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So I found this cool crowd sourced music vid.

The Dutch rock band target="blank">Light Light unveiled a crowdsourced music video for their song "Kilo," which tracks viewers mouse cursor paths and adds them to the video with each play.

And this gave me an idea, seeing as I don't use a mouse, I thought it would be fun seeing how well my trackball could keep up with the pack. As It turns out I faired pretty well.

Of course I expected that result seeing as trackballs are faster than Mice for a well trained user.

Makes me wonder how a gamepad would do or a stylus on a writing tablet or even naked fingers on a touch pad, touch screen etc.
so who wants to try using their preferred control method and lets us know how they did (do try to be honest) :D

And before anyone berates me for liking trackballs over mice, this is from the wiki:

I have my reasons for preferring my trackball as I'm sure you have reasons for using your mouse :)

That was an interesting video. Certainly very engaging. The beginning was a bit hard to follow with the sheer number of pointers blotting out the dot but it got better. There were some very sweet moments, like the piano and the guitar. I liked it.


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