Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze, or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?
Male: Gender Sneezes
62.9% (480)
62.9% (480)
Male: Baby Muffins
28.8% (220)
28.8% (220)
Female: Gender Sneezes
5.1% (39)
5.1% (39)
Female: Baby Muffins
2.8% (21)
2.8% (21)
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Poll: Would you Rather

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I... guess I can just not eat muffins. Better than being a completely unrealistic freak of nature.

(oh boy, here comes the knee-jerk brigade)

I don't eat muffins so I'll take that one any day.

Ok, what was that person smoking when they came up with that question?

I'd rather do the sneezing thing, not the baby muffin deal.

Captcha: Burgers with fries? Yes, I would love to have those rather than baby muffins.

Colour Scientist:
Gender sneezing.

Presumably, I could make myself sneeze if I wanted to return to my original gender.

That and I don't want to accidentally eat a load if babies.


Gender sneezes without a doubt. I love muffins too much to risk them smelling and making annoying noises.

I'm curious to know your colleagues choices. Do the men mostly say baby muffins?

I love that the problem is not with eating babies, but having muffins smell bad and crying XD

I picked baby muffins, because I don't ever eat them. Don't like them, and doughnuts are better.
Besides. You can just ask someone else if it's a baby or not.

What could go wrong?

Someone with the curse: Hey is this a muffin, or a baby?

The person they are talking to: Um, it's a muffin.

SWTC: Cool. *Eats it*

TPTATT: Why are you asking?

SWTC: I got cursed, and now I can't tell muffins from babies.

TPTATT: Wow! :D I got that curse too!

SWTC: 0_0.....

TPTATT: 0-0.......

My sneezes usually come in pairs, so they'd probably cancel each other out. Plus I'm not a very masculine man, so unless I grow boobs people might not notice the difference.

I don't eat muffins that often, but in a world where I would have to make that choice between genie wishes, well...

And I'd be a miserable girl anyways, and sneeze all the time, and am already confused enough about everything else, let alone my gender and my sexual orientation.

I mean, babies must be like veal. But more murdery.

My concern with my personal gender identity is about strong as my concern for the political climate on Jupiter.

Suffice to say, having the semi-random, semi-controllable ability to swap sex would be AWESOME. It would be very informative, at the least, and extremely fun at most.

Gender sneeze, hands down.
Some may see problems here, but I see opportunities.
I'd also make sure to bring pepper with me all the time.

Muffin baby option just doesn't seem like it has as many opportunities.
Maybe the odd funny story here and there.

I'm good at holding in sneezes, so it would be pretty badass having a superpower I can control. Of course, there are the obvious flaws, like say I get a particularly weird sneeze fit going "AAA--CHOO-CHOO" or something, and revert genders pretty quickly, that could give way to some bizarre physiological/anatomical changes.

Change gender definitely. I wouldn't want to eat any babies living or dead. Besides I've always wanted to know what I would look like as a lady; or what would change. (What it would feel like; mostly to have boobs)

Gender sneezes for me. I like muffins. Especially banana nut. And I bet it would be quite the learning experience being female. I used to be pretty fat, so I already know what it's like to have boobs! I wonder what the other stuff is like, too! :P

This is a no brainer for me. I'd take the baby/muffin option and either completely avoid both or ask someone whether I was looking at a muffin or a baby before I tried to eat it/teach it how to walk. In a pinch I think context would dictate whether I was looking at a baby or a muffin a lot of the time.

This is a cracking 'would you rather' question! I'd go with gender sneezes. I can often (but not always!) stop myself sneezing by holding my nose & breath and I can often (again not always!) make myself sneeze with strong mints and sunlight.

In fact, I think if someone offered me the opportunity to have this vs not have this, I'd go for it.

I picked Gender Sneezes, not because I have any particular attachment to muffins, but because the gender sneezes would just be fascinating. I suppose it depends on the reactions you'd get too- would people just go "eh, whatever" or would I be called a witch-wizard and burned at the stake? It'd be handy on the dating scene...! "Hey, do you wanna date?" "Sorry, I'm a lesbian." "No problem, just hand me that pepper-mill..."

I choose baby muffins.
I couldnt care much for babies as it is know, so I dont think it matters if they are babies or muffins

I could live without eating muffins...or babies, so I choose that.

Sneezing and changing sex would be annoying after the initial 'OMG I have boobs and a vagina now!' Plus it would be very hard to have a serious relationship unless your partner is bisexual.

What kind of Would You Rather (TM) question is that? Would you rather undergo random awkward social changes or be an idiot?

A better one is this:
What you rather change sexes for a day, or be an eagle for a day?

Flying is tempting, but I like my humanity, namely my ability to reason.

Because muffins are delicious, while babies are annoying and non-delicious.

while babies are annoying and non-delicious.

I'm willing to bet you've never even tried.

As for me, I'd pick muffin-babies just because I can't remember the last time I've eaten a muffin. Although the other wouldn't be so bad, since I've perfected the art of sticking a finger up my nose to make myself sneeze. Oh wait, would becoming a woman automatically make me more disgusted of putting a finger up my nose?

Being able to swap gender by sneezing seems pretty rad actually. And if you do it accidentally you can just force another sneeze before anybody notices.

Seems to me like the possibilities in the bedroom would be endless.

What kind of Would You Rather (TM) question is that? Would you rather undergo random awkward social changes or be an idiot?

A better one is this:
What you rather change sexes for a day, or be an eagle for a day?

Flying is tempting, but I like my humanity, namely my ability to reason.

That's not much better, you didn't even pick the right answer. Being an eagle for a day would allow you to experience sensations and thughts that no other human could ever feel or see.

To answer the op's question I would choose the muffin one. I sneeze very often so changing genders would likely cause complications during activites that require a penis such as standing up during urination or not having periods. Being unable to tell the difference wouldn't be that bad a deal if they still taste like muffins and it's pretty unlikely that the vending machine would start dispensing babies all of a sudden.

Being able to change gender by sneezing, definitely. Could be a slight inconvenience, but great for confusing people, and oh the potential for excitement...

Ugh, I really like muffins, so I have to settle with gender sneezes. I tend to sneeze multiple times so I just need to try to end it with an even sneeze.

Gender sneezes, it would get a noting at times but I could have fun with it, the muffin baby thing just sounds dangerous.

That's not a choice!

Time of the month? Sniff pepper!

Delicious chocolate chip muffin? Horrified screams and the electric chair.

I'll take the gender bender, any day.

Edit: I'm alarmed by how close the score is between the female respondents.

I wouldent mind changing into a girl everytime I seenze.

Could be very intresting!

However, I don't want to accidentally eat a baby...

Put me down for the baby muffins. I'd just have to constantly avoid both.

And since I already hate babies, and probably eat muffins on a monthly basis, that would be a lot easier to handle than changing into a woman every time I sneeze.

Especially since thinking about sex makes me sneeze...
I never quite figured that one out.

But yeah, baby muffins please.

This is a complete no-brainer.

This just makes me think of when I was in middle school, kids used to say that a sneeze was one 8th of an orgasm. If that were true, it would have some pretty wild implications for what having an orgasm would do to you if you chose the gender sneezing option. Would your gender switch 8 times? What happens if you're a girl and your gender changes when you're having sex with a dude? I feel sorry for that dude.

Unless I'm sick, I sneeze rarely enough that changing gender wouldn't really be an inconvenience so long as I wore slightly baggier tops from now on, kept some spare clothes in my back pack or something like that for the odd moments when it does happen.

But thinking about it, even the latter option wouldn't be that hard to deal with as I can't think of a single instance where I would mistake a baby for a muffin and just scarf it straight down. I mean unless they've been placed directly on your kitchen counter or dining room table and are being completely motionless and silent, something babies never are, there's not many times you'd see a muffin in the place of a baby and be unable to guess which one it was. I mean sitting strollers or high chairs, being held by their parents, moving about, and generally making noises that muffins simply don't, I'm sure you could think of a few more but you get the point right?

I accidentally selected female gender sneeze instead of male.

I like muffins, and I dislike eating babies so the choice is obvious.

I don't really eat muffins that often, so eschewing them from my diet would be easier than having carry pepper around all the time in case I sneeze an odd number of times. My only worry is that starbucks would become more like an airplane, with crying babies on all their pastry shelves.

Baby muffins would taste delicious man.
Besides genderbending for a sneeze?Imagine a cold!

Sneezing changing my gender would be interesting. It's probably painful, yes (Your gentials reverting inside out and vice-versa in under a second) but I think I would rather go through that rather than eat children.

Also, would the muffins have legs, Earthbound-style, or would they just scrape across the ground? Or would it be like dorsal simultagnosia (when what you see only changed when you blink)?

Definitely baby muffins.
If you can't tell the difference between a baby and a muffin, that means they look the same, sound the same, taste the same, smell the same etc. In other words, I'll never ever have to hear one of those annoying ''bundles of joy'' scream and cry ever again. Also, they smell terrible.

Unless of course it's the other way around, all muffins looking/smelling etc. like babies. That'd be hell.

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