What's your favorite type of soup?

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New Eangland Clam Chowder is my favorite. Especially if it's thick. I had a low sodium one that was really water, and I couldn't stand it, lol.

Cauliflower soup! I was practically raised on it. I must have been the only teenager in history that when asked 'what would you like to eat' when faced with options such as taco, pizza, etc. answered Cauliflower soup. Every. Damn. Time.



I'm starting to regret making this thread because it's making me hungry. At least I have more soups to try.

Best soup I ever had was in San Fran. A clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. It was orgasmic.

I don't have a favourite per se but i'm a big fan of standard ones: Chicken, pumpkin, tomato, potato and leek etc.

Also this thread reminded me of this:

That japanese noodle soup.
Not the instant stuff, the real deal.

Simple vegetable soup with bread, nothing beats that on a cold morning.

Of course, tomato soup with croutons is great too...

Now I want soup...

Cream of chicken.

Lots of bread and butter. Dip the bread in the soup.

Gorge until satiated.


Whoah... found this thread WHILE eating Chicken soup...

Anyway, I'd have to say Cream of Chicken.

My mom makes a great potato soup with bacon and cheese, perfect on a cold day.

If I'm at home:
- If Stoned Wheat Thins are available for dipping, then Cream of Mushroom.
- Otherwise Chicken Noodle.

For eating out:
This wonton soup that a place near me makes. mmmmmmmnm

My favorite soup is borscht. Had it one day a couple of years ago and was hooked. It's gotta be the hot kind though; the cold style isn't that great IMO.

My mom makes a great potato soup with bacon and cheese, perfect on a cold day.

Yes! I also love French Onion, Wonton soup and home made Chicken Noodle. I love stews and chili's as well. With lots of beans, cheese and onions! lol

Casual Shinji:
Just your standard clear beef soup without vegetables.

Just something hot, salty, and beefy... >.>

Not even potatoes? or carrots...or...this is making me hungry for beef soup

I love Oxtail soup, but it's got to be hot and sour chineese crab soup.

That's probably my favourite.

Tortilla Soup.

Brown 6 chicken thighs. Set aside. Pour off fat.
Add: 10 cups of water
1\2 can chipolte w/ adobe (chop up the solid peppers, don't forget to dump in that adobe sauce)
Bring to a rolling boil.

Blend until essentially smooth:
1 onion.
a shitload of cilantro (like, 2\3 a bunch, no stems)
1 can tomatoes

Dump that shit in the boiling adobe water. Add a big scoop full of

Cut up the chicken and add.

Gently boil 20 min.

Serve with:
fresh cilantro
tortilla chips, crushed by hand
and a dollop of sour cream (DOLLOP IS AN SI UNIT BITCHES)

Eat eat eat

I'm a big fan of soup, and I got several recipes that I make pretty regularly. I make a pretty amazing french onion soup, wild mushroom soup, kale, sausage, and potato soup, spinach bisque, beef and barley, seafood gumbo, and a few others. Also, Matzoh ball soup. It's like chicken soup if the noodles were replaced by awesome.

I can't eat a lot of soup because it makes me sick, but when i decide i want it anyway, my fav is chicken noodle soup

As a teen my favorite was a cream of crab soup. At this point though, a big bowl of Maryland Crab soup is more my speed though I can still enjoy Cream of Crab.



What's better is if they're in a bread bowl.

There is a disturbing lack of Pho in this thread. God I love Pho. Pho Bo to be precise.

If ramen counts (broth centric?), then the good stuff is top 5 of all foods for me, let alone soups.

Gumbo and brunswick stew are also essential blocks in my food pyramid

I'm proud of my borscht, but nobody in my house wants to put up with boiling cabbage smell. Which I *guess* I understand. Otherwise I like my minestrones or roast vegetable soups the best.

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