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I do not know what we have done to deserve this. Has Minnesota angered nature in some way? Is this the Mayan prophecy coming true with a whimper rather than a bang?

This type of snow dump would be strange March 19th, let alone April 19th. It's "supposed" to get to the 50's F next week but that's what it did last week and that hasn't stopped schizophrenia nature from dumping 3 inches of snow onto us. Our average high for this time of year is about 60-70 degrees and it is currently a balmy 30 degrees out.

So Escapist, a few things that I would like to get from you so I (hopefully) don't feel so bad...

1. What's it look like for you outside? Is your weather being normal for your area or have your people also angered the nature Gods?

2. Pic please! :) Please do put them in spoilers though so it doesn't take up too much space.

Edit: Just to be clear, when I state too hot/too cold, I mean against the average of your areas weather, not too hot/cold to what you want it to be.

Well right now the weather is somewhat fine (sunny and fairly warm) however this had only arrived recently. Before that we were still getting winter cold and it even snow abit over here in the UK! Overall the warm spring came late.

We had our first bits of sun last Sunday. At the moment the weather is pretty average for the time of year, but until 2 weeks ago it was still full-on winter.

I don't have a camera nearby atm, but I'll see if I can make a picture when I get home in 2 hours...

I am in a bunker... I have no idea of the weather at the moment... but we have finally got through the strange cold start to the spring, and normal April is kicking in. Hell... I didn't even wear a coat yesterday!!! :O

Average. The snow is finally gone. And it rained last night.

Spring has been very late arriving in the UK. It's been wet and very windy the past two days, but that's more normal for this time of year than the cold weather we'd been having before. Seems like it's now a little more how I'd expect it to be now.

I'm in South Wales (UK), as of today it's been fairly nice spring weather, a slight breeze; a bit of sun and random rain showers. However yesterday and the day before I was afraid of taking off due to the bitter cold wind. Is winter finally over? I bloody hope so, I want to shed these winter pounds by jogging.

Nope, the weather here (in Liverpool, England) has gotten it's shit together lately. Sunny, pretty strong breeze, but when the wind's not blowing it's warmish. A couple of days ago it was genuinely quite warm, this wind hadn't turned up yet. That said, it's been fucking cold for weeks longer than it should have been before this.

Montreal here . The weather is crazy . On days it snows , the next it really hot , then it rains , then hot , then hail . Seriously , mother nature is bipolar .

Your poll assumes that average is good.
I prefer it colder, so yeah, it's slightly colder than normal.

Good weather here in England, finally.

Here in Shropshire we've got nice warm air, a light wind and sun. Ideal after the depressingly gray shite we've had for the last 5/6 months.

There's blue in the sky, birds singing, daises in the grass. Spring is finally here! And here I am, inside, procrastinating on the internet.

Spring is finally breaking through over here in the Netherlands.

Took its sweet time though.

I voted *other*, because it's only recently and FINALLY that it has become what a late April should be like.
Until a week ago, I was seriously missing.. rain, because it was the longest stretch of no rain (because of too cold) that I have experienced in my whole life.

Within the past month, one week we have 80* weather, hail, rain, and maybe snow. Was actually 81* a few days ago and this morning it was 34*. So, actually, yep, this is normal. This is Missouri after all.

Your poll assumes that average is good.
I prefer it colder, so yeah, it's slightly colder than normal.

Sorry if I wasn't clear but when I say it's too hot/cold in the poll, it is compared to what your weather should be, not by the posters preference.

I live in Kansas. There is NO SUCH THING as normal here [is the joke]. I mean, just look at the last week. It was about 70 F on sunday, then it was 60 F on monday, then 55 F and raining on Tuesday, then 40 F and even more rain+Flooding on Wendsday, then 20 F and SNOW on Thursday, then now its Friday and going to be about 60 F.

If your Mother Nature is drunk, Kansas Mother Nature just drank the whole brewery.

A few weeks ago it was snowing while it was +3 out, as a result the snow would melt as soon as it landed. That was really interesting to watch. Even more interesting than watching paint dry...

70º F on a glorious sunny morning, pretty average for summer in Mexico City.

For further details, 0% precipitation, 0 mph winds and 38% humidity, pretty much perfect if you like that kind of thing. I like windy and rainy days, those will start within the month.

Right now, our weather is fine. And that's a problem. Let me explain.
Normal weather in mid-april in Hungary is 20-25 celsius. It was that much today. Now, less than two weeks ago, we had weather worse than the OP's picture. That big a jump in such little time fucked everyone up quite thoroughly.


Edit: Just to be clear, when I state too hot/too cold, I mean against the average of your areas weather, not too hot/cold to what you want it to be.

Right now it's normal, warm-ish and sunny-ish.

I spent Easter weekend snowboarding, I'm in northern England and I spent my Easter snowboarding! Whilst a couple of years ago it snowed in May, it wasn't the deep, persistent snow we've had in March and April this year, it was both awesome and rubbish, but definitely weird.

I live in Cleveland. Weird weather is the norm here. Yesterday it was 85 and sunny, the day before was thunder storms, and today it's 45 and raining. This is what I get for being in Cleveland

Yeah.... I live in Michigan. Our weather is always weird. In fact, the only time we're concerned is when it appears "normal".

True Story: I ran across a "You might be from Michigan if..." list one time. One of the items was "...if you've ever gotten frostbite and heatstroke in the same week."

I blame the lakes.

Edit: found the list
Pretty accurate. Especially the one about the driving being better in the winter.

Hey another Minnesotan nice to meet you. But yeah we lost power in Minneapolis last night for a few hours because of the snow. But hey we got discount pizza and sat around watching people having a snowball fight. I found this snow dump to be alot of fun.

New England weather is always fucked up. One of the reasons I stay inside.

I picked other.
The weather by me is going crazy. Every few days it shifts from being way too cold for this time of year to way too hot.

Humidity is fluctuating from like nothing to start sweating the second you open the door.

I hate this part of Jersey...

seems colder than it should be but I'm not sure exactly how much colder

Right now it's about average. Our winter has been scary though. We had a month where the average temperature was 20 degrees above last year's average. It's hardly enough to say anything about climate change seeing as this is over an extremely short period of time, but it's enough to be unsettling in my opinion.

I didn't know the internet had weather.

OT: It's pretty normal here for the time of the year, cool and breezy with occasional showers. We did have an unusually cold start to the year though which is a trend that has been going on for a couple of years. But really it isn't a sign of the apocalypse, the weather changes constantly and has been doing so forever. If we expect the world to be the same today as it will be in 100 years time or 100 years ago then we're a bit silly. It's just all happening a bit quicker than before because the world is being human-formed.

South East US, here. This entire week it reached the mid 80's every day. The trees are green, the grasses are growing. The flowers are blooming. The pollen is coating every blinkety-blanking surface outside yellow. And then we had a major line of severe storms roll through last night: Now it's past noon and the high temperature is 45 F.

This is the normal pattern for mid April weather. We always have a late cold snap in the middle of the month.

What concerns me is that 20 to 25 years ago we would have snow and ice and killing frosts in mid April. I remember planting dozens of dwarf apple/peach/plum trees and losing entire crops due to the cold snap being too severe 20 years ago. Now a dip below the 50's feels major.

I've heard old family stories about the weather swinging back and forth between extremes all during the 20th century. When my mother was a child they went swimming in one pond in December but they skated on the same pond in December when my grandmother was a child.

Global warming is a real thing but with stories like that it's hard to figure out just where global warming is happening and where Mother Nature is just being herself.

It's been fucking all over the place, starting to level out now although it's still annoyingly cool. I'd rather have it fuck up now and have a good Summer though. Last year it was boiling at the end of March and then rained all Summer long.

It's pouring down rain outside today and has been unseasonably cold. Had this precipitation come yesterday, the city would've been covered in snow...woulda been interesting to see that actually, since everyone legally had to have their snow tires off three weeks ago.

It will not stawp fricking snowing!!! It will snow for about 20cm then melt the next day for the past few weeks!

Midwest US reporting in. And no, our weather is NOT normal. Torrential rain has made the river near my house, y'know flood. I personally haven't gotten any flooding (yet) A golf course near my house is, with the exception of a few small hills at the edge of the course, completely underwater, as in, top of 20 foot tall trees. It's that bad down here.

Here we've had five months which contained some snow. That's a long bloody winter for the UK. Pretty good now though, way colder than last year, but last year was baking.

"Other", in that it can't make up it's damn mind.
It's normal for England's weather to be far more extreme now than it used to be. Snow is far more common- and problematic- than it used to be; we keep swinging between "drought" (as much as a relatively small island in a temperate region can have drought) and even more rain than is normal; summers are often far hotter than they used to be. Each extreme is, well, more extreme than it used to be.

RIGHT NOW, though, it's quite warm and sunny. About three weeks ago we had enough snowfall that my fiancé and I were concerned about trains being delayed (although it didn't last long at all, so.)

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