.

Realistic: Sudden and painless, without any medical deterioration previuosly.
Bang theory: Be the rat that shorts the nuclear silos system and starts a nuclear war.
Unrealistic: Make the death decription so detailed as to include a plan for the WHOLE 15 years of life left thus significantly altering my life and living a little. it is a loophole, as technically you told me im only able to affect my death, but if i wronte that my death will be X due to action Y i did at time Z with ability i gained at time T, which jtu so happesn to be today.....

Wait, i found another loophole. Vampires. i die by vampire bite, and i get to "live" forever. as a vampire i am technically dead, so i still die, but i get to live on.

i want to be executed on the electric chair!

now here is the twist: as my last meal, i demand 10 pounds of unpopped popcorn and a bucket full of butter to wash it down!

my death shall be hilarious, delicious and traumatizing..

edit: captcha: "crackling fun" oh yes captcha, indeed.

Best thing I've read all week

I'm hired by the King (I assume 15 years from now it won't be the queen anymore) to rescue his extremely attractive, chesty, blonde daughter from aliens! I am accompanied by 4 hilariously juxtaposed characters to a planet beyond the furthest stars due to FTL technology I invented. Once we battle our way in, get the king's daughter (who is 20 and is in a dress that's been partially torn off just below the crotch) set the a nuke and are almost out we get cornered. I insist they leave me behind, saying "Go, you need someone to hold them off... Besides, I'm beginning to enjoy myself.". Before they leave I hand the nuke detonator to one of the soldiers and say "send me out... With a bang!" and turn to the king's daughter and be all like "Gimme some sugar baby!" at which point we kiss.

Before the bomb blows up, which will be what kills me, I shoot aliens with a revolver in one hand and a double barrel shotgun in the other and make amazing one liners.

And people remember me as a hero and build statues and make films about me. And I'm played by Tom Cruise and he's amazing.

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