The Hum Heard Round the World - Updated

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Holy shit I've heard that before...

I figured it was just some weird ear thing like I had been listening to music too loud or something, not this... dear god.

Sounds exactly like really low pitched tinnitus (I have it), which is odd, because normally tinnitus is a much high pitch. However, I do get a similar sound when I have a head-cold or otherwise blocked up nose and ears, as the pressure creates a sensation of a subharmonic frequency. I'm putting my money on that (or tectonics or aliens...whatever!)

My vote is for aliens! It accounts for the date and location range.


You been watching X-Files recently? Thats a Mulder explanation.


Although I have read Sunstroke by David Cagan, which ELF is mentioned in. Still waiting to meet someone else who has read this awesome book!

What the hell? I just woke up from a noise that sounded like that. Then it was gone. That was weird. I'm guessing it's a low-pitched form of tinnitus, since I know I have that occasionally (too much time around loud engines and explosives! Wooo!)

as for everyone else here, I think you need to see this:

Can't say I've ever heard it. I've heard some weird things but I'm sure they were man made in some way.

I sounds like a pretty familiar hum, I've been to lots of remote areas so if this is common enough I may have heard it at some point. This phenomenon reminds me of the ability for radios in the desert or very remote areas to be able to literally pick up the sound of the planet Jupiter if you tune into a certain frequency.

Either way, New Mexico always has so many weird things associated with it, this Taos Hum thing certainly adds to that list.

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