Defining Misogynism

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There IS a market for mainstream games that appeal to or at the very least don't turn off/away women. And it's not JUST women, I count myself, as a man, as someone that would like to see MORE games that break the stereotypes and clichés that haunt the gaming industry. You are SEEING that market speak up in forums and other discussions just like this, and the people that are speaking up are just a small part of that market.

Maybe it is you that would prefer to believe that such things just cannot be.

Are the terms mainstream and AAA interchangeable?
Because with the way the industry is at the moment, 28% of the console market probably wouldn't be enough of a market share to justify a "risky" AAA game.
I personally avoid AAA games and have had no problem avoiding cliches and stereotypes (including those that are commonly considered sexist) when doing so.

Well... Personally I look at games with the following distinctions: casual, mainstream, hardcore
AAA just means a game was released by major developer rather than an "independent" one. You could say that most AAA games are "mainstream" in this scheme.

That is assuming that a game that would appeal to that 28% would be completely ignored by the rest of the 72%. Then there is the prospect that more games that appeal to women would attract more women to play. A savvy set of game developers might be able to create a bigger market.

I recently watched a "Jimquisition" video on pasta sauce. It was an enlightening view on what variety can do to a market. Many people including myself feel that the video game market is kind of stagnant ATM.

I also group games the same as you, and agree the gaming market is pretty stagnant. But then again for my market, it really IS. Being female preferring more hardcore games and would rather be thrown into the wilderness with nothing and anyone can attack me at any time and I don't get to keep my Lo0tz when I die and I don't want any auto targeting as well. It isn't like there is much variety in my market regardless of whether you are male or female. My end for selection pretty much remains stagnant.

EDIT: hell these days I find myself on forums more than in the games due to how bored I am with the selection.

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