Player trading : Good or bad?

I've never really thought about it before but I've decided that player trading is a bad thing. Its bad for the sport when a rich club can just buy whomever they want in order to win more and in turn earn even more money and then buy even more players. And then theres "my team" view on it. If you are from lets say Manchester and you dont have any players from Manchester playing there then thats really not your team, is it? You might say yes and then the next day all players are sold and all of them are replaced with new ones from other countries and continents then you're just standing there cheering for a name that doesnt really mean anything.

When I was younger I grew up in a place that had some decent players who always ended up being bought by larger clubs so *my team* never made anything of itself. A shame for sure.

It makes sense in professional sports because while one of the main aims is to entertain, THE main goal is to make money.
If your team is constantly losing then you aren't going to draw the huge crowds and bring in high ticket sales and big advertisers. In order to win, you need to have the best players possible, which often can't be sourced locally.

It's kind of what I like about GAA. I'm not an avid follower of it but the players aren't professionals so it really is your county's team.

I am ok with it.
I am not a big fans o sports, but AKB48 has a trading system of members with their sister groups like SKE HKT and JKT.
It generates interest in the smaller group/ team and is good publicity.
Afterall, with out fans and sponsers spending money, there will be no teams to support.


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