How do you like to spend your birthdays?

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It's my birthday today (the big TWO-FOUR), and it got me thinking about the various ways people like to celebrate it (or NOT celebrate it).

I'm not exactly a social butterfly, so while I'm not the kind of person who avoids even just mentioning it to people I know, I don't like to make a big deal out of it. No presents, except from parents and grandparents who would give me gifts even if I told them not to. Maybe a slice of cake if it's doable, but I won't go out of my way. I don't drink, so going out to the bar with chums is not something I'd like to do. Really, I just prefer to quietly tick a mental check-box that another year in my life has passed and reflect on what, if anything, has changed about myself since last year. I also have to call my parents at some point to wish my dad a happy birthday as well (I was born on his 30th birthday).

Today was somewhat unusual though as I'm about to transfer out of here and go to my next duty station along with someone else in my work-center, and they just happened to schedule our "going-away luncheon" which they do for everyone who leaves today. It was fun but exhausting since we went all the way to the next city to have it (not my idea, though I didn't object). Now I just want to chill, alone, for the rest of the day.

How do you like to spend your birthdays? Do you even celebrate them?

I don't like to celebrate it, seeing as though it's just another year avoiding death. I'd rather celebrate actual accomplishments.
But, both my mother and father insist on taking me out for dinner at the least, so I guess I can suffer through two free dinners.

I usually just go out to lunch with my family, and then hang out with some friends, maybe go to a movie or something. I typically don't make a big deal out of my birthday, and whenever someone asks me what I want for my birthday I tend to reply with something along the lines of "I have everything I need" (except this year when I've been replying with "a job").

Firstly happy birthday.

Well I had my birthday celebrations today though my actual birthday is next week but I got to hangout and go to a pub quiz with my friends and my cousin who is on holiday here in Ireland from America. So that's al I do. Mostly I usually just have cupcakes with my family and then have a game night with my boyfriend and some close friends. When I was a bit younger I would have went out to loads of bars and drank a lot. But now I'm more interested in having stupid games with friends

Since my birthday is bang in the middle of the summer holidays (in New Zealand, mind, so the start of the year) most of my friends are away at that time. I always do a dinner/lunch with the family and whichever friends are available at the time, but nothing else otherwise. I don't drink at all and hate social gatherings, so getting drunk or having a party is completely out of the question.

This year is everyone's 21st's though, so I have the big parties with heaps of drunk people to look forward to...yay. I have no clue what I'm going to do for my 21st. It's at that point that you realize you don't actually have many friends. And then there's the speeches and things. I'm actually getting anxiety pangs just thinking about it.

I usually just stay home and play whatever games I inevitably get as gifts. I may eat out for lunch, and I'll certainly be outing out with family for dinner. Given that my birthday is less than a week before Christmas, my family may try to get me to do something related to the holidays. After that, though, not much. I don't even do cake every year.

I typically just have dinner with my friends and then just hang out.

I'm not really big on celebrating my birthday, and I'm not very sociable person either. Although, I did celebrate my last birthday with an awesome lunch with my friends at this brewery and played several rounds of laser tag. I'm probably not gonna make a big deal out of my name day until I'm thirty, which is in a couple years....

Jesus I feel old. :(

Well... The thing about my birthday, plus the fact that I study, is that it had generally bad timing. During the last 6 years, 5 of those had an exam during or after my birthday. Therefore, going out partying and getting drunk wasn't really an option. The only year that I ended my exams early was the year my friends ended their's late. If I can get day off and spend it with a few friends, I think that I've had what I've needed.

Oh and Happy birthday!

I like to spend it alone, in bed, asleep. If a good day's rest is all I get for my birthday, it's more than enough.

I usually nap all day, and save the celebration for a weekend I'm off work. But every weekend I'm off is a celebration, so I suppose I don't really do anything different.

I usually spend it with family; after losing my mother and aunt and my cousin's husband's suicide I appreciate being together even more because you never know if you'll be able to be together like that again. And especially because now my immediate family is gonna be split up between Florida, Nebraska, Canada and The Bahamas come the end of summer vacation.

I do absolutely nothing differently as I do not celebrate my birthday, or any event for that matter.

This year i got me a new sofa and a Mac Book Air.
I use my birthday as an excuse to spoil myself and make expensive purchases.

However I do not do anything special.
I dont share my birthday with friends on facebook, i dont do dinner or parties.
I go to work, I earn money to make up for the amount I spent.

Don't really do anything. Never understood the point of it, birthdays? It happened a long time ago and my mother did all the work anyway.

Happy birthday man! =)

Anyway, I just stay home and enjoy in my own time. Unless I can't, obviously, but I'll do my best to enjoy the day ahead.

A birthday party? What's that?

Yeah, I just get presents. I could celebrate my birthday if I really wanted to, I just don't.

This year (January 17th) I'm pretty sure I just got cash. It was my 18th, so it was quite a bit, too. It feels like my birthday or Christmas, today, because I just bought myself a 3DS!

I usually invite like 3~4 friends, go to a movie, and hold a small barbecue or if it's raining, a grill inside. It was my birthday on the 30th 6 days ago actually. And this Sunday I'm doing it differently. I'm inviting a few more friends (like 6~8 depending on how many can come) and holding a large barbecue with meat, booze, weed, etc. (I live in the Netherlands, so weed isn't a problem.) We'll probably just be chilling and such after the barbecue.

@Miyenne and I (twins) usually just like to spend it quietly. We're turning 30 in a couple weeks (the 19th), and had planned for our friend and her daughter to come over for the weekend and spend time outside, but that's all changed now as I'm being flown out to a job interview on my birthday. Which is exciting, but kinda scary.

My parents are also moving to the other side of the country next week, so we won't be with them for our birthday, which is odd. However, the job interview is halfway between here and there, so that helps a lot. It'll then only be a 2-day drive to visit them.

So, traditionally, we like a quiet, small gathering of people... but this year is kinda different.

I like to go clubbing and stuff with friends. I don't drink, but I like to dance.

Mine's coming up soon(26 on the 14th), I'll likely sleep in and play games later... not that interesting all round.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Kolby Jack:


I've been sick ever since I was 14 (end of 2009) and so I've been unable to much anything active, and physical social life just about ended. I do things with family.

Edit: and Happy Birthday

My 18th is coming up in a couple of months and unlike most people around my age who go out drinking and partying and whatnot, I've opted to simply get a few friends together for a bonfire in the backyard. I usually don't like to celebrate birthdays, but I guess some kind of effort is expected for an 18th, though.

I always beg people not to get me presents, too. Buying people presents for birthdays and other occasions are just more expenses on them and I'd prefer not to add another one for the year.

Cake and ice cream with my folks. Also prefer to have the day off so I can sit around and do not very much.

That's it. I don't really have friends, and I dislike alcohol and most social activities.

As long it's ain't indoor and my parent saying happy birthday and given me birthday cards with cash inside, I'm all up for alternative ways to spend my birthday (like my last birthday I went out and visit the local attractions over here since it has been ages I had last went)!

I would usually spend my Birthday staying inside and being on my computer. I don't really see the value in it. Though for the last couple years I've adopted the "Get super sick so you don't want to leave" tradition. And yet my Father insists on me going out to eat, despite me not wanting to. It's not that my Father is a bad person, but just, being sick sucks.

I like to go and buy something for myself (usually a game.)
And try to enjoy the day (avoiding anything that could possibly screw up)

I like to get gifts for some of my other friends who have birthdays close to my own.
People like gifts right?

I've been thinking about that today actually and I have no idea.
The end of next month I'm going to be 19 and I can't think of anything that I'd like to do for it.

When I was younger there was usually a celebration with cake and presents and stuff and that's nice, but as I get older and it comes up to me to decide what to do... nothing happens.

I personally stopped celebrating my birthday years ago. All I really do is spend the money that I get from my family in place of gifts.

I usually ask for the day off work, and then just spend it doing low-key fun stuff. It's not that I feel like I deserve a day off because it's my birthday or anything. It has a lot to do with not wanting to be wished a happy birthday over and over, or having any kind of a fuss made of me.

Happy Birthday :)

As for me. Let me put it this way. Last year I forgot it was my birthday until my mum and dad phoned me to say happy birthday. That how important it is to me.

I turned 21 at the tail end of May, so I actually went out of my way to celebrate with dinner with the mom, girlfriend, and best friends, one who happens to share a birthday and the first six letters of his name with me. But my birthdays are usually hit and miss depending on what's going on in my life at the time.

And May is a jam packed month for birthdays among my friends group. I think there's like 15 or 16 of us with May birthdays. It gets kind of ridiculous.

I don't like to celebrate it, seeing as though it's just another year avoiding death. I'd rather celebrate actual accomplishments.
But, both my mother and father insist on taking me out for dinner at the least, so I guess I can suffer through two free dinners.

But not dying is an accomplishment . Do you know how hard it is to not die ( or better yet, do you know how easy it is to get yourself killed?).

OT: i like to go out drinking . I'm a borderline alcoholic ( and proud of it dammit ). So going out and getting shitfaced is my prefered activity . If i get laid too it's an added bonus.

Well i just had my 21st, and it was the first time in a few years that I actually spent the day doing stuff with other people. Usually I like to get myself a cigar and just chill out by myself without anyone else around for most of the day. Then my family usually goes to dinner somewhere. This year since only my mom and myself were at home, the rest of my family was in North Carolina, and because i turned 21 her and I spent the day going to our favorite bookstore (stocked up on the series I'm currently reading "Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan, and then we went to a casino and did my first legal gambling and drinking, It was fun and all, but I prefer solitude on my birthdays.

My parents like to go out for dinner when it is a family member's birthday. Other than that, I like to take a day off work for my birthday, and some of my friends from university come and visit me and we do something like go to the cinema, or just spend time playing video games and watch a selection of our favourite movies. I much rather spend time with a select few people as opposed to having a party and having a lot of people over. I'm just not much of a social butterfly.

I don't care about birthdays, so I spend them like any other day.

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