Why Did You Pick Your Avatar?

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I identify with the character

I forgot the name.

It is one of my favourite albums, Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Tarkus.

I initially had Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, but decided it was time to change from one favourite to another, and I might change it again soon.

I picked my avatar as it matches my colourful, vivacious and multi-faceted personality.

Caramel Frappe:


    - What is your Avatar?
    - Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
    - Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
    - An image of Jeremy Clarksson smoking a pipe backwards.
    - There was an Escapist user (TestECull, now banned) with a very similar avatar who posted a video on here that showed the aforementioned mr Clarksson performing the act. I thought it looked amusing to have as an avatar.
    - Weeell...it looks silly, which is sort of what I am going for in my avatars.

- What is your Avatar?

It's a cropped concept art of Piddles, Gruntilda's pet cat from the cult classic Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. The actual image in question was actually designed by a rather-known artist over on DeviantArt by the alias of Jolly Jack.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

Good question. The Banjo-Kazooie games will forever be my favorite games of all time. Rather than choose a character such as Banjo or Mumbo as my avatar, I decided to do something different by making it Piddles from Nuts and Bolts, a rather obscure character that probably none of you have heard of.

/hipster glasses

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Other than what I stated above? Well, I kind of have a real problem sticking to a single avatar for longer than a week, give or take. I really tried to think of something I could stick to that meant something to me, and I think with Piddles, I've succeeded.

Because I made it myself

It's Grumpy Cat.

Because it represents my average mood. And by 'average' I mean 'It is always my mood'.

See above. The cat is my kin.

I picked mine b/c modern interpretations have not made Optimus Prime lame like they've done with Superman.

What is your Avatar?

My avatar is a photograph of Akagi, which was Vice Admiral Nagumo's flagship until it was sunk during the Battle of Midway.

Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

It looks pretty cool I suppose.

Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

I'm a military history graduate student and the Pacific War is my main research area.


What is your Avatar?
- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

What?: Feferi from Homestuck.

Why?: It was a gif, related to Homestuck, that wasn't completely junk.

Any meaning?: No! I intended this to be a one month gif for March Mayhem last year. But an entire year has passed since then, and I still don't have a new avatar.

I'unno. I'm not on this site as much as when I was a year or so ago. Avatars don't mean much to me. If I change avatars, it'll be from me being sick of my current one, not that I found anything better.

...is that the one I made (well, I didn't really make it, I just added the M)? I can take the March Madness symbol back out if you wish.

EDIT: Yup, I found the file on my computer so I just popped the M out. If you want to use it w/o the M, here it is:

No, it's quite fine. I'm getting a new avatar instead of just modifying this one.

But I don't know when that is.

1. My avatar is some dragon character of mine that I like to doodle all the time.
2.I chose this one because I really liked the color choices I used for this particular sketch.
3.It doesn't hold any real significance to me. It's just a really nice picture for an avatar.

-What is your Avatar?

Lois Lane

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

I had to edit it a bit in Paint.net because transparency isn't a thing in these forums. Anyways, I chose the image itself because it looks amazing.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

I've always been a fan of Lois Lane. Whether it's from L&C: The News Adventures of Superman, the animated versions of Lois or Erica Durance from Smallville, I've always been a fan. And, ever since I started a news-like Tumblr page, I try to live up to her legacy. Or at least try as good as I can.

My avatar is Cyrus from Tron: Uprising. I chose it because Cyrus is a cool looking character from one of my favorite shows. It doesn't have much importance to me, but the tone of the image fits my mood most of the time.

My avatar is Black Frost, a recurring demon in the Shin Megami Tensei series. Chose him because I really liked how he was actually a developed character in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne with a very humorous personality.

There's not really any special meaning behind it.

...Now I feel like changing my avatar.

-What is your Avatar?
Left 4 Dead zombie hand

-Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
Wanted an avatar. Couldn't find the one I wanted on my hard drive (a black-and-yellow warning sign with a guy on fire). Was playing a lot of Left 4 Dead at the time. Made new avatar.

-Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
Reminds me of weekly multiplayer games with friends. Good times. Dead zombies.

- What is your Avatar?

Just some brazilian TV actress.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

I think she's cute. I know, I'm such a pig, misogynist, whatever.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Not really.

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