Will you boycott the new Star Trek movie?
10% (14)
10% (14)
88.6% (124)
88.6% (124)
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Poll: Will you boycott the new Star Trek movie?

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I am appalled that they think anyone can do Captain James T. Kirk better than William Shatner. I don't want to see a redesigned Enterprise, either. Consequently, I am not prepared to pay to see the new Star Trek movie at the Cinema, buy/rent the DVD/Blu-Ray, etc.

In fact, it is entirely likely I may deliberately avoid seeing it altogether, shunning it throughout my entire life. There is only one Kirk.

To help you form your own opinion here is the trailer (NOTE: This may not work):

as well as a bulky HD version courtesy of Apple (NOTE: trailer 2, This will definitely work):


I invite you to join me in boycotting this affront to a cherished cultural memory... At least discourage them from making sequels to it...

Um... personally I think this movie looks great. As long as its not New Starwars level of bad, I will, despite NOT being a Startrek fan, be going to see it.

Besides, this has what I feel Star Trek was always lacking. Action and Adventure.

It's got Simon Pegg on board, I don't even like Star Trek and I'm considering watching this!

Also what could they do? Shatner, yes, I'm sure he's an actor of Shakespearian levels, but, it's just not going to be convincing having him play himself at 20. (I'm assuming this is a prequel, it does seem effortlessly packed with the pretty people.)

Maybe they can give Shatner a cameo as some kind of cow like alien shaman leader. Not sure why I think of that, I'm sure he could play the role wonderfully tho.

Star Trek to me always felt like a soap opera set in space, so to ramp up the action and explosions can only be a good thing :D

Again these are not the opinions of a Star Trek fan, didn't like the original much, and all the spin offs were even less interesting, at least the original knew it was meant to be entertaining fun and not a documentary.

2 words:
Zachary Quinto

It looks like STAR TREK:HARDCORE!!!

Looks pretty good to me, AND Simon Pegg? Yeah I'm totally seeing this. I didn't even know there was a new one in the works. Thanks for the heads up ;)

Um... personally I think this movie looks great. As long as its not New Starwars level of bad, I will, despite NOT being a Startrek fan, be going to see it.

Besides, this has what I feel Star Trek was always lacking. Action and Adventure.

That exactly.

Also Karl Urban as McCoy. Perfect Casting.

Wait, is that one of these "Daniel Craig is not James Bond" Things?

I don't even like Star Trek and I'm considering watching this!

Same here!

I'm still on the fence about this movie. I watched many of the original series, I am more a fan of TNG and Voyager so I don't really have a strong opinion of a new Kirk. I am more concerned over whether or not they are going to keep the spirit and feel of Star Trek or change it to make it darker like many other remakes are doing. I don't mind it in most things but I think it would be a mistake in a Star Trek movie.


ive got faith in actors like zachary quinto to not completely balls it up, and even if it is bad, so what, they release a bad movie thats forgotten.

in the age of the net fanboy boycotts are meaningless since A: people who dont want to pay will find a way to watch it online, and B: expecting anyone in the business to actually care is like signing an online petition for anything. sure you can join in with the fervor, but it will never actually get anywhere.

Its not the original star trek, and its obviously not trying to be. just enjoy it , or not, for what it is based on its own merits. if its bad its bad, life goes on. it doesn't alter you view of the series so why get angry, even tangentially at a movie that you are not being forced to watch?

Why boycott? You may as well see if anyone else can stir up some interest in Star Trek. God knows Scott Bakula isn't going to.

I do like Star Trek, and I like the Shat, but his movie looks awesome. You should look at it with a different tone, like this is a tribute to the thing you love. Plus JJ Abrams kicks ass.

You're kidding me right? The Star Trek franchise has begin to wither and die because of bad acting and poor stories. The movies have been the best part of Star Trek (Except, obviously, ST: The Motion Picture) and they even took that to the limit of awful with Insurrection and Nemesis.

They're now infusing fresh vigor and energy, and you're thinking of boycotting it? Madness!

Even if this movie doesn't live up to all the hype, it could still pave the way for future Star Trek enterprises (see what I did there?!?!?!)

Even the Phantom Menace has surged the Star Wars franchise forward (for better or worse) so I don't think replacing Kirk is too much to ask...

Gods, it's star trek. It's supposed to be cheesy sci-fi entertainment. Why the hell would you boycott it? Because the enterprise is 5cm longer than it says in some blueprints?


No, that's silly.

You've got two choices:
- Don't see it because you figure it's probably going to suck.
- See it because maybe it's going to suck but you have some hope that it won't, and really, c'mon, it can't suck more than "Nemesis" or "Insurrection," can it?

-- Alex

Wow. I didn't think they could actually make ST more cheesy. Straight to DVD then?

I for one, have never given two shits about Star Trek. It's bland, boring, and people can stop telling me it's realistic.

Uh, I'm pretty sure all you need to do to recreate William Shatner's acting is a cocaine habit, a hangover, and have the actor's lines written on their hand so they have to keep pausing to read them.

Simon pegg? i dont like star trek, but i have to see this movie

2 words:
Zachary Quinto

Well i have to go see it now.

As bad as that trailer looks, I won't be boycotting it. Why? Because it's just a movie.

Well, the trailer looks bad-ass, and since I'm not a "write a letter to Congress if they make Kirk's hair one shade too dark" slobbering fanboy, I think I'm going to see it.

Shatner had a... unique acting style. Even so, he's better than a LOT of people I've seen on television and movies nowadays.

Anyone who had ever paid any amount of money to see a Queen Latifa (insert tragic waste of time and resourses here) has no right to say anything about Shatner for you have helped create the monster that mine brethren and I must hunt to complete our holy quest.

I mean, she is really really terrible.... not like Shatner.

Sorry, where was I again?

J.J. Abrams for the win!

Wait, is that one of these "Daniel Craig is not James Bond" Things?

My magic eight-ball says, "All signs point to 'yes'."

I'll wait for the reviews, because I've been burned by bad ST movies before (though not as badly as with bad SW movies *shudder*), but I'm not going to turn my nose up at a movie because it doesn't cast an actor in his 70s for a role better suited to someone in his 20s or 30s.

-- Steve

If you prefer Shatner as the one and only Kirk, then don't see the movie.

Myself, I'm interested. I like Shat, I think his Kirk is awesome, but I'm also open to new ideas and spins on old franchises.

Heck, if most of us boycotted movies simply because so-and-so is "da best (character name) EVAR!!!11!!one!11!" then we wouldn't have The Dark Knight, which is hailed as one of the best action movies of all-time. We'd still have Adam West or Michael Keaton trying to act suave/brooding. And it'd suck.

I think it's impressive just how much WTF they cram into such a short ad.
Why is little Jimmy Kirk driving a 1960s-ish Corvette?
Why is little Jimmy Kirk driving a 1960s-ish Corvette off a cliff?
So are they implying that James Kirk was a retard as a child?
Who the heck is that robot guy?
Why are they building the Enterprise on the surface of the planet?
Why would Starfleet give command of their newest and most advanced ship to a 20 year old with no command experience?
Why is no one on the Enterprise over the age of 25?
Was that supposed to be Scotty?
Was that Swirly Light (TM) around Young Spock (TM) supposed to be the new transporter?
Did he just mention Cylons?
If they changed everything else, why did they keep the cheesy uniforms?
You can practically hear the director yelling in the background: More youthful! More Energy! More Youthful Energy (TM)! We have to make this movie appeal more to the younger generation! Let's have Kirk and Spock fight. BSG is popular, let's mention Cylons even though that show would be hundreds of years old by the time this is supposed to take place. Motorcycles are popular with youth, let's add some of those. Youth! Youth goddamn it, we need more Youth!

I had no idea they were even making one. Last one was what?... many years ago?

Completely unnecessary picture removed - mod

Thank you OP. Thank you for proving once again the idiocy of fanboyism.

This movie is going to be a spectacular event, a testament to the visual arts technology of our age, and an action film the equal of the Matrix or Die Hard. But no, you can't just sit back an enjoy it, because you're rooted in the belief that a crappy Mid-60s TV show shall never be surpassed.

Reality check Uncomparative... William Shatner was perhaps the very WORST actor in the original Star Trek, a man who's only talents are in just how untalented his is, and how serious he takes himself despite that fact. And the original Enterprise was an undetailed hunk of plastic and foam suspended by poorly masked wire. That JJ Abrams and Paramount are working to update this old relic is a good thing, because TOS sucks so horribly as a show, but the story is worth saving.

You think we should boycott a perfectly good film just because you believe nobody should tamper with your old show. This is why I fucking hate fanboys. Them making this movie doesn't suddenly make your DVDs of TOS disappear. JJ Abrams using Chris Pine as Kirk doesn't supernaturally replace all of Shatner's scenes with the new actor, nor will your discs suddenly show the Enterprise as a well-rendered 3D model instead of that ivory/tan hunk of plastic. You get to keep your original series, so let us have our new material. Our new Star Trek does not deprive you of your old one.

Abrams and Paramount go to such absurd lengths to please the fanboys, preserving the story and look, but do you appreciate it? No. You sit on the internet and bitch, and ask people to boycott a film because it doesn't please you. Well nothing can ever please a fanboy, so shut the hell up and let the rest of us enjoy the fucking show!

I'll watch it, for the sake of curiosity alone. For me, I choose the following formula to describe the potential awfulness:

Star Trek != Michael Bay CG action-fest + lame, tacked on love story

Keep in mind that this movie is coming from the creative geniuses that brought us "Jack of All Trades" and the wank-fest that was "Transformers" (quotes used for "Transformers" due to the existence of a much better Transformers movie, 20 years prior.) I'm not expecting much, and will be quite surprised if this turns out better than Nemesis, or Insurrection.

Note: I don't speak from the perspective of a fanboy, but rather a movie critic. I've seen some good Star Trek movies, and I've seen some bad ones. I hope to be impressed, but keep my finger resting lightly on the "SUX" button. I did the same for Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull, Tropic Thunder, and Iron Man. I only pressed the "SUX" button for one of them.

It's not the original Star Trek. This is a good thing, because the original Star Trek is terrible (or at the very least, very, very dated).

Considering how lame "transformers" was I'll give it a miss. Unless I get to see it for free.
I imagine they'll be some kind of lame moral message, a forced love interest or worse, both.
But boycott? It's not like their abusing their hollywood rights to try and push shitty films onto the public.

It's got Simon Pegg on board, I don't even like Star Trek and I'm considering watching this!

Same, and The Guy that plays Sylar off of Heroes.

Simon Pegg sounds like Scottish David Tennant. Thought I would throw that out there.

Between the direction of J.J. Abrams and a cast including Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, and John Cho, there isn't even an argument here in my eyes. Of course I'm going to go see it. Who the hell cares that Shatner isn't playing Kirk in this movie? Honestly? This is the exact same gripe people had when they redid Battlestar Galactica and made both Starbuck and Boomer girls. C'mon, look at how well that turned out.

And to repeat: Simon Pegg is Scotty. That's a case closed in my book.


And to repeat: Simon Pegg is Scotty.

The only reason I would consider watching it.

The rest is just a barrelful of meh.

I do agree that from all that I know of it this movie will probably be terrible, there are a bunch of Starfleet academy books better than what this is, also the actors they chose are a joke you can look at who thy are on imdb. This being said however I do not see a need to boycott it. I mean Simon Peg and John Cho, come on. Even though I do like Simon Peg this is not a role for him since when was Star Trek a comdy (true it had comedic elements)

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