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After work today, we are Oktoberfesting (no, its not a word). one thing that's bound to come up is songs to sing and games to drink to. There are a few that I like, which are easy enough to do, but I would like some help from you guys. here are the rules

Social interaction is the most important thing, so songs need to have crowd participation elements (ie call and response)

Games have to be without props (no cards, coins, anything like that)

extra points for a game that is also a song!


List so far:
500 miles (proclaimers)
Show me the Way to go home

Fuzzy Duck
Pub Song
The Questionmaster

Ever seen Who's Line? The pub song game is GREAT with a large group of friends.

There's a strange game my friend's and I play every once in a while called "Question Master" it's great when you're with a group of people who haven't played it before.

The way it works is at the beginning of the night (Before people start drinking) you choose someone to be the Question Master for the night. At any point during the night the QM can ask someone a question (This can be random i.e "What time is it?" or "Can you give me a ride home?") and if the person answers they have to down their drink.

The way to beat the QM is to reply to anything he/she asks with "Fuck You!". If someone gives this answer the QM has to down whatever drink he has as well as the drink of the person who beat him, then that person becomes QM.

Needless to say this doesn't work well when people are sober, so typically the QM will wait until everyone has a few drinks in them to start the questioning. If the QM legitimately needs to ask someone something important, he can say "Time Out" before asking.

Another one I like quite a bit is "Never Have I Ever" also simply called "I Never" this one is very common and I'm sure everyone probably knows of it. Players sit in a circle, and someone is chosen to start. This person makes a statement starting with "Never have I ever..." for example, "Never have I ever gone skydiving.". At this point, whoever has gone skydiving must drink. Play moves in a clockwise direction.

It's a shame you outlawed card games, Kings is my favorite drinking game of all time (Mostly because it incorporates elements from a ton of great drinking games) and that's a card based game.

#Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right to my head. Where ever I may roam, through land or sea or foam. You can always find me singing this song, show me the way to go home.#

And you keep repeating it faster every time.

Scissors Paper Rock makes a good drinking game. Almost as good is Rock Paper Scissors. Your classic game, where the loser drinks and you go again if you draw. This actually gets exciting when two players synch up mentally and you've got 20 draw streaks, with both players getting even more violent in their fist shaking and gestures, followed by the overwhelming joy of the winner and the humiliating shame of the loser make this a classic.

The beauty of this is Scissors Paper Rock is scalable as well. You can have a whole group playing. Just gather in a circle, with drinks, then you pick two people to start. Winner stays on, loser drinks, if you draw you go again. Entertainment for all.

Then there's the Rules. Rules are invoked by a general consensus of "Rules On". The rules:

If you point at someone, or use a gesture that is agreed is in place of a point to get around the rule, you drink

If you use the word scull, you drink.

If you drink with your dominant hand, you have another drink. Ambidextrous wankers must declare a hand before starting. If there's any doubt, a pen and a hammer will fix it.

Additional rules must be approved by committee.

German toast

"Zur mitte!" *Glasses to the middle*
"Zur titte!" *Glasses to your... ahem... chest*
"Zum zack!" *Glasses to your, uh, crotch*
"Zack Zack!" *Drink*

The spelling is approximate, I don't really speak German.
Note: "Zack" is pronounced more like "Sack"

I've only ever played one drinking game (at least that I can remember) and that was circle of death.
I can't really remember the rules, but it involved cards, a bowl and drinks.
Somewhere on the line you had to pour one of your drinks into the bowl. The idea being that whoever loses at the end has to drink what's in the bowl.
I played with a group of people, one of which wasn't drinking, so she used coffee.
Coffee+Alchohol+Powerade=not good. I lost.

Drunken foot races are fun, and oh so very hilarious if someone tapes it and you watch it the next day.

As for songs, I find that I end up singing Meatloaf songs when I'm drunk. So that usually gets everyone else going

Man, all of my drinking games have props. I have a hell of a toast for you, though.

You raise your glass to the other person, and say, "Pienet cillé!" That's probably not spelled right, I don't even remember what language it is. It means "to your health" or something like that. Maintain eye contact for this entire process, or else you have bad sex for seven years.

Both people tilt their glasses to the right, and click them together.
Tilt to the left, click.
Tilt the bottom of your glass forward, and click.
Tilt the top of your glass forward, and click.
Click your glasses flat against each other (in the middle).
Touch the bottom of your glasses to the table. If a table is not available, use the floor or someone's leg or something.
Raise your glass, move it in a counter-clockwise circle, and say, "La hiem!" That's yiddish, I think it means "I'll drink to that." Again, I don't know how to spell it.

Now you get to pick your ending:

You both drink. Once the drink hits your lips you can break eye contact.

You know that thing that couples sometimes do where they link their arms around each other? Do that, and take your drink in that position. While doing so, vigorously rub your partner's breast. If you're doing this ending, you explain it to the other person as Pienet cillé! Right, left, bottom, top, middle, table, La Hiem!, link, rub on yo titties.

play mgs4 every time someone says 'nanobots' or 'g-nome' take a drink.

you have the classics like beer pong, always a good time.
personal favorite so far has to be playing ultimate frizzbe in the pitch black while drunk, and the frizzbe had LED lights in it.

Watch a televangelist, every time they say something ignorant and stupid take a drink. I guarantee you will be completely wasted within two minutes.

The Game:
Everyone starts with a can of beer. There is a 1/2 full glass on the middle of the table surrounded by a circle of cards (face-up). Deal the remainder of the cards (face-down) to the players. The first person flips a card. If the card matches any of the cards surrounding the glass they must do the following steps:
1. Raise the glass
2. Tap the bottom of the glass to the table
3. Drink the glass (Lips are not allowed to leave the glass until the glass is empty)
4. Say 'Thank You'
5. While holding the glass refill it (Glass can not touch the table and amount refilled is entirely up to the person that is filling it)
6. Place the glass back in the circle (Glass can NOT touch any of the cards)

If any of the steps are forgotten/done out of order/glass touches the cards the person must restart the entire process. And continue until completed properly.

If the card does not match one of the cards in the circle, that player is skipped and it moves on to the next person.
It then continues around the table until everyone is out of cards.
EDIT: Yes it sounds very confusing, but once played its really easy to pick up.


I didn't see the 'no props' element until after I had typed my previous post and am not sure how to delete posts. But my friends and I play that game everytime we get together and thought it would be good to share.

Another game we play is at the begining of the evening designate a 'Drink Word' (Usually a profanity or person's name) Anytime that word is said for the remainder of the night everyone must finish their drink. Whoever finishes their drink last is responsible for refilling the other players drinks until the word is said again. Not sure if it has a name so we've lovingly dubbed it 'F*** You' If anyone else plays/has heard of this and knows the real name please let me know!

Put in Conan, and every time he says, "Crom," you take a shot.

Alternatively play D&D where instead of using minis for enemies you use shots. Or if you're into masochism use cans of Pabst and every time you down an enemy, you down a can.

Best drinking game has to be the Star Wars one.

If you go with the original trilogy, then every time one of the empire's elite (read: stormtroopers) misses even though they are supposed to be crack shots, take a drink. Every time there is a sexually tilted line, take a drink. Every time Luke whines, take a drink.

If ya go with the prequels, every time a clone trooper or jedi dies, take a drink. Every time anakin starts whining or crying, take a drink. Every time the word "midichlorian" is used, take a drink. Every time something utterly stupid happens, take a drink. Guaranteed you'll be passed out by the 10th statement from jarjar binks.

I've played the one they do in Baseketball, where you watch Jerry Springer and drink every time a fight breaks out. Suppose that involves a prop (the TV) but there aren't many games that don't involve them, except I Never which Jobz already described.

The Jackass Drinking Game:

(We used Jackass 2 - The Movie as our DVD of choice)

Drink whenever someone gets hurt.

One LARGE drink when it's a "pain montage"

When I get drunk I always sing "Drinking Song" by Rob Dougan, to my mates, well I would if I could remember the lyrics when I'm drunk enough to think that singing is a good idea. I wouldn't say its a song to sing as a call and response type thingy, but if you wanna show off that you think your suave after a few beers its a good one.

The 24 Drinking Game:- Watch 24 and take a drink everytime Jack Bauer says "Dammit!" or "Damn" or similar.

The Super Smash Brothers Drinking Game:- Drink a double shot every time you smash someone/get smashed off the map.

I always go on the pub quiz machines in bars and walk away with at least my money back, they're always fun. But without coins the Dragonforce drinking game is the best. You each pick a word that regularly crops up in one of their songs, such as "fire" or "pain" then try and listen through the whole of Inhuman Rampage taking a shot every time your word is said and try to stay concious.

As far as songs go Drink Up by Ounce Of Self is the definitive drinking song for me, but when I'm out drinking with friends we always end up singing old 80's classics, stuff like Journey and Boston, while staggering for a taxi.

Just about every song by Flogging Molly will do.

End of the night song -

Hey Jude

Just try to argue with me.

Spin the bottle and Truth or Dare, not drinking games in and of themselves, but play them drunk and they become pretty fun. Then there's Drunken Dare, where you spin a bottle, ask the person who it lands on to choose truth or dare, the person then either has to do the dare or take a drink, or tell the truth or take a drink (with the truth part the group will act as judge and jury as to whether what the person said was actually the truth or not)

As for songs, well, if it's Irish you can generally use it as a drinking song, for no other reason than when you start a drinking song a lot of other people will join in, and Irish tunes are always nice when large numbers of people sing them together.


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