A question for the guys . Baths : Yay or Nay?

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So random question for the guys of the escapists . Do you guys take Baths? Not Showers , but Baths . Maybe with bubbles , maybe without .I ask this because i personally know many women who love to take baths . But not a single guy who does . So i bring the question to you guys of the escapists.

As for me i HATE taking a bath . But i dislike water in the first place . I take showers purely for hygienic purposes , but dread ever moment of it . So a bath is a big no no for me .

Your turn

No thanks, it seems a bit counterproductive to try to wash myself in my own filth. Ok, that's an exaggeration perhaps, but I agree, I don't at all feel comfortable in a bath and the last time I took one was years ago.

I take showers

That's it - we're not friends any more. I don't associate with water fanboys.


OT: I don't take baths. Never really had a bath until way later in my life at which point I couldn't see the appeal. Shower 4 life, yo!

I used to have baths all the time, but that was only because the shower was broken.

Since it's been fixed I haven't had a single bath. It's quicker to shower, so what's the point?p

Since I am too tall for our bath, I take showers. I used to take baths back when we lived in a place with a good sized tub, though. They can be very relaxing.

Baths take too long to prepare and use an ungodly amount of water, plus you know, the stewing in your own filth part.

Baths are great when you have muscles pains or you just really need to relax, other than that, a shower every time.

Shower, preluded by sauna. Wash off the sweat and dirt with it.

Once every few years, after a hard day at work, i think "Hey, you know what'd be awesome? A nice warm bath and a cold beer!"

So i run the bath, get it to a nice temperature, climb in, settle down, and think "Ah this is nice... what now?" Everythings wet and i'm too clumsy to risk reading a book or playing a game or something, so... A few minutes later i get bored enough to remember why i never take baths.

So no, i don't really take baths, every now and then i forget the reasons and give it a go, but really the idea of lying in my bathroom without entertainment does not really appeal.

If I just want to relax and/or sooth any aches and pains I may have, then sure.

Not a regular occurrence though, just takes too long.

Why not?
I love baths ... not for hygienic purposes but more for relaxation.
Floating/sitting in a tub full of water is pretty relaxing for me.

For hygiene I just take a shower, but in a bath I can let my mind wonder off.
Although I haven't taken one in ages.

... hopefully soon I shall move to a place with a bath. :D

Your turn

Showers. For one thing, you try settling down for a relaxing soak when you live with two other people and only have one bathroom.

People gotta piss, it's not fair to deny them that just so you can lie about in warm water.

Shower! Bath seems like a waste of water. I know some people share the same bathtub water with their whole family, but it seems icky to me.

I have baths around once or twice a week (usually when I'm very dirty from gardening or have just done a lot of exercise). I definitely prefer them to showers but they're a bit inconvenient to prepare.

When I was but a wee sprout I took baths all the time, typically with one or more stuffed animals. Not no more though. The baths, I mean.

I just enjoy the feeling of rinsing way more than soaking.

I'm not anti-bath, but I'm reluctant to shower let alone spending even longer in a bath.

I rarely bath, it takes longer and getting out of a bath takes more willpower than I can muster a lot of the time. That said, they're pretty good after a festival or something, but I'd rather have a quick shower then lounge on the sofa.

I quite enjoy a bath if I'm not actually that dirty, especially if the water is nice and cold. If I'm really dirty though, it's gotta be a shower.

I very rarely have a bath, never have the time for it. It's relaxing, but never any time or privacy that is required for one.

Shower most days for hygeine reasons thuogh.

Seeing how I don't have a shower in this house, I do take bath and I LOVE IT! That is if the water is the right temperature (I prefer hot that other people don't have but not too hot that it hurt/ burn my skin)! Taking bath is probably rank second compared to liking to having a good sleep.

Nej, nej, nej, kompis. No baths for me, not when a shower is around (which it is).

If I am feeling sick I will sometimes take a bath or multiple baths, as it makes me feel better. Otherwise I rarely do take baths. When I do take a bath I rinse off with a shower afterwards.

When I need to clean my self, I'll take a shower 'cause its more convenient and quick. But if its really hot or I'm tired/sore I'll take a cold/hot bath and just sit there for a half hour or so, and fuck yea I use bubbles.

depends on the situation.

when your ship is boarded by possessed pirate robots....

a bath can be fun but difficult to maintain.
you always have to keep filling parts of it with hot water so you dont shrivel your jimmies too much and it gets uncomfortable.

plus the huge ammount of water that is wasted is kind of concerning.

and then you have the problem with the fact that if you are very dirty you'd end up in dirty you soup and you have to take a shower afterwards...

so baths can be fun but they are just a luxury waste of resources.

shower is the way to go all the cool kidz do it so you have to do it too

I am too large to fit comfortably in my bathtub. I don't really have a choice in the matter, but I like showers anyways.

Very rarely, but I love it when I do. With some eucalyptus thing in it or something. And while reading a book or whatever. I usually shower, but rare baths are awesome for relaxation every now and then. Plus, in the summer now, I can use cooler water to relax in from the heat of the day.

I take baths when I need to soak my body due to pain. Like after a day of playing 2-3 soccer games (60 min adult league games, true, but still tough on the body) or a day of intense physical labour. (like 8 hours of bagging sand in an unshaded lot. Sounds like it's simple, and it is - but it's filling a 60lb sand bag with sand, then lifting it with one hand while spinning it with the other, then twisting a metal twist-tie around it, and carrying it to a pile where you're staking it in a particular order. Lots of different muscle groups being used, some of which aren't used regularly.)

Otherwise, it's shower all the way. Long showers sometimes, but showers.

I'm going to willfully misinterpret your use of baths.

Uhh, I don't know. Maybe with friends?

I'm too large to fit in any bathtub I've come across. So shower by necessity.
Plus I like to get in and get out quickly so I guess even if I did have a good sized tub I;d probably shower anyway.

Nope, not since I was like 10. I couldn't really tell you why, probably has something to do with baths being more time consuming than showers.

Baths are the best! I like to take boiling hot ones with bath salts and let my iPad play a podcast while I'm taking one. It's a great escape from the stresses of the day.

I haven't taken a bath in over 15 years, not counting swimming in a pool. It was only 10 years ago that I last was in a pool.

Well, I don't mind taking a bath. I think it's kinda nice to turn on some music and just relax in the tub, almost drifting off to sleep. But I rarely take baths, mostly because I feel like it takes too long. So I prefer taking a shower.

I only take showers. It's quicker, more vigorous, more economic, and allows me to scrub well.
I dislike partaking in baths. Except in bloodbaths.

I typically go shower, but when I just want to relax, I take a bath (I took several baths on holiday) I take showers mainly to clean myself, I take baths to relax with being clean afterwards being a bonus.

I sometimes take a bath when I'm really stressed out or tired, but mostly it's just showers.

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