So, you're walking down the street and...

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You mean I have to trust myself to not take me to my death over something that may or may not be irrelevant?

Sure why not.

Yes, though the testicular cancer I'd get from traversing the portal would be regrettable...

For all intents and purposes, a me from another dimension would be a completely different person anyways.
Would I go into a magical space-time portal thing with a stranger?

Well the portal itself is pretty convincing already. Sure!

While we step through the portal I would ask how screwed the Resistance are to need another 'me'.

I would go because I would trust the other me and well lets face it, who hasn't thought about running of to another dimension with a version of themselves. I know I have.

well this could be the one dimension i'm batman, and thats always worth the risk so hell yeah.

simple, i make the goatee test and if he passes that i'll go
however if he is anything like me he will probably recruit me to help do 2 things at the same time (say a date and finishing a paper) because his time management is terrible.

Sure, sounds like an adventure. I mean how often do you get to travel through the multiverse? I might not get the chance to do it again, I have to go. I mean if I got the power to travel through the multiverse I would visit some of my alternate selves. Hopefully it isn't a evil version of me.

Maybe, but first I will allow him to explore my realm first.

"Quick! There's no time to explain!"

I made a thread that was that! :D

OT: I'd go because this could be the reality where I'm rich or have a girlfriend or something and alternate me could give me the key on writing my book or figuring out cold fusion.

I would ask "would I be okay"?

If yes, then lets go!

If no, then f**k it, lets go anyway!

No. If I'm already a lying, betraying, untrustworthy snake-in-the-grass, I don't want to see what another me is capable of.

Sure, why not? Obviously Other Me's life isn't as bleak as mine if he can transverse dimensions and I could use the escape.

and out the corner of my eye I saw this pretty little thing approaching meee.

Sorry couldn't resist, of course I would go though I dont trust me, mainly because if my life in other dimension were significantly better I cant say that I wouldn't kill me and then take my place.

That being said there is a very good chance that is that he intends for me so I would naturally be suspicous

Hehehe not a chance in hell.

I've got too much going for me in this dimension and I know how this dimension works.
An alternate one? Too many unknowns, plus I wouldn't trust me as far as I could throw me. And I'm pretty damn heavy.

Other dimensional me would sure as hell know I don't like surprises and that pulling the whole "there's something cool I have to show you but I can't say, come with me!" schtick won't work with me.

To be honest, I'd contemplate murdering other dimensional me. Just to see how it would affect the other dimension. And killing other dimensional me would be considered suicide right? And we all know that's not illegal unless it's assisted suicide... which I guess this could be considered. Ow, my head hurts.

That depends if I could trust the other me. I would have to quiz other me by asking what number I was thinking. If he replied "69" then all is good and I'd follow.

That I would recognize him on sight would mean we are pretty much the same person. I would then ask him, or her if they are from a reversed gender universe, for the security code I had prepared just in case something like that happened. No matter what they answer, I would say that I did not have a security code.

That should take care of anything pretending to be me, as they would know that the insistence of no security code was actually a second level to the question. There IS a security code, and I am not saying it online.

If they could prove they were me, I would go with them. If they have dimension hopping technology, I would kill him (as obviously he's an idiot version of me, as he would have totally done the same thing were he in my shoes) and travel to a universe/dimension I know like the back of my hand, and seize eternal youth. I would then go around gathering power until I launch an attack on the multiverse and become the dark, evil overlord of as many universes as I could.

TVTropes' Evil Overlord List and all documents related to it would be read on a weekly basis.

Yeah I'd go along, but not because it's me. Considering it's a different dimension, they probably have no similarities apart from looks, and even then only because the OP says so. They could have different family, memories, experiences, everything. In fact if they're from a different dimension it's more likely that they're a clone or cybernetic copy of this-dimension me considering the chances of me showing up from a random pool twice. But I wouldn't think about that at the time.

Assuming they are somehow the same as me, something I wouldn't be able to know by looking at them, I'd ask why and being the person I am they'd give a brief explanation because that's what I'd need. I don't do things for no reason.

I'd definitely demand more explanation then that before doing anything. I mean the last time I followed an inter-dimensional me asked me to follow him, I ended up tied down in a basement smack in the middle of the Korean DMZ. That ain't happening again.

Of course. I love me. I am a massive fan of myself, and would never do anything to harm any version of me. I am such good friends with me that it transcends dimensional walls, basically meaning that I am exactly the same person the whole multiverse round. I would meet me and show me the nifty place I come from and we would be the bestest of friends until my other friends killed one of us because one of me is more than enough. I need a moment of silence for hypothetical alternate me's hypothetical death.

Knowing myself pretty well and what kind of an asshat I am to my friends (pranking and stuff)... I have no idea what I'd figure out knowing I was going to get the opportunity to prank myself. So I doubt I'd go :P
Then again I'd love to see what pararell me figured out to do...

No, I wouldn't do it because im very unsure about MY own personal decisions.

I would go, if you can't trust yourself who can you trust. Besides it might lead to something great.

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