How do you like to spend your birthdays?

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Well it's my birthday in two weeks, and I'd hoped to get it off work, but that doesn't look like it'll happen... So I'll be going to work, probably having out with my girlfriend, and I may get a bunch of friends together to go and see Pacific Rim.

We didn't celebrate my 21st this year. Instead we as a family prepared for my grandfathers heart bypass/valve replacement.

I am still living with him after a month.

The official word is that my birthday has been suspended until late July. I'm doubtful it will happen. In honesty I like being alone. I used to like spending them with my girlfriend, but she left me.

Multiple small events with each friend individually. I hate parties because if the party is in my honour, why do I have to be the one entertaining everyone.

Well I don't like to celebrate it much, though my mindset is that you celebrate it as another year of surviving rather than the anniversary of the day I exited my mother's body.

Usually I'll just spend a bit of time with family members, I visit my Mum if I don't usually do on the day it commences, and I spend the rest of the time either asleep or playing the games I've inevitably gotten. Luckily for me, my birthday is in September so it's just in time for the early Autumn releases as well as giving me an opportunity to grab some summer games.

I tend to enjoy spending them with a group of friends during the afternoon (assuming I don't have class) but during the evening I just spend the time playing video games but I don't tend to make a big deal of it any more since I'm now in my Twenties.

Any way Happy Birthday.

Happy- one day late-Birthday!

For me, my birthdays have gotten weaker as I've gotten older. When I was a little kid, my parents threw birthday parties with family and friends coming over, but after my 13th, the parties stopped. After my 16th, the actual presents stopped. Now, it's to the point that on my 20th, which was this past February, my family actually forgot it was my birthday :(

All I did was work and go to a rehearsal for a play. I also went out and bought myself some Thai food. Yup, that's it. Me being the introvert I am, I'm not really one to plan parties, so I really can't complain on that front.

*defeated sigh*
damn, I feel old now.

really, really old.

Happy belated birthday, I turn 24 on the 9th of this month. Normally I go out to eat with friends then see whatever summer superhero movie is out at the time. Last year I was unable to due to work and this year I plan to celebrate the whole month with different people doing various activites.

my usual routine is from about midnight till about 1am make a bubble bath, candles, some music, and a nice drink of something.occassionally followed by slipping when i get out and ending up on my ass. been doing that around 22 years now :)

I'm not a fan if I'm honest. I just feel uncomfortable with the attention. So I just treat it like a normal day.

I don't really care to celebrate my birthday because I see it as just another day. I would largely like to ignore it. I know my parents and sister would pry be sad if I did so I celebrate it with them and if I am up for being social having my friend from work come over. If not I just celebrate it with my family.

I don't. In fact, I tend to forget it until about a week after it happened. Of course, birthdays aren't really a thing in my family

I turned 30 today. I'm getting over jet lag, still getting over a cold... and I lost a giant fucking filling and can't see my dentist until Monday.


Both my best friend and I spend out birthdays in a similar way... like any other day that's not our birthday...

I, for one, missed when I was my birthday and there was a semi-big party where the majority of those that celebrating it were only doing that because we all were in the same classroom... But, then again, I like when it is my birthday and no one is forced to say "Happy Birthday" to me, especially if either they don't want to or they didn't actually know it was my birthday to begin with...

With that said, currently, I bake my own cake to eat and share with friends and close relatives... I might hang out with friends to celebrate my birthday or something along those lines about a month or two later... I might even take the time to check my Facebook for more than how I usually check on a monthly yearly regular basis to see if anyone does say "Happy Birthday" to me...

Overall, it's basically just like any other day... except with cake... (It's usually chocolate...)

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