Why Did You Pick Your Avatar?

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What is your avatar?

My favorite actor of all time, Sir Thomas Sean Connery, as James Bond.

Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

It was one of the best pictures I could find. It was supposed to be animated, but it didn't work for some reason. Still, it looks great even in its current position. I had the half-nude Connery from Zardoz for a while, but I changed it as I felt it was probably giving other users a sense of shame that they would never be that sexy.

Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

My real first name is Sean, so I feel a sense of kinship with other Seans. The 3 I know of are Sean Bean, Sean Penn and Sean Connery and Connery is by far the best. I also changed my forum name to reflect my avatar.


Dan Steele:

I always wanted to know what anime your avatar was from but could never man up the courage to ask

I'm not that scary am I?

Although I was joking about the ego thing, it is quite flattering that people show an interest, especially as it means I can recommend one of my favourite anime's.

Its not that, Its just I have a million things running through my head coupled with the fact of you could be in a gaming conversation and then there's the one village idiot who goes off topic to ask what anime your avatar is from

Because I like Pokemon

Because I like Cynthia from Pokemon DPPt

Because her B/W2 animation is baus.

-What is your Avatar?

Dead End from Tekkaman Blade 2.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

I'm a big fan of Tekkaman Blade. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clear enuogh image for my liking, so I went with this one from the sequel. Really, Dead End is one of only two characters I like from the second.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Well, I was always tickled by Dead being a guy who looks like a girl. I suppose you could even technically consider him trans. But no, not specifically.

My avatar is a fencer who's stance and equipment (the Lamè) indicates they are using a Foil. I chose it because I also fence and my weapon of choice is a foil. The only importance in this case is that it was the first foil fencer based avatar I found after a brief search when I decided (after several years of posting here) that I should probably have something there.

What is your Avatar?
An anonymous red haired catgirl. Feel free to yell her name at me if you know it, 'cause I sure don't.

Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
I have a thing for anime girls that look particularly badass, and she basically checks all of my boxes. Plus, she's a catgirl!

Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
Not particularly. I do tend to choose avatars which I feel represent me in one way or another. She seems to represent my malicious streak.

-What is your Avatar?
jenny echo a shadowrunner

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
this is the shadowrun retuns kickstarter and about half way down the page is a photo of the personalised docwagon cards, and they asked for us to send in pics at that level, this is mine, i think the editing went well on it

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
i wanted one that fit more with the game, so this will be my first character in the shadowrun returns game based on my old character from the tabletop game, a human rigger (vehicle and drone specialist) called jenny echo

One of Gustave Dore's woodcut illustrations from John Milton's Paradise Lost. I can't see it right now, but I believe it's the shot of Lucifer cresting the hill and viewing Creation.

Because A) it's an incredible book, B) it's a beautiful picture, and C) my swag is yolo-er than all y'all's.

1) My Avatar is me XD
2) I picked it because It's one of the few pictures of me taken that I like, to be honest. Yeah for stupid Selfies!!

- What is your Avatar?

The Persona 4 protagonist fighting and destroying a shadow's... er, Trollface.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

Persona 4 is only "teh bestest garme evar" and this awesome gif of the progtag only solidifies that fact.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Well, I've been using it ever since I became a pubclub member I think. Maybe a little bit before. I've tried switching to other avatars, but none of them really have the same charm or badassery that this one does.

Also, thanks Frappe, for adding the Trollface. I can't imagine my avatar without it. :D

1) Reinhard Von Lohengramm from Legend of The Galactic Heroes
2) Because there is no better anime or sci-fi for that matter and Reinhard is a cool guy who ain't scared of nothin'
3) It is my favourite show and Reinhard is such a well developed character. A peasant that essentially saw the corruption in the aristocracy after his sister was sold as a concubine and used his own military skill and political initiative to become Kaizer to create freedom for the common person and correct a failing autocracy. Dudes a fucking bad ass as well.

What is your avatar?

It's some cool fan art of Itou Kaiji

Why did I choose it for your avatar?

Well Kaiji is my favorite manga, but I also chose it because Kaiji is moe!


Does it have any importance to you?

Other than being my favorite manga series and a series that I've spent a ton of time analyzing every panel and dialogue of, I guess you could say that I identify with kaiji a bit. I remember being a disaffected 20 year old that had no idea what to do with his life and no momentum. I like to think I was never quite as much of a loser as Kaiji was and sometimes still is. Still there's nothing quite like Kaiji when he is backed into a corner and his mind comes alive. The manga has a pretty deep understanding of human psychology and it certainly has it's own view on the nature of human greed.

My avatar is Squall from FF8 without a face. A friend of mine conviced me to try the game and I liked it and another friend told me to look up the website http://squallsdead.com/ in order to make the game more interesting. The site details a conspiracy theory that Squall actually dies when

Its an interesting way of interpreting the game.

I guess I chose it because I like Squall and all his angst. I don't see him as one dimensional like other people (no one will ever talk about me in the past tense! NEVER!!). And I can sort of relate to him too:

As for meaning, facelessness makes me think of the anonymity of forums so I partly chose it for that

My avatar is a picture of my 360 avatar from the first day we got real Avatars on the box. Though my avatar looks very different now it makes me feel kinda nostalgic to keep this one up as an origin story of some sort. Sorta lame I know, but I stand by it!

- It's my main RP character Slindis.
- To make it simple for others in the RP I'm in to get a basic idea of what she looks like. That and my last avatar was a smiling roll of toilet paper.
- Well, it holds a bit to me, but it's nothing that many others would get.

1) My avatar is of a chimera
2&3) I drew this thing myself. This was back in high school when I drew it and I wanted to use something that was personal as my avatar. I've made better things since but the Chimera seemed appropriate because it's relatively small and simple.

It's a humanoid-ish red dragon from an artist I like.
Because I like dragons. *Rawr*

Snagged this pick of my cat one day. I had to expose the feline conspiracy for what is.


1)It's Squid Girl doing the Code Geass thing
2)It's Squid Girl doing the Code Geass thing
3)It's Squid Girl doing the Code Geass thing

Any questions?

Its Happy the cat from Fairy Tail!

I actually think Fairy Tail is meh right now but I have always loved the cats (also called Exceeds) in it.

I used to have a Tsuna avatar from Katekyo Hitman Reborn before, but when I hit 1000 posts and joined the Pub Club, I made Happy my avatar, never looked back.

I am a generally happy guy, so it is only fitting! (also, cats are awesome)

It is Luigi's forward A attack from the original Smash Bros. The distressed expression as he tries to hurt people is priceless. Also because no one pay enough attention to Weegee

<< My username, in cool photo-form

<< Because it's my name... in cool photo-form

<< Yes, I had a good friend who was a graphic designer. I asked him to make a custom avatar for me. I suggested the "i" be a dagger. It looked cool.

Can we tack on "Where you got your username from?"

The two-legged dog waving and doing jazz hands!

It's funny. The hardest I had laughed in a while.

Just funny.

A Picture of a robotic dragon I found on Deviant Art.

Why. Cos Dragons are cool and robotic ones even more badass.

It is Gilles de Rais from fate/zero, holding his master and anime Joan of Arc up on his arms.

I picked it because I was googling Gilles for study, and thought this picture was kind of adorable.

No real significance. Just thought it was kinda sweet. Then I remembered his backstory...

Final Fantasy X (although I've never finished it [darn Seymour Guado]) sort of represents my childhood and everything I like about the world. And I love Square's character concept art.

My avatar is cropped from Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, an oil painting by James Whistler in 1875. It's iconic of the "art for art's sake" movement, which is appropriate for my username - "Autotelic" means "complete in itself". I love art, so it reflects my interests as well. This painting in particular, although essentially a predecessor to modern abstract art, retains fundamental qualities of representation. It's something I try to reflect in my own paintings.

I also thought it would be interesting if my avatar reflected a side of my personality outside of gaming and other kinds of media entertainment. I like to feel like I'm part of a community of individuals with their own separate ideas and interests, rather than the kind of hivemind that you get on a lot of online communities.

1. It's an Ocelot.
2. Ocelots are freaking adorable.

-Tyrant Valvatorez from the ever awesome series Disgaea. Specifically the main character of Disgaea 4.
- Because he's my favorite Disgaea character. I wanted to go with normal Valvatorez, but the forum I originally changed it to this already had a bunch of people using him. So I went with the past version of him back when he was a tyrant in the underworld.
- ...I guess. The Disgaea series is my favorite game series. (My favorite game isn't a Disgaea game though.)

1. It's Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice
2. It's also my username
3. A teacher called me Collins for 2 years after studying P&P. I started using it online.

Easy: It's the protagonist from Doom (AKA Doomguy) and I am a long time Doom fan (over 15 years)


- Fairly obvious, but it's tetris.

Lies - it's clearly Space Invaders. Source: I can tell from the pixels, and from playing quote a lot Space Invaders in my time.

You could have most people fooled, but not me.

-What is your Avatar?

An agent of the New World Order as drawn by Leif Jones. Presumably a man in black.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

The two franchises I like the most are Legacy of Kain and the World of Darkness. Seeing as my previous avatar was LoK related and I have several to choose from, I decided to go with something WoD for a change as I had none at the time. Out of all of WoD, I like Mage the Ascension the most so I decided to take something from there - the NWO happen to also be one of my favourites. Erm, also, it's quite hard to find WoD artwork that would look good when shrunk down to avatar size - this one was one of the few suitable.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Well...yeah. As I said, I really like the NWO in particular as well as Mage and the WoD in general. Not to mention that I find he men in black just an awesome concept as a whole. Looks awesome and reminds me of my favourite series - I like that.

Then I was spot on when I decided to create a fanart of this character for you.
And I didn't even knew about this character.

My avatar is a Marshal of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin

I chose it because I am a communist, and I wished to distinguish myself from the wishy-washy idealists who denounce the legacy of humanity's savior.

The particular picture of him holds little significance to me, I used a different one before but it seemed cold by comparison.

Caramel Frappe:
What is your Avatar?

It's a kotori (little bird) ninja.

Caramel Frappe:
Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

Because it's awesome and adorable.

Caramel Frappe:
Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Not really, I just like the image.

Maybe I'll change it in a few months, but I don't really know...

In answer to your questions:

1)He is the inimitable Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the original controller of the British contingent of UNIT: United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (now changed to UNified Intelligence Taskforce) and one of the Doctor's oldest friends.

2)I chose him to be my avatar as I have always loved his character, even when I was 7 and discovered Doctor Who through my dad's VHS tapes.

3)I suppose it has meaning in the fact that the classic Doctor Who serials was the first TV show I ever truly loved. I know it sounds a bit melodramatic, but I only have to watch a Doctor Who DVD with the third Doctor and the Brigadier and it can help make a horrible day better.

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