Your Favourite Moment in Sport

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I wouldnt call it my favourite moment, but the moment in sports I will never ever forget is when Alessandro Del Piero played his last match for Juventus last year. I started rooting for Juventus mostly from two things, my father is Italian and I LOVED Roberto Baggio who then played at Juventus. But then, myself only 10 years old, I saw a 19 year old Del Piero score that beautifully controlled volley-shot against Fiorentina:

Now I've never been prone to hero worship, but after that Del Piero was the only constant thing in my life for almost 20 years, until about one year ago when he played his last match for Juventus and one final time got to raise the league trophy as Juventus best captain ever. When he was substituted towards the end of the last match of the season, the match basically stopped for over 5 minutes while everyone, comrades, opponents, staff and the referees thanked one of the greatest Italian football has ever seen, and I sat infront of the tv crying my eyes out.

Barring dementia I will never forget that for as long as I live. C'è solo un Capitano, there is only one captain.

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