What are adults "supposed to do" for fun?

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I think that what the OP is actually asking is "What are the socially acceptable pastimes for adults?", so that's what I'm going to answer.
Watching television that is not animated and doesn't have puppets in it.
Playing classic card games such as poker, pinochle, hearts, bridge etc...
Working on home improvements.
Women; re-designing rooms/home.
Men; Fixing things or building new things. Fishing & hunting.
Watching movies that do not contain elements of fantasy or science fantasy.
Inviting people of roughly their age in to their homes to take part socially in any of the above.
Strangling their sense of wonder and joy.

Now I feel that those things are fine for the people who enjoy them, but my pastimes are more in line with others on this site, and say that adult people should do what they enjoy.
And they should enjoy games, anime, Dr. Who, ponies & comics. 'Cuz they're the bestest.

Every time I ever tell people what I like to do they always give me the weirdest looks

No punctuation

I assume what you did in your late teen years, if only for the schedule itself to be adjusted do to new scheduling conflicts and such. Your personal wants will also change most likely and your free time will adjust itself to your wants.

TL;DR: Whatever the fuck you desire, time and money permitting of course.

Multiplying, drugs, black jack, clubbing (the one with drinks and the one where you hit people). Lie, cheat and steal I geuss without anybody noticing.

And of course ego stroking... and by ego I mean geni-

Honestly, I think C S Lewis said it best:

When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

Ah, good ol' C.S. Lewis. If only he knew that quote would be used for...

(not talking about your use)

OT: Do whatever the fuck you want for fun as long as it doesn't get in the way of anyone else's.

I would bet good money that the Big Bang Theory writers were high school bullies before they wrote a show concerning geeks.

Popular western culture would have you believe that the only way a life can be fulfilling is if you get married, have 2 kids, a dog, and then at some time peacefully die. For some folks, that's great, but the attitude that every adult should fall within the constraints of your typical Nuclear family is just hugely propagated bullshit.

Mostly people just fall in love and start a family which transforms your life. People talk of life taking on a new, vital, neccesity. Of renewed drive, focus, heigtened emotion and intensity tempered by routine, frustrations and dread. I guess the attitude that creates towards hedonists like us is a complicated elixier of contempt, pity and envy.

Personally I've always seen child rearing akin to putting someone you love in a car and watching as it is annihalated by a juggernaut in slow motion over a period of decades.

Also I think golf is meant to be involved somehow?

I'm reminded of Louis CK's "chewed out" standup comedy routine... Found here http://youtu.be/BnDH-RXCptY?t=25s. He's talking about when he thinks a girl becomes a woman, but it essentially applies to men too, and adults in general.

So what are adults supposed to do? Apparently not a thing, except work and sleep and take care of the kids. Every other activity is seen as immature somehow.

From the biological standpoint: Children are supposed to learn life-experiences in a safe way through games and toys and education, teenagers are supposed build social links and learn the ways of attracting potential mates via exploiting social situations and sexual appeal, while adults are supposed to get permanent mates, maintain or improve their position in the social hierarchy and have kids to carry on their genes. Also, survive. That's kind of important as well.

The social standpoint is just an extension of the "maintain or improve their position in the social hierarchy" part.

An "adult" must clearly separate themselves from children to show they are viable reproductive partners, therefore they cease all activities usually associated with children, like games and toys.

They are also must show themselves to be a desirable reproductive partner, which can be achieved by following the pubescent road, where sexual appeal often trumps everything else.

However, this attitude also has irresponsibility and a hint of childishness attached to it, so with time "adults" have to cast it away in favor of the stability represented by material goods, thus leading to the hoarding of wealth in the form of a house, a car and a stable income through a job.

Finally, "adults" also have to express their status towards other "adults" and try to prove themselves dominant and overall the most fit to be a mate. One way to achieve this is scrutinize others by pointing out the childish or irresponsible acts they commit, which also serves as an internal normalizer in the social system, whereas each individual forcess all others to act "adult" or face stigmatization.

This is done partially to keep their reproductive partner by insisting on being the most worthy mate amongst their peers, or because of vestigial pack-hierarchic instincts where the male strives to gain the position of the alpha as a proof of social and biological fitness, while the female is drawn to the alpha in order to gain advantage of said fitness to raise strong children to carry on their genes.

In other word, "adults" are supposed to be serious people who do not partake in games and activities associated with children, disapprove such notions amongst their peers, strive for a stable and wealthy household with kids and a predictable lifestyle and partake in pointless social arms-wrestling with their neighbors through safe outlets like sports, gardening or one-upping each other at social gatherings.
Practically, the perfect biological "adults" are the father and mother in the 50s American Dream, with their little uniform homes, two children and constantly smiling facade.

In other words: being the perfect "adult" is the death of the human spirit and free will in exchange of biologically inclined conformity and stability. And that is just horrible. Don't do it.

I was watching Big Bang Theory (Shut up, I like it.) and one character mentions that adults aren't supposed to be spending their life with toys and nerd paraphernalia.

Which really brings up the question, what ARE they supposed to do?

One of the points of being an adult is that I can do exactly what I want for fun.
Why? Because fuck you, I'm an adult and I'd rather spend time doing something I enjoy. For me, that would not involve watching Big Bang Theory because I find that show abhorrent, but the nice thing is that since you're (presumably) an adult there's no sense in you listening to me on this at all. It's amazing.

Also, almost anyone I've met who talks about what "adults are supposed to spend their life with" are both boring and pretentious. They can sit in the corner, read Ulysses and pretend to be serious all they want. Meanwhile, I'm going to drink beer, play board games and watch Disney-movies.

Do whatever you want. Take a bunch of drugs in the zoo, have sex while playing Twilight Imperium, buy a damn trampoline, whatever. Nobody cares, not really.

Sounds like OP is going for a social stereotype confusion. What do we do when we grow up and can't play video games no more?!

Well I'm an adult and I spend more time on games than I did a decade ago, so thats my fun sorted.

As for adults who grew up before gaming was a thing i.e. my parents;

Both of them read a lot.
They mess around with their gadgets (phones, tablets and the like)
And they go to rock concerts as often as they can afford. Which is about twice a month.

So thats what some adults without games and nerdy things do for fun.

I was watching Big Bang Theory (Shut up, I like it.) and one character mentions that adults aren't supposed to be spending their life with toys and nerd paraphernalia.

Which really brings up the question, what ARE they supposed to do?

Depending on what class you are I guess. Typical Joe Schmo, watches some kind of sports while drinking a few brewskies, don't know what a female would do though, watch cat videos? Drag the guy to a friends house and have them over for dinner Upper and middle class are constantly attending dinner parties to make new contacts and catch up with old ones.

I dunno, for working class watch the "king of queens" and for middle and upper class watch "Frasier"?

I've always considered it the time for you to find out what it means to be alive.
It's different for each person, but figure out your purpose, passion or reason for living and live your life doing it.

Though I suppose I have 'backwards' ideas on this though. If you said your major interest is gaming, so you're going to spend the next 40 years of your life drinking redbull and playing the Xbox[Insert] or what-not, I won't berate you, abuse you or otherwise interfere with the way you live your life, and you have every right to do what you will; but I will think less of you.

If you're basically a child with a drivers license and disposable income, I'll consider you a waste of life.
- If that's you reading this, you'll unquestionably consider my life to be waste, and you know what?
That's perfectly fine with me.

we finally live at a point in time and for a good chunk of us on this site in countries where we can simply keep indulging what ever we choose to and dont have to put away the past time were grew up with

Dirty Hipsters:
They're supposed to get married, have kids, and drink a lot to forget how miserable they are and how much they wish they didn't have kids.

I'm almost 30, I'm married, I have a full time job and I drink lots to forget how miserable I am... I also play videogames, tabletop roleplaying games, watch anime and other cartoons, go to conventions, cosplay etc. so honestly I have no frigging idea what adults are "supposed" to do...

Watch bad TV and Sports I guess...

You can say "I'm an adult, I do whatever I want" as many times as you want, but the fact is that most people stop playing games. You probably have a friend or friends who stopped gaming after a certain age, whether it was age related or not. And if you do keep on playing videogames, people will guess that you got nothing better to do, that you're a manchild, that you have no life, no friends, etc. Maybe that couldn't be further from the truth, but that's what is on their mind, anyway.

From my experience, after a certain age, you're expected to enjoy more "sophisticated" things, you're supposed to have a more refined taste, you're expected to hold interesting conversations that don't involve HOLY SHIT I KILLED THAT BOSS. To most people, that stops being interesting, they don't care. You can play deep, interesting, indie games until the sun eventually dies, but to everyone else, you play videogames, you shoot nazis, monsters and nazimonsters in the face until they're dead. That's it. You enjoy playing videogames, that's an activity associated with kids, and this probably won't change until the next generation comes around.

However, as long as you're able to function around other people your age who don't play videogames, I guess you're OK. But if most of your conversations are limited to videogames this, videogames that, yeah... most people will think you're a kid, and I don't blame them. I still game, but not nearly as much as I used to, and I hate it when someone decides to go on and on about what they're playing, specially around others who haven't played a game in years, or worse, people who never played videogames at all.

Play videogames = omg, poor guy.

Bear in mind this is what I've gathered from personal experience, this isn't about being right or wrong. I've had people give me the most condescending looks when "oh, he likes to play videogames" was all they knew about me.

I don't know about other adults (I'm 43, married and have two kids, so I guess I qualify.), but I'm sticking with what's worked for me so far: video games and booze.

Dirty Hipsters:
They're supposed to get married, have kids, and drink a lot to forget how miserable they are and how much they wish they didn't have kids.

Pretty much that. The thought is that since you're grown-up you can do what you want. However, once you do grow up, you realize that there are limits to everything, so you can't really do whatever you want. Things like money, laws, physics, and culture can grind dreams to a halt. That's why "mature" fun tends to be things that are boring compared to what kids come up with. Unless you have a crap ton of money to buy whatever you want, that you have time to play with, and is legal or accepted enough that no one can take it away from you.

seriously though, no idea. my parents work pretty hard so no idea personally. a lot of DIY and cleaning i guess

edit: video time start is 1m47s, for some reason it didnt work

What the hell gives Penny the right to call herself more of an adult than Leonard?!
Sure, he owns toys and video games. He's also a scientist with a higher education than that backwater waitress.
I have watched every episode of that show, and I just can't stand Penny.
Worst sitcom character.

Anyhoo, the whole "adult" thing is just silly. There is no age restriction for playing with toys (even if the box says ages 3-12). Do what you want, and to hell with those who tell you to act like an "adult". Those people are almost always boring as hell and miserable. Or a dumbass like Penny.

Whatever they damn well want. You wanna hire a bouncy castle and have your friends round for a good old fashioned bounce? You wanna eat ice cream in your pants? You want to collect comic books and attend cons?

If they've got the money to do so they can do whatever they want. Anyone who thinks less of someone for their hobby should swivel.

I am usually wearing pants when I eat ice cream...... In fact, to the best of my recollection I have never eaten ice cream while naked. :P

But, I am an adult nowadays.... And I pretty much do the same things I did as a kid, except that now, every once in a while the activity will include alcohol.... I play videogames, go to parties, go bowling, read a book, watch a movie (either at home or in theaters) play various tabletop role-playing games..... Yeah its pretty much the same stuff.

I'm going to look to my Dad for this one, 67/8(I can't remember, is that bad?) and still loves rock music, loves sci-fi and fantasy and finds the C3PO and R2D2 bits of star wars hilarious. As do I! You get a job, you gain bills, but the rest is yours, enjoy it how you like! And yeah, I'm saying this with Death's mask from Darksiders 2 looking down at me, so the geek junk can stay if you like it too :-)


Well, I was just cleaning the garage and reorganizing my tools. It's coming along.

After while, I'll clean off my big toy:


In other news...holy fucking balls it's hot.

Get married, procreate, consume, drink beer, watch sports, vote for candidate AB Johnson (R) or CD Jansen (D), spend thousands of dollars trying to recapture lost youth, spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to recapture lost health, decline, death.

Seriously though unless you have kids (And if you do then the checklist goes : Food, shoes, accommodation, education, quality family time/ activities, personal time/activities) nobody apart from possibly your spouse should care what you do with your time.

Hobbies where you create things are probably the most fulfilling though. Hobbies where you hang out with friends are probably second.


I like it too. I'm not big on analysing every single detail of a comedy, I just like the nerd-related humour.

I guess from the logic of someone who doesn't have much time for nerd things (games, "toys", whatever), I suppose going out on the town, socialising, "getting laid", etc? Perhaps even some sort of sport (both watching and playing), like football, basketball, baseball, etc. But the guys in BBT have been known to paintball regularly, so they have that covered to an extent.

I don't agree with this logic. You're an adult, and by definition you can do whatever you please, so long as it's within the law. Games, toys, whatever floats you boat. It's all cool.

I was talking to my mom about aging recently, and she said something I found quite interesting.

"I'm getting older and my body realizes it, but in my head I'm still the same young person I always was."

My mom watches television, reads books, and sometimes goes out with friends. Being an adult is not much different than being a kid, except that an adult is in charge of their own life, and hopefully, has learned enough to responsibly manage it.

I've noticed this from my friends with kids: once they have kids they get to act childish again when playing with their child and they love it.

Adults never really "grow up." They just get older.

Little Woodsman:
And they should enjoy games, anime, Dr. Who, ponies & comics. 'Cuz they're the bestest.

Ugh...you had to put in ponies....

I'll see your pony and raise you a "hang dead animals on the swingset from hell".


we finally live at a point in time and for a good chunk of us on this site in countries where we can simply keep indulging what ever we choose to and dont have to put away the past time were grew up with

Yeah, most countries are like that now, and nerd culture is embraced, and is now considered a part of general culture. In most cases it's now considered fashionable for someone in their thirties, or even forties to walk around with a space invaders, or Mario t-shirt, or any other nerd culture related item in public.

America is still pretty backwards though with the whole thing, and has never really shook the stereotypes (Shows like the Big Bang theory reflect this, rather than a show like the IT crowd which is seen as more of a tribute to nerd culture and to grown men who still enjoy stuff like video games and figurines) but i hope that would change very shortly.

Work your ass off in a boring dead-end job, pay your taxes, read boring-ass books about stupid shit, bitch about politics continuously, maybe play a mindless sport like golf, have far too many kids, grow increasingly bitter about everything around you, spend large amounts of money you don't really have on shit you don't need, retire from your boring dead-end job, collect social security, become even more bitter than ever before to the point where your family doesn't want to be around you but feels obligated to take care of you, die.

Essentially as an adult, if you think things like videogames and anime and sci-fi\fantasy are fun you're a fucked up waste of space that probably lives on welfare and contributes nothing to society which gives everything to support your loser ass so get a job or go live under a bridge until you die from it.

Welcome to the way my dad sees the world.

Lots of things. Anything, really.

Nerd paraphernalia isn't really something you "do", it's something you have. Unless you spend your time cleaning and arranging them or something, which would be strange.

I have met people who do this. One was an 80 year old woman who, instead of sitting down to enjoy a crossword or something, would rather scrub the ceiling. Once had to physically stop her from mopping the slippery stone stairs leading up into the main flat; no, elderly woman, I don't think your grandson would like to come home from the hospital with his newborn child only to go back in with you.

OT: What ever you feel like really. I have a friend who, when her sister and mother got me awesome Doctor Who toys for Christmas, was all, "Aren't you too old for that?" My answer? "One is NEVER too old for toys!"

You're never "too old" for things that make you happy, or excite you, or takes away stress. Play is important regardless of age; some might go out clubbing and/or drinking for their "play time", some might stay home and play board games or go out running with their dog. Or all of the above.

They always talk about something called a 401k.

I think it's some sort of race they all participate in.

I work and play video games with my friends. Just because I have aged doesn't mean I have to forcibly change my hobbies.

Same as teenagers I think, I play video games, sleep, exercise, drink, eat ice cream for dinner, attempt to conquer as many women as I can and try to avoid contracting any STDs like VD and fatherhood until the inevitable day come when some broad ties me down and makes me hold her bag while we're in Ikea

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