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Ok. i decided to remake this thread because recently i broke my record and stayed awake for 48 hours. it was a school day and i was practically shouting at the teachers telling them to talk louder because i couldn't hear them over the ringing and other noises in my head. hallucinations like hearing the noise of a grenade landing from cod4 and seeing the grenade indicator. i almost cracked my head open by jumping onto a table to get away. the weirdest thing though was, if i imagined a sentence in my head i would hear it in real life. but it was always like a group of girls shouting it

If you stay awake for about 4-5 days, you'll die. And my hearty advise - don't experiment with that kind of sfuff. Last time I did that (about 7 years ago) I got awful insomnia that keeps fucking me all these years.

Wow... Did they give you the day off? You must have looked crazy.

No they didn't give me the day off. although your right i must have looked pretty crazy responding to things no one else could see

The last time I stayed up that long was a trip to a concert (warped tour) in which I decided getting drunk the night before was a good idea. The problem was I had too much fun drinking, so I just stayed up all night until the concert started. The next day was interesting to say the least, considering that dehydration, burning sun, loud noises and dirt flying everywhere led me to almost pass out at any moment. I ended up losing one of my shoes, tore my shorts down one of the legs, and sprian my ankle. I no longer stay up like that because I get pretty cranky by the end.

I know the last time I stayed up 48 hours, I'd decided to have one of those all night gaming/movie adventures, going from video games to movies and back again. Chugging down caffeine the whole time. All in the effort to get my sleep schedule back to normal, someone I know said it was a good idea. By the time I went outside for a cigarette before I was going to pass out all I could see was a lot of flying dots which I claimed to be fairies. Directly before I came back in the apartment; a really loud motorcycle came by. I ran back into my apartment screaming and tripped over the little step thing in front of my door. Luckily I only woke up my cat and not the neighbors or my roommates.

The only thing that happened to me after I pulled an all-nighter at a friend's house was, I fell asleep as soon as I got in the car. Usually when I stay up late and drink at least 3 Mountain Dews I'll start to shake, zone out, and get either really warm or cold.

dart sifilis:
If you stay awake for about 4-5 days, you'll die. And my hearty advise - don't experiment with that kind of sfuff. Last time I did that (about 7 years ago) I got awful insomnia that keeps fucking me all these years.


I went about 30+ hours without sleep during my 4th year of university, I started to hallucinate, I'd think I said something I didn't, think I did something I didn't etc. wasn't fun.

Huh. I stayed up 48 hours a few months ago, and it was through no decision of mine--I was working as a movie extra two nights in a row and with the driving distance back and forth and the hours I got done working, I ended up getting no sleep. Nothing weird happened, though, except I was pretty much sleeping wherever I stood. Driving was a really bad idea. Just blinking (literally one half-second with my eyes closed) would make me doze off to sleep. It was scary. It's times like that that make me wish coffee or caffeine in general would keep me awake, but it actually just makes me more sleepy.

Ixus Illwrath:

dart sifilis:
If you stay awake for about 4-5 days, you'll die. And my hearty advise - don't experiment with that kind of sfuff. Last time I did that (about 7 years ago) I got awful insomnia that keeps fucking me all these years.


I've stayed up longer than that,
back when I had insomnia I was advised not to even try to sleep for a week and I don't seem to have died,
I did sleep for more than 24 hours when I finally went to bed though and sleeping is alot easyer nowadays

I once stayed up for for over 50 hours, maybe more I don't remember very much of it, but I started thinking I was asleep but I was still walking around and couldn't hear people talking, everything was really muffled, it was really, really creepy.

up for 24hrs strange acid burps 30 trying to cast flare with tolitpaper and lighters 48 or more walking dead and rancid cooking (chocolate fishstiks yum) then i pass out around hr 50

If you don't have a legitimate reason for staying up that long, don't do it. It's really bad for your health and it wears on your body really badly. I suggest always trying to get some rest, if not over 6 hours of sleep a night.

I've stayed up longer than that, back when I had insomnia I was advised not to even try to sleep for a week and I don't seem to have died

I don't know what it is like - not to sleep for a week with insomnia. Personally I desperately try to sleep as long as I can every day, because with insomnia like mine you never know when it'll happen next time.
When I did the experiment - I wanted to sleep very much during first 24 hours but just kept forcing myself not to sleep.
Overall staying awake for me was about 57-61 hours and I don't quite remember everything that had happened back then (especially during last hours) but that was scary enough for me not to try second time.

ive pushed just over 72 hours, it was fun and very strange. one of my friends gave my some stuff to "help me sleep" yea, help me sleep my ass. he gave me a low dose of acid. talk about hallucinating. he was laughing his ass of while i was upstairs talking to a guy who wanted me to take a walk out a window with him... hell, he was walking on air why couldnt i? m glad i didnt try it though. however, when i turned around i saw "Pinhead" from the movie Hellraiser was right in front of me.

yea, about then, I passed out.

(the next day i had to kick someones ass)

hah, Shadow, i would've beat his ass to.
I stayed up for 2 day's, can't remember why, never will do that again.

think about life

You all act like it's a big deal, I stay up for 30+ hours regularly, especially when I'm gaming. I've stayed up for close to 50 hours and I wasn't dehydrated, didn't have any hallucinations whatsoever and wasn't noticeably sensitive to loud noises.
Maybe I'm just used to it, I dunno...

Wow, am I the only one who is largely unaffected by lack of sleep?

The hallucination thing looks like fun but honestly when I haven't slept for a good 48 hours all that really happens is I start messing with the people who decide talk with me. Trust me though, in real life I'm very good at confusing the people I meet. I can get that good old confused stammer in under a minute if I'm really going for it.

Sleep deprevation has an interesting affect on me. I call it jello skello. Its the most awesome feeling in the world to feel your bones actually jiggle.
*Update as of 3:38 a.m. entering day three without sleep* My eyes feel like they are in a vice grip.
Update 3:40 a.m.* My teeth are getting itchy.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to take a day long nap, as of yesterday I am depriving myself of sleep to get as tired as possible.

I used to be bothered by the constant need to sleep. Then a guy hocking his pills for drug money turned me on to Nosleepatall tm!

Now I am far more productive and can do whatever it is people do at 4 a.m.
*Gets handed a bag of money*

When I stay up to long I get really energetic, on edge, paranoid, and loose the rest of my sanity.

I've found that about 2 days without sleep is perfect for LAN parties. Went to Nor'Easter this year and stayed up the night before practicing with some friends. Got there and stayed up the whole weekend. My twitch reflexes were awesome. Being able to walk in a straight line or communicate coherently, not so much

i used to pull all nighters all the time during my hardcore gamer period / unemployed bum period. ( 4 years )
to this day i now average 10 hours a day sleep.
as for halucinations and such: damn i must have missed out on those.
um if i remember 80 hours was my record. and that included physical labor work on two "days". ( for me a bender like that is one long day with night part and day parts ).
I recently did a 24 hour marathon, the last 1/2 watching the entire first season of heroes. I had trouble relating to reality when i went out to check the mail and had discordant detatchment when going down the deli. These are mild forms of psycosis for the uninitiated. Just shows i am getting old and can't pull stunts like that anymore.
I also have a diagnosed panic disorder, wether or not this is attributed to my old sleeping habits is unfounded. The psych just focused on my taking ritalin in doses of 5tabs to stay awake.

I've just hit hour 40. Had an assignment due 5pm yesterday, its now 1am. Didnt sleep last night. Dont know what my record is either.
Not much happens to me though. I was working in customer service this morning, and I was droppping in and out of ZZZ on my feet. Was lolz. Then got my second wind.
I just feel slightly tired, maybe slightly less coordinated. And I have HUGE bags under my eyes.

you dont die if you stay awake for 5'ish days, i think the record for staying awake aka: insomnia is around 11 days, then again ive gone 72 hours straight once, will never do it again, those faries(ie:halucinations) were wierd. 24-48 hours, get a bit twichy, moody etc, but still good at FPS's, strat games go down the tube. 48-72 sleep hazard, felt like i was gonna faint when i saw the faries, i eventually did faint.

I can't go more than 24 hours without sleep, at 22 hours I start to feel sick.

nearly three days awake and a soon as i hit my bed i fell a sleep.

so im going to try to stay up for about 2 or 3 days(without caffine,alittle bit of sugar so far its been about 22 hours and the thing thats kept me the most awake was reading everybodys we;ird stories on here, but all i can do is laugh alottt at them.. idk ill keep you guys posted :)


I've done a weekend (Friday morning - Sunday afternoon) a number of times when I was 16; it was spent drinking from the moment I got out of school, to when I got home Sunday from a house party I'd been at all weekend.

I'd sleep Sunday from about 4pm-9pm, then be up 'til about 11pm and go back to bed, up at 9am Monday and late for school.

I survived better off that with no effects, than having broken sleep for a week.

When I was taking Adderal for my ADHD as a kid I would have a problem sleeping. This was awesome because I was a gamer. So I would play for days straight during vacation. My record was 4 days 6 hours. It was during the Christmas season. I remember going to church to watch my sister sing in chorus and slowly passing out in the pews (church seats) as I fought to stay awake. I started to see papers in front of me. But they were holographic in nature (I could see through them) I thought it was homework and I kept reaching out to grab them, but I just couldn't seem to grasp them.

I came home my parents said we could open our presents. Instead I walked to my room and began to walk towards my bed. I don't remember the rest, but I woke up laying on top of my sheets on my bed fully clothed shoes and all.

For an 11 year old to skip opening Christmas presents to sleep I must of been beyond tired.

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