Poll: Do you Unconditionally or Selectively Censor your Language in forums/online/social networks?

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So it's no secret that everyone swears, despite how many people try their best not to, for whatever reason.


My question is that when you are posting comments online, do you censor yourself? As in, do you use these **** or these $#!+ to cover up your vulgarity? If you do, is it unconditional (you do it all the time because it's a 'bad word') or do you do it selectively (within the given context, f*** can be an expression of an emotion and not the act of intercourse)?

As you could probably tell, I'm prone to censor myself unconditionally. I don't mind the words or the abundance in the world; I just don't like to spell them out myself.

I twns to censoe myself fairly unconditionally both online and off. Swearing in a way that appears uncontrollable definitely makes you look quite a bit less mature/intelligent and it also downgrades the impact of the language itself. Swearing, in my eyes, is a sort of exclamation point. It's the option to turn to when there's no other way to express what you're thinking or feeling. When swearing is the default, it stops having any purpose.

I don't swear.
It's just not the kind of language I use.

If I'm writing a text, I'm actually more likely to put swearing in because I think about it more and might think it fits in the text.
And of course I have no problem using words like 'Hell', or 'penis', if I'm talking about stuff like that.

I think censoring your language like that (Like calling 'fuck' the F-word) is silly and kinda a pet-peeve of mine. Unless made for comedic effect.

Either use a word or don't.

I never censor myself like that, if you're going to say it then say it. There are occasions where I'll type a swearword, then think it sounds to harsh so I replace it. I'd rather change ass to butt than use asterisks and such.

Well, no. I like to be direct, and the best way to do it is to swear.

I usually still ask if anyone is around that may not approve, as I get a bit ranty with my swearing. =D

Every time I swear on a forum I think 'wait, do the forum rules let you swear' and then do it anyway. Then I completely forget in time for the next time I want to swear.
I'm trying to censor myself in general at the moment, I used to be effing and jeffing all over the place so I'm trying to cut down on it.

I rarely ever swear, but there are those moments where you just need to blurt out a cuss word just to adequately describe what you're feeling. With that being said, if I do it on a forum, I don't censor myself. It doesn't matter how I type it, the bottom line is, you'll read the word out for yourself in your mind, so there's no point in censoring it to protect the minds of the "innocent".

It depends. If I'm invested in a discussion, I'll drop a few here and there, in the best case I'll replace it with some fancy idiom ("What in blue blazes" in place of "What the fuck" for example).

But you know, a good curse is like a a good secret ingredient of your grandma's stew. You just throw it in at some point.

I generally only swear when I'm angry, with a few exceptions for dramatic effect. But I don't censor myself when I do swear. What's the point? It's not like everybody won't know what you were going to say.

I do not swear beyond using the occasional "damn." Swearing has lost its meaning because so many people use it now. I also like to present myself online the way I would in public, and I don't swear in public either. I was brought up to believe that doing so is rude and inconsiderate, and if you can't get your point across without lacing it withe swearing, your point isn't worth hearing. You're letting your anger speak instead, in which case I'm done listening to you.

Now, there are times when swearing is called for, and I believe that if used correctly, swearing can get a point across much faster than normal words. I've often told my friends that if I ever swear at them, they need to back up or stop doing what they're doing. And they believe me because I never swear.

No but in saying so I don't swear in the forum most of the time. I rarely swear and even then it's the lesser/ not too offensive.

I swear fairly rarely online and in real life, unless I'm making a joke out of it or something. People often laugh when I swear even if I'm not intending it to be funny because apparently they can't imagine me swearing.
I swear much more in games than elsewhere. In borderlands 2 I'm always 'oh crap, a badass' or 'oh bugger, he got me'. It has led to a few awkward situations where parents have walked in on me just as I'm cursing someone or something, but that happens less now.

I will admit to being a lot more careful with my language while online. Everything is recorded, isnt it? I dont want it to come back to haunt me latter. I tend to avoid any discussion on politics/religion/lifestyle because it's so easy to get angry/frustrated, and thus lose those filters.
I've also been cutting back in real life. I swore a lot as a teen but now it just feels like... whats the point? The people who do care will always react negatively, and those who dont wont react at all. So I've become quite the motherfudger.

Lame puns aside, there are a lot of "adult" behaviors that arent particularly mature (like drinking yourself silly, using drugs, etc.). And a number of "childish" behaviors that are mature (such as arduous collection of toys/comic books, etc.). To many people seem to think mature=adult.

Not really. Sometimes I use frikken instead of fucking if I don't want to come across as more annoyed than angry.
Otherwise I just do my swearing thang online normally.

And in person I swear like a sailor after his port wenches serve up child support documentation :p

Unless it's forum policy like on Gamefaqs, no. I don't even censor myself on facebook, which annoys my mom a bit but whatever.


Only if the website's rules ask me to otherwise I type what i feel.

I maybe should. It's a weird language thing; I somehow find English to be much more inviting to a generous use of swearing than German. I do say 'Scheisse' a lot (I think?), but that's about it.

I swear all the time when I'm gaming, as anyone who's played with me for five minutes can verify. On the forums, however, I tend not to swear as much. Not that I wont swear on this site, I just don't do it as much for various reasons.

I often sensor myself, for no other reason than i swear too often in real life.

I don't censor myself online, because honestly, if I'm going to start cussing then why bother with throwing in '#$^^&$%' all over the place? If I'm gonna say 'shit' then I'll say 'shit', goddammit! Haha! That being said, I rarely cuss online compared to how much I do in real life, and that's mostly out of respect. I don't know who I'm talking too, and I don't know if foul language offends them, so I avoid it.

I tend not to swear at all. I see very little purpose to it.

I tend not to swear on Facebook etc, just 'cos I know the people. On forums I do, but I don't bother with the whole %&$> thing.

The only word I draw the line with is the one beginning with C and ending in T, it just sounds nastier than all the others.

I swear, though only if the situation calls for it. I don't think I've ever 'censored' myself, that seems really stupid unless the forum you're using specifically requires it.

To quote the academy award winning film The King's Speech.

"fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fuck, fuck, fucking bugger, bugger, bugger, buggiddy, buggidy, buggidy, fuck, fuck, ass, balls, balls, fuckiddy, shit, shit, fucking willy, willy, shit, and fuck, and.... tits."

I hate censor bleeps or asterisks in avenues where the uncensored words are allowed. As in, I will not read your post if you type "f***" instead of "fuck". What words you use is your choice, don't use curse words if you're not FUCKING comfortable using them! The asterisks make look like a child, and I probably won't take you seriously.

That goes for web content in general too. MovieBob in particular. You are on the Escapist, a site famous for hosting Zero Punctuation. I think you can get away with saying "shit" without having to bleep it. Or, if you can't, please leave the word out of the script. Don't try to 'protect' me from harsh words.

My question is that when you are posting comments online, do you censor yourself? As in, do you use these **** or these $#!+ to cover up your vulgarity? If you do, is it unconditional (you do it all the time because it's a 'bad word') or do you do it selectively (within the given context, f*** can be an expression of an emotion and not the act of intercourse)?

I tend to censor myself more and more as I grow older, and I tend to tune out people who use a great deal of profanity more and more. This doesn't mean I abstain, or ignore people who toss out the occasional "Fuck!" or "Shit!", but there are few times where language like that is appropriate.

As an example, there's a guy on the RoosterTeeth podcast who swears in almost every sentence. I don't know who he is even though he's introduced every time because I just tune him out entirely due to the overuse of profanity; maybe he has something interesting to say, maybe he doesn't, but I don't particularly care to find out. (heck, I can't be bothered to even load up one of the podcasts to see if he's on it so I can actually say who it is I'm talking about. He's not one of the voice actors on RVB, though Gus's swearing gets on my nerves at times too)

When I do swear, I tend to use Non-North American swears, like Buggered and Arsed, or I use things like "Boned", or misspell them intentionally like "shiat" or "biatch". Ususally when I'm doing that I'm being light hearted or it's a conversation I don't have much emotional attachment to; a thread where I don't really care to make a serious attempt at getting my point across. It's a light, breezy little post-it note on the internet, not much more.

On posts where I really do want to get my point across, I almost never swear unless it is of vital importance to the thread or to my point. Normally it's quoting someone else, but there are occasions where I'll slip in a swear here and there. Sometimes it's unconscious; I'll be typing out a stream of consciousness, and out will come a string of swears. Sometimes I catch it, sometimes I don't. I tend to go back and edit those later on because I find that the swearing diminishes my post when that happens.

Also the fourth option "First Amendment!" is one of those meaningless things because the First Amendment just covers what the GOVERNMENT can and cannot regulate. The Escapist quite obviously is exempt from the First Amendment, as is nearly every other online forum, or else there couldn't be any moderation on the forums. I could go into a thread about "What fanbase gets on your nerves?", post "Browncoats", and I wouldn't get a "Low Content" warning from a Moderator because "Free Speech, Biatches!" We're on a private server, which is subject to the rules as decided upon by the owners of this space; if they say we can't say something here, then you can put an infinite number of exclamation points after "First Amendment!" and it won't do a single thing. If the Escapist decided that they were no longer going to allow anyone to say "The Original ending to Mass Effect 3 was terrible."... they could do it, and the First Amendment wouldn't apply.

I try to only swear when I'm kidding or joking around, and never in anger or during a debate/argument. It gets easier once you've had kids of course. You don't want to use harsh language around them. Though my kid is a teenager so she probably swears like I did when I was a teen, but out of sight out of mind.

I don't swear in general. I don't care if others do it of course, but whether online, in real life, with friends, or family, I don't swear. I do like to use the PG versions of everything which people find hilarious. So I wouldn't consider it censorship since I'm not intending the original word, maybe it is, but that is the way I prefer to talk.

Eh, a bit. I'll say and write 'freaking' in place of 'fucking' because I think that all the humor in swearing is lost when you oversaturate your swearing.

That's probably the only reason I'll hold back, because it isn't that funny when I say 'this fucking controller' compared to 'this freaking controller' or 'this goat-fragging controller'.

I don't curse extensively, so I don't see the point. I like the escapist forums though, there is no fucking reason to curse, but you fucking can if you fucking want, but it just makes you look like a fucking immature idiot.

I'd rather drop the swear and/or replace it with another word than post it censored, and I do. I just don't see the point considering whoever reading it is going to know what that word is. I occasionally throw in a swear word here from time to time, been doing it considerably less these recent years, and same goes for Facebook. I know them, they know me and unlike in real life the context may be missed, especially when some random is reading over my comments or something. Some of my friends swear like sailors on Facebook and when I look back on my own I don't really want to see that. I guess I like being more reserved online because in real life, let me tell you, I can and do swear a lot. With the right friends of course, and it's nice to sometimes be around someone that just doesn't give a fuck.

Not really. I do sometimes substitute swears with less-offensive counterparts if I think it would be funnier.

No, I don't censor my language, but if I'm writing on a forum in which swearing is against the TOS (or is allowed but automatically censored with ****), then I'll just phrase my posts differently and express myself in the same way, but without words that are considered vulgar.

I have nothing against swearing and such words are a valuable and expressive part of my vocabulary, but I'd rather not use them at all and express myself differently than have my words censored or even worse, use minced oaths (which in my mind are more offensive than swearing).

So it's no secret that everyone swears, despite how many people try their best not to, for whatever reason.

That's a damn lie, and you fucking know it!


I couldn't resist.

I filter myself in any conversation. I tend to adjust my language level to the acceptable level of those around me. Or the rules of the board in question. Though a lot of my profanity is spur of the moment and that doesn't translate into writing as frequently. I say "motherfucker" a lot, but I rarely type it, because it's something I generally say in the spur of the moment. Rarely am I typing in the spur of the moment.

To be fair, since the time I could be considered adult I've hung around with people with young children, and as a result I tend to do this habitually out of respect for parents who may or may not actually be there.

Then again, I'm also selectively respectful, so there you have it.

As far as online forums are concerned, I censor myself only enough to not earn any systemic penalties. I don't mind the use of profanities, and I mind the abuse of profanities only as much as I mind the abuse of any rhetorical device--I have a theory that people who excessively use profanities, do so as a modified conjunction to add continuity to their sentences.

Yes, to each his own, but I find people who shy away from profanities for moral reasons or a pretension to decorum as immature. After all, in his second-to-greatest tragedy, Hamlet, I distinctly remember the editor's annotation pointing out Shakespeare's use of the word "country" as a pun for the word "cunt"--I think it was in a dialogue between Hamlet and Ophelia. And if you think Shakespeare was immature or lacking in good taste, you seriously need to consider your tastes.

I only try to censor myself if I think a family member might see what I post, and even then, I have little problem occasionally using words like "hell" or "damn" as expletives. Otherwise, I don't actively avoid using the harsher swear words online, although I do try to use them sparingly so that they have more of an impact when I do use them.

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