You're a final boss. What's your fight music?

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One day, sitting in the throne room of your evil, black skull fortress, a bunch of androgynous teenagers kick in the door. They're brandishing swords about the size of motorboats and claims that "your days of evil evildoing is over". You calmly get up from you chair, walk down towards the group of insolent little kids(and an old dude with sunglasses), smirk, and snap your fingers. The floor around you fall apart, forming an arena surrounded by lava filled with radioactive deathsharks. [Insert your weapon of choice here] suddenly appears in your hands, and background music starts playing as the fight ensues.

Or, well, the above scenario is how I'd design my black fortress of final boss-ness. However, the important part is the background music that starts playing here. What would it be? Do you have a specific genre, or even a specific song, that would start playing as you'd destroy the only people stupid enough to attempt to end your schemes of [insert morally questionable plan here]? Let us hear which ones, and why!

My choice, for the moment, would be G5 Project - Machinery. The intro is seriously one of the best boss-fight intros I can think of, and the rest of the song, consisting of pretty damn good instrumental heavy rock, would fit the entire fight fairly well. Also, it's badass.

Allow me to cheat like a complete bastard

Yeah I just used boss battle music in place of real creativity. WHAT SON!?

Also this because I would be a massive coward projectile spammy boss. The type that people will type incoherent rage messages at on XBL...

If you can't handle excessive projectiles, stop going full retard and giving the Mu-12 space to set up and maintain her Gun Fortress of Doom

Opera singing and bass guitars. Yep. Definitely my kind of thing.

Pretty much this-

The theme is already sinister but the added woman scream is just an excellent touch to make it even more evil!!

This song! Definitely this. It has so much stoicism to it. Also... believe it or not, the lyrics ARE in English. The singers' accents are just horrible XD

basically i'd be using mind control powers like psycho mantis, controlling the players actions while singing. to defeat me, he has to fight me when i'm not singing. oh yeah and he's fighting me with a bass guitar.

This is so my boss music. Nothing tells the pathetic protagonist to stick it like this track does.

I doubt many will have seen Mike's stream but without any question this:

I find this to have just the right mix of intensity and mellowness to fit a final boss:

I can just see myself as the guy in the JRPG who spent the entire game instructing a group of angst-driven teenagers on how to live life only later to reveal he was just messing with them so they could unwittingly do his bidding. Hopefully the music wouldn't be put too far in the background to make room for the inevitable discussion about the meaning of life, but I doubt it would. Seems to go along quite well with such a scenario.

Although I can never see myself as THE villain I would go with something like this.

The music is probably set up favoring the heroes but isn't all boss battle music usually like that at one point.
Usually Two Steps from Hell would work or something similar.

White and Nerdy by Weird Al and I use Laser Vision because... I have special eyes.

What's my fight music.

THE SUCCULENT WAILS OF THE SOULS I HAVE DAMNED. Quite the cacophony. Unless your capability to deal with disturbing sounds is exceptional, your only other option would be complete silence! Ahahahaha! Ahahaha. Aha. Ha. Haha.

I'd go with this:

You gotta admit devil may cry has a badass soundtrack for nearly all of its battles, I honestly can't really think of one I would specifically so I'll just throw one here.

I have, I giant mechanical tiger that can only be kill by being shot in the eye.
and of course I have the eye the tiger as my theme song.
So the player can have puns of fun.

Machinae Supremacy - Nova Prospekt.
It sounds pretty "chuggy" and badass, and the lyrics are pretty relevant.

In for the final blow
Last stand, now go go go
The time for running now is over
This ain't no tic tac toe
You will be thoroughly owned
You are outnumbered ten times over

I think this would be pretty suiting.

Get ready for a tough fight.

I am a classy final boss. Thus, I use this:

Or if I am in my final, demon possesed form, I shall use

I am a weak emaciated husk of a man, so my tactics will largely consist of mind games. What music would be more unsettling in the context of a boss fight than Granddad by the late Clive Dunn.

Shit, that's a tough call.

Probably,in the first stage of the fight, something like Behind Blue Eyes, and then maybe after some story bits mid fight, Tornado by Jonsi.

And then something at the end, to make the characters feel like massive assholes for killing me, ya fucking main characters, always murdering people.

Pure evil, pants-shitting fear time? I'd go with this one:

The intro music would be before the actual fight begins, build tension x)

I'd be chuffed to have Northern Cross X)

Not the most badass song ever but I'd like it as boss fight music!

EDIT: If I'm a final boss, can I steal existing final boss music? ;D Just cause I'm evil like that? Haha, if that's not frowned upon then it would have to be Chaos;

It's hard to top its badassery!

It's the only song I could think of for this...

Starts a little slow but when it picks up it's awesome.

Without any question, it would be this:

Even more so if it was a super serious game & I was the final boss in the whole thing...

Tough call, so I'm going with either


For your typical JRPG-type battle.

Just because im pure evil and the dark lord of all doesn't mean i can't be suave as fuck so i have to go with

I know it was already already used in Brütal Legend, that just proves that it can successfully be used as a boss theme. Alternatively, the Death-cover can be used.

OP, I like your setting so I'm using that. I'll be fighting the same people too since their deaths line up nicely with this piece.

The music at 3:12 is me killing one of the protagonist's companions. 6:20 is me killing the other companion and finally, the shot notes at the end are me repeatedly stabbing the main protagonist.

Ya... you don't get to win this game.

Sure Black Doom used it, but let's spice it up a bit.

The Doom music, beautifully rendered by my own voice.

Duh duh dah duh duh dah duh duh dah duh duh dah duh duh dadah!
Duh duh dah duh duh dah duh duh dah duh duh daaah!

I wasn't aware there were other options...

I probably wouldn't be the final boss. I would be the boss AFTER the final boss. You know, the one you can't beat?
This would play during my story segments-but only very faintly; so that you can't quite hear it, but you know something is playing. Then, when revealed, it would play at normal volume.

Followed up by this for the actual fight:
I would send out swarms of different-sized spiderbots. tiny ones would pile up on you and take tiny bites out of you, medium ones would cause status ailments, and the giant ones would knock you around while firing lasers. In addition, I would be a coward and teleport around the arena taking while pot shots with a grenade launcher.

It would be Can't touch this as I use the weapon of dance to fight them.

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