You're a final boss. What's your fight music?

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It would be this one and as the music progresses, i'd get more and more difficult to fight whilst introducing new elements of fighting. I always envision this as the final boss theme to a fighting/brawling game with the stage in a bar (Crowd sounds included of course, since being the final and thus the most evil boss, I have to show of my evilness to my minions).

Pure evil, pants-shitting fear time? I'd go with this one:

The intro music would be before the actual fight begins, build tension x)

Yeah that's a good one I must say.

Right now I can think of a few boss tunes I would have

(or deadman walking (from the same cd) can only find a crappy live version of that ;_;).


Because of reasons?

Captcha Hugo Boss...Kinda relevant I guess.

I am a classy final boss. Thus, I use this:

Would your nemesis yell "You're tearing me apart!" by any chance?

Have the perfect song, it's heavy and the lyrics are about freaky people who want to kill. I think it is the perfect final boss music.

My moves would consist of jumping around a lot and hitting you for half you health with a load of cheap-ass, dickish moves.

I would also have an insanely annoying high pitched giggle which you would hear every time I'd hit you with aforementioned chap-ass dickish moves.

This would be an epic mecha battle taking place during atmospheric reentry, both me and the player needing to use the debris around us as shields to keep from exploding due to the heat and turbulence. Part 2 of the fight would be during freefall and end with me in a battered and mostly disabled mecha attempting to crash into the player.

I'd go with this:

A cunning plan, befitting an efficient German like yourself.

However, the allure of total badassery means I'd go with this:

or this:

Seriously, nothing tells you you're up shit creek like the latter song.

If I were the final boss? Well it'd almost certainly involve a motorcycle chase with this song

Followed by some kind of scaled up pub brawl/back alley fight to either


Though Burner could work just as well for the chase scene.

I'm imagining this to be some kind of open world game. I'm not sure why I'd be the final boss though. I must have taken a level in badass at some point in the game. Some terrible event transforms me into a ruthless bastard and I take over the city, running it through fear and brute force with my loyal army of Bikers and Metalheads.

Hmm... there's potential for a decent game here.

The Headcrab Farmer:
It would be this one and as the music progresses, i'd get more and more difficult to fight whilst introducing new elements of fighting. I always envision this as the final boss theme to a fighting/brawling game with the stage in a bar (Crowd sounds included of course, since being the final and thus the most evil boss, I have to show of my evilness to my minions).

Ah, that'd be an interesting battle. Good choice of song! Though perhaps, instead of "So you want to be a DJ?" it should have "So you want to be a Hero?"

This. My new favorite Boss theme.

as I get up and walk down the stairs leading down from my throne in a fitting three-piece suit, you hear the sound of electroswing building up in the background.

The stage?
A perfectly normal Carnivale, least so it would seem ... until ...
The song?
There is but one

pointless vandalism:
I give up on posting youtube vids...apparently I'm retarded.

As am I.

This room: image

This music:

Either way the battle goes it would be fitting.

Funny answer:

Note: In this scenario, my battle would be part vehicle section.

Serious answer: I'd go with something Immediate Music-y, due to the fact that they are amazing little tunes.

Edit: Seems I'm not the only one who came up with Immediate Music. Ah well. If in a pinch, I could also go with some Two Steps From Hell or X-Ray Dog or any other epic trailer music group.

If your answer is anything else than this, you're wrong.

On a more serious note, this

would be my music, but without the talking segments. That beginning just screams of "climactic epic final encounter".

Well, if I had to choose from videogame music, then this:

If not from games, then this:

Ozzy, man. Just listen to his voice.

ignore the spanish for the first 10 seconds:

That's right, that is pokemon master level music.

Mine is already used as a boss theme, but they did a remix on Overclocked Remix.

So here is the original (FF 5 and FF 12 Versions). Listen to these two then listen to the remixed version.
I like the remixed version as its got more metal for a final boss than the original, as the original is used against an optional boss (in FF 12 anyway).

I'm using a Grooveshark link because I find Youtube to be quite unreliable for sound quality, I'd recomend anyone take a look at at the rest of the site too, it's pretty useful.!/s/Thing+I+Will+Never+Feel/2Zzwwy?src=5

Also a joke one, imagine a massive black nightmare monster that screeches etherially.
It sees in magic so when it rears up to lunge it's head at you to bite you you hold your magic-absorbing sword in front of you (which it can't see because it's a blank space to it), your sword get's stuck it it's mouth and sucks it's life energy out of it then it bashes it's head against a wall/rock/pillar knocking the sword out which you pick up and the process repeats, the process is quite quick.

The monster gets faster with each sequence and goes along with the song's progression, you have to get the timing right every time or you get eaten.!/s/Skipping+Syrtaki/35FAOp?src=5

Give a listen to this and you'll see why. If it doesn't work, it's a death metal cover of the E1M1 theme from doom.

I'd put on heavy duty earplugs, play "another one bites the dust" loud enough to shatter eardrums, finish the nosy punks off as they're writhing on the ground, and go back to reading my book.

Every bloody time! these guys are worse than Jehovah's witnesses.

It's a little short, but this baby right here.

It's got a sweet buildup, and a little break in the end for us to trade some banter before getting back into the fray.

It's either that or this.

Why not have some badass music while beating down androgynous peoples?

I want you to imagine something, two rivals after a century face off in the same room. The moment the music starts playing they take steps and start running. As they move faster, everybody else slows down and seem to be frozen. That is because the one who is the last standing beacon of morality in the shadows moves at the speed of darkness. While his nemesis, the lighthouse who shines the justice of his ideals onto the world no matter the cost moves at the speed of light. Through this song, they move at incomprehensible speeds trying to kill one another in the name of justice and idealism.

As the song ends, they move in for one last clash. The darkness has beheaded the emperor of light, while the light has pierced the heart of darkness.

I don't care if it's on a mission to become the most overplayed music in history. It's overplayed in this sort of thing for a reason.

Someone already took Mars, otherwise it'd be that.

It would definitely need music that builds up and makes me out to be the greatest final opponent the protagonist has ever had the honor of dueling.
Something epic, and by epic I mean it pumps your adrenaline through the roof as every guitar riff gets crazier and crazier so much you go insane.
So This:

When you kill the last human enemy, you enter this room. In it, there's a TV and a VCR on the floor. As you close the door behind you, a disembodied voice tells you to sit down and press play. You watch a tape of all the killing you've done in the game, as the mysterious voice tells you you were the final boss all along. WHAT A TWIST. GAMES ARE ART.

I don't really play that many games, someone probably did this already.

First stage encounter:

Final stage:

Extra stage battle on hard mode or collected all the maguffins or something:

It would be this...unreservedly...

Just look at all those poor souls that lay defeated before me!!!

This. It's a great song and I think it will make the player ask themselves some very important questions like "Why can't we be friends?"

Tough call, so I'm going with either

I gota agree, but I'm such a Dimentio Fanboy. Marry me Dimentio.
He was one nasty, murderous villain. I should use him theme, but since you took it.

Or, if I don't have a group of soldiers to sing songs from old musicals as I fight...

Saturday night Palsy by TISM. Then my opponents would know it just got serious. Plus I could do the stereotypical move of blending into a bunch of guys in masks so he wouldn't know which one I was, just like the band in real life.
If I had the time and effort to prepare then I would set up traps to go off in accordance with the song just to make it that little bit more epic.

Or almost any other song by these two.


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