So, you're walking down the street and...

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an inter-dimensional portal opens and you from another dimension walks out of it.

He/She tells you that they want to show you something and that they want you to come to their dimension to see it.

Do you go or not?

Remember, this isn't future you but dimensional you, so any harm to the you of this dimension would not apply to them whatsoever. You also do not know which dimension they've arrived from.

Only if they were sure we could come back at the same time as when we left so no one would be looking for me.

"Quick! There's no time to explain!"

Wait, no. That's about the future.

Ummm...sure. I trust me.

Depends from my alternative self apperance like if he look like he got out from a post apocalypse world than no thank you but look can be deceiving.

the other me knows i wouldnt trust me to go through the portal so would automatically mistrust the other yet im still asking.. our heads explode

Sure, I'm a pretty trustworthy guy, a quality I'm sure carries over between dimensions. But if there's anything iffy about his appearance (e.g. battle worn clothes) then I'd decline.

I would say yes. I've watched enough sf to understand that when the opportunity arises, you say yes.

Yes. unless there are clear signs of it being significantly different me (as in evil).

I'd tell them that's far too vague and they should come to my house and explain the situation over some drinks. I'm sure they're quite tired.

I would say sure, but choke him from behind; as we all know, if you kill the alternate universe version of yourself, you gain their power

And I could always use more power

Nah, impossible to know if it's safe or if I'd come back (I'd like to say I can trust myself if I reassured myself it would be okay, but what if other me is just wrong?) and I like my life here and have too much to lose.

If my life gets crap and boring, then I'd risk it.

Probably. I wouldn't ask myself to do something I wouldn't do.

When am i ever going to get that chance again, of course I go. Although I'll probably get murdered by an evil alternate or something. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Yeah, I'd trust me to not troll myself, but I would like some guarantee to be able to either return, or to bring my brother along with me.

If they're from a different dimension with different life experiences and origins, then how can they possibly be me? They're clearly an imposter trying to eat me for my powers.

I'm on to your machinations evil shapeshifting dimensional monster. You can't out evil plot an insidious bastard like me! I'll eat you first... er... I mean exercise self defense... <.< >.>

Hell no. I know myself too well to trust me.

"Backroom go fuck yourself." and i keep walking.

Knowing me, I have gotten into some sort of disaster and kept it to myself. Now I'm seeking help from someone who will be able to understand perfectly: myself.

So my reply will be:

"I have my own problems. Go deal with it me."

"Quick! There's no time to explain!"

Except all the time in the world since we have time travel capabilities now!

OT: Yeah I'd probably go, not as if I've got anything else going on right now.

Depends on what they're wearing. If they look quite affluent I would probably be swayed. If they appear disheveled I would decline the offer.

Probably, i might ask a simple "can i get back" question, but since they got to my dimension anyway, thats highly probable.

I wouldnt screw over myself.

The chance to go on an adventure (even one that might end badly for me), is still an adventure.

I say darn the consequences and jump on in.

I know me and I'm sure I should trust me.
Though first I would ...

Calm him down.
Try to figure out what 'me' he is. (I mean if he is the complete opposite and completely evil ... well that isn't good. BUT I am sure there isn't a single evil me out there.)
Ask why do I have to go.
Ask if there is any risks.

If there is no risks (To my anything or his anything) I would go with him. Who knows what might happen. :S

I not only don't know what he's planning to do, I also don't really know it's actually another me. No, I wouldn't trust that person. Especially not when they are so vague in their inquiry. Certainly not before learning more. It's probably an interdimensional monster using my likeness as a mask.

I would go with me unless I have a goatee in which case it is dark timeline me their to darken my timeline, or if I am wearing a skintight silver jumpsuit.

Time to kick some feline butt huh? Alright, let's roll.


Dude, no way. Just...Come on, I'm not stupid. In fact, I'd tell the other me that he should know I'm not that stupid.

There is no guarantee that:
a) I can come back to this exact space and time if I go with him.
b) The dimension he's from isn't bad for me somehow
c) He's not a supervillain.

c's the real kicker. I have the definite possibility that I might become a supervillain if I got a huge amount of magical-esque power, and given that he can Slide...I have no reason to trust anything he says because the odds of him being evil are WAY too high.

And then I'd have to call my GF and let her know what just went on. We literally have a code phrase if something like this happens. XD

Um... probably not.

Being me from an alternate reality is not the same as being me from the future.

I'd have no idea what things would have changed the way I ended up.

She'd need to give some deets and stuff.

Yeah, why the hell not? Its not as if I have anything better going on at the moment.

Mind you, I am a bit of an arsehole at times so I wouldn't put it past me to try and trap me in some sort of Hell dimension if I could.

An "alternate dimension me" could well be nothing like I am at all. They may as well be a different person entirely. I'd like to think this person would realize that and explain whatever they want first before expecting me to trust them.

If it was just future me then yeah, I'd trust me. I can't think of any reason I'd want to harm/kill my past self, unless it's to stop some unavoidable and terrible thing from happening - in which case I'd ask for as much time as I could have before said terrible crap happens.


If I have reason to believe alt me is basically just me from a different place, I would certainly go with him. I'm not the type to hop dimensions lightly, nor to have some kind of nefarious purpose for doing so. Now another version of me MIGHT be willing to orchestrate a "sacrifice my twin to save the many" scenario, but I am a bad enough liar that I am far more than likely to spot that kind of deception.

If otherwise, it gets more complex, but chances are good I will go. Dimension hopping capability would appear to indicate that this individual and the society he comes from is significantly more advanced, and frankly more interesting, than ours. Some questions are in order of course.

This may be the first time in a long while that a thread has made me stop and actually think, because in this instance I'm not entirely sure.

If other me was happy to chat for a bit and explain themselves then I would probably go. If I was rushed or pressurised I would probably be wary. If other me seemed agressive I would consider killing him and stealing whatever interdimensional tech was in his posession and from there try to get a handle on the whole interdimensional travel deeley.

As long as he doesn't have a goatee I'm in

I'm not stepping in to an evil dimension.

No...I wouldn't trust him

Would I trust me? No.

Would I go anyway? Absolutely!

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