How do you react to conspiracy theories?

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Like a large amount of people I have a Facebook account. Every now and again, a picture gets passed around usually for a laugh or asking for people to like the image so they can go to heaven or some other stuff like that. There are ones that I usually enjoy that are meant to spread proper information about the world or to tell us about new advancements in science. However, conspiracy pages/images get mixed in with some of these.

When I see stuff like this, I usually roll my eyes, do a few minutes of Google searching and debunk the conspiracy, by pasting my findings into the comments section of my friend's shared image encouraging them to stop believing everything they read/see/hear. ( became one of my favorites sites because of this.)

However, due to recent developments with the Snowden incident, and with the scare of a new Syria War outbreak, I find people are believing more and more of the extremely idiotic conspiracies. One of which stated that the government has tiny cameras on every dollar bill. Usually stuff like that would be self evident in its bullshit, but people still freak out over it. And when you ask for citations, of course you get nothing, but a "The evidence is everywhere" line or a link to a blog. Someone on one image brought up a very important point:

"The comments are the best part of this page. Some bullshit meme of questionable validity gets posted, people with actual intellect look for a source or something credible to back it up while the tin-foil hat squad busts out shitty YouTube videos, forums, and blogs as "proof" (who also can't cite any credible source) and it all usually culminates with the admin making some condescending remark about how it's not his job to fact check everything he posts, like he's some sort of fucking Facebook Morpheus who can only show you the door.

Half of you people are the very sheep you claim to despise except that instead of the big, bad media you believe anything an idiot with a computer and MS Paint can post on the Internet. The government doesn't need fluoride in the water to make you stupid, it has Facebook."

So now my typical reaction of debunking these things and encouraging others to do their research when they come up on conspiracies like that is too much of a hassle. I now just facepalm and quietly let those people believe what they want. Though, I admit I find pleasure in them being extremely worried about what's in the water knowing that they'll still drink it no problem. Hypocrisy at its best.

So I ask you, people of the Escapist, what do you do when you are presented with conspiracies?

How do you react to people who believe them?

Do you believe any yourself?

I always marvel at how many people blindly buy the so-called "real story" that conspiracy sites present, without actually fact-checking the sites in any way.

Ah, this brings back memories of my family telling me about new "proof" for every conspiracy theory out there. Oh, wait, that's every day.

I've learned that the best way to deal with it is to act like you believe it, but still question some of the evidence they show you. They see everyone who disagrees with them to be an idiot, so by feigning support you instantly gain credibility and intelligence in their eyes, placing you in a position where they will actually listen to what you say.

Only useful to a point, though. I managed to convince my mom that fluoride doesn't mind control people and that elected officials aren't robots that the guys in a giant underground bunker are talking through...
...but I haven't made much progress on breaking down the ideas that the government creates serial killers by hitting their brain with radiation from their phone as a way to take away our guns or that aliens created all life on Earth, and that Jesus was an alien ambassador in disguise[1].

I really wish I could say I was joking. Oh well, at least I'll be moving out of the house next year to go to college and study chemical engineering, except the downside is that Science is actually a government plot to destroy the morals of students so that they create new chemical weapons that are used to assassinate people in the least cost-effective manner possible. Oh well.

[1] the best part about these is that she identifies as a Christian and doesn't own any guns

username sucks:

I'm so sorry. I'm so very very sorry.

I just ignore them. Most of the time the people don't listen to reason (obviously), so I simply see no point in trying to reason with them. I have tried in the past, but it led nowhere except them thinking I was a brainwashed moron who was incapable of opening his mind to the "facts" and thinking for himself. That fact that so many conspiracy theories rely on impossible to prove/disprove "facts" only makes things worse, and the fact that there is always at least one "credible expert" (Read: pseudo intellectual nut job) who supports it with his own "facts" just makes things even harder, especially when said "credible expert" is the person you're arguing with.

Anyways, I'll just let them live. I can't imagine their existence is better than mine, and I certainly don't want to get pulled into the same anger and paranoia they are in. In the (highly unlikely) event one of them does eventually get into a position of power where they can do damage with their views, then I'm sure I can find a reason to move to Canada or Europe.


username sucks:

I'm so sorry. I'm so very very sorry.

Yeah, I'm used to it by now. But it still scares me that I believed all of it up until freshman year in high school, when I got teachers who taught me the radical concept of "thinking".

Believe it or not, living with a family like that can be entertaining, even useful sometimes. One time I had a project due that I didn't have ready, so I made a new email address and sent my mom an email that said something along the lines of "Proof that the gov't. is using new brainwashing tool on our children, beginning (next day of school)", in all caps of course. Then after I got the project done, I made another fake email that said that fake email#1 was a government hoax to trick people into reducing tax dollars spent on schools. Then I forged a note for the school that said I was out of town that day.

I have way more stories like this than I like to admit.

[1] please don't mod this for caps, I was simply spreading the word of Jesus as is expected by our society.

Queen Michael:
I always marvel at how many people blindly buy the so-called "real story" that conspiracy sites present, without actually fact-checking the site in any way.

Very much this, not just conspiracy theories but... anything.
The Daily Mail and other sensationalist newspapers are good examples. People will believe ANYTHING they read on bit of chain mail.


They believe anything especially about other people. There was something flying around a while ago that every single immigrant is on £60k a year and there was some other conspiracy about the money I can't remember that made no sense.

OT: My responses range from:

You complete and utter fucking moron, why don't you even bother thinking before you speak?
That's pretty stupid, is there any more proof?
The sources aren't very good so I can't really believe it. You honestly believe that source is gonna be fair? ._.
That's interesting and quite cool/sucks that it happens.
Hahaha, that's awesome. I didn't even realise the genie and the Merchant have similarities.

I'm just gonna post this (the parts that actually relate to this thread would be #5 and #1)

Then I'm going to retreat back into my cave of no internet debates. Knowing that debates among humans (including myself) are inherently flawed, and will usually accomplish nothing but sour moods for all involved parties.

Queen Michael:
I always marvel at how many people blindly buy the so-called "real story" that conspiracy sites present, without actually fact-checking the sites in any way.

i was helping a friend research urban legends for a book and that was the single biggest thing for conspiracies and urban legends spreading. people never once as a rule even did basic fact checking. i can sort of understand it in the days before the net was common place but there isnt an excuse these days.

for me i tend to automatically dismiss them unless they catch my interest then ill do my own research and fact checking

I tend to laugh them off. Unless I come up with them.
Then they're probably true.

Exactly like this:


Easy two questions, why do you object to X and why is Y more plausible. Normal it is "well X is main stream and Y is horrific so Y is clearly true!"

Conspiracy seams to founded on how horrible I see something VS the percentage of how accepted it is in a percentile *5. So say you think the Sandy Hook tragedy being staged is half as bad as kids dyeing but 95% see the given story as true. The given story is a base of 1 take that halve it as it is only half as bad then take out the percent that do not so 5% of .5 get .475 multiply by 5 get 2.375 the amount of time your bullshit is more valid than truth or to say it is at least twice as likely that you are correct.

Back when I still used facebook and I'd see these I'd just link the relevant snopes article in the comments.

There are three kinds of conspiracies: Blatantly ridiculous ones, decent ones pertaining to something I know something about, and decent ones pertaining to something I know nothing about. Instant dismissal, instant dismissal or confirmation, and indifference respectively.

I usually just roll my eyes, but then I'm given to applying Occam's Razor.

For Example: The 9/11 attacks:

1) Terrorists did it.

2) It was a conspiracy by Bush to start wars in the middle east (and required knowing support of 10's of thousands of Americans (military included) etc, etc...)

3) The Jews did it! (Seriously, is there any crime or problem in general that the Jews HAVEN'T been accused of being behind over the last 2000 years?)

Personal conclusion---Terrorists did it.

*rolls eyes*

I go between just sighing and moving on and tenaciously trying to disprove them. Try ot avoid it but i some times is too much for me. Hate conspiracy theories, it is in my genes (well, education, my father had and anti.conspiracy site and forum for several years).

The minute you can describe it as a "conspiracy theory" it instantly loses credibility. 99.999999999999% of those are complete bunk. Oh, sure, you might get the occasional real conspiracy, like the Bay of Pigs or Russian spies reporting on U.S. tabloid news for some reason. But those are few and far between. And also generally targeted at a nation. Not Philip and Sandra.

Basically, if you think there's a conspiracy, rest assured, there isn't.

Not that I think that excuses things like what the NSA was doing. Even if I don't think they were targeting me or anyone else, I don't think it was excusable.

Ignore or defriend.

If it's something particularly plausible or I like the person posting that shit I do my research and politely point it out.

Still, there's a reason I only have 30 friends on facebook.

Ranges from rolling Eyes, to almost dying from hysterical laughter, ending in calling Mr. Conspiracy a giant retard. Seriously, i especially like the ones that use phrases like "Well, if you prefer to stay blind." "Do you elieve EVERYTHING the Goverment tells you?". Its double the fun since i live in Switzerland, and the stuff some people over here come up with are just beyond comparison. Appearantly we have Nuclear Weaponry in our Mountain Fortresses. And our Neutral-stance is just a distraction from the soon to be started world-conquering.

If you will excuse me, i will have to saddle a cow in preparation of our glorious charge into the first European Countries.

Queen Michael:
I always marvel at how many people blindly buy the so-called "real story" that conspiracy sites present, without actually fact-checking the sites in any way.

Most people aren't taught how to research. Since conspiracy sites tend to have their own internal logic, like a fantasy/sci-fi story, it's very easy to get lost in them if you don't know how to parse reliable data from unreliable data.

I fear these skills are no longer taught in school, either.

I try and convince people sometimes, but it's difficult even with real evidence.

So I ask you, people of the Escapist, what do you do when you are presented with conspiracies?

How do you react to people who believe them?

Do you believe any yourself?

I start poking them. Most recently it was through Facebook. A friend commented on a video linked by another friend. The video PROVED that the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were CGI!

It was almost comical. Apparently, the repainted military jets (Why even if you wanted to do a false flag you would repaint a military jet and not buy a decommissioned plane confuses me) which crashed into the twin towers (Which were demolished by controlled demolition) fired rockets into the towers before collision, but were CGI planes.



Also, Apparently there were no credible eye witnesses for the atrocity. Every single one in the media was an "Obvious plant". Simultaneously it was stated that the towers were empty, that less than one thousand people died, that the planes were CGI, that the planes were military, that rockets were fired AND that the towers were demolished by controlled demolition.

Oh, did I mention "Sacred Geometry" yet? I thought it was a metaphor for Physics. But no, "Sacred Geometry" and "The Numerology of the Occult" are things, both apparently proven by quantum physics!

So not only are we under the thumb of an evil cabal of world bankers who want to reduce the population to 500,000 and are building concentration camps, who are also seeding clouds and making water "Wetter" so there are more floods, but we are fighting Quantum Physics and NUMBERS MAN! FUCKING NUMBERS!

All of those theories were in the same thread. People were agreeing with each other, despite conflicting theories, and the main point of agreement was that I have been "Brainwashed" by my school.

In other words, depending on the theory I will treat you with ridicule or amazement.

I find some conspiracy theories to be disgusting. Like the 9/11 truthers. Thousands died. An economy was destroyed. In the after affects, hundreds of thousands were killed in a war on a nebulous concept. I wish people would stop with the conspiracy theories and concentrate on concrete things, like holding the people who profited from the attacks to account.

Then again, I do not believe the government line just because it is the government line. Yet if there was a wiff of credibility around these theories, some investigative journalist would have picked up on it by now. Unless every single journalist is under the thumb of various evil shadowy world groups.

In which case we are all so fucked there is barely any point in trying to work anything out.

Hell, If the government is building all these camps and whatnot, disappearing people, why ain't they disappearing the conspiracy nutjobs? I mean, they are single handedly uncovering the TRUTH behind the FALSE FLAG that KILLED AMERICANS. If they are willing to slaughter thousands, why not start with the people that are trying to uncover it?

That is what repressive governments do.

Ranges from rolling Eyes, to almost dying from hysterical laughter, ending in calling Mr. Conspiracy a giant retard. Seriously, i especially like the ones that use phrases like "Well, if you prefer to stay blind." "Do you elieve EVERYTHING the Goverment tells you?". Its double the fun since i live in Switzerland, and the stuff some people over here come up with are just beyond comparison. Appearantly we have Nuclear Weaponry in our Mountain Fortresses. And our Neutral-stance is just a distraction from the soon to be started world-conquering.

If you will excuse me, i will have to saddle a cow in preparation of our glorious charge into the first European Countries.

My favourite is being called a "sheeple." Because I thought that phrase was clever when I was 12.

The honest truth is I don't trust the government. I just want to know why they expect me to trust them instead.

Most conspiracy theories are presented in the most piss poorly written manner you can just tell that they are rubbish.
However, sometime back I got hooked on reading SCP Foundation entries and I must say, that's where the real juicy conspiracies are, even thought its all fiction it'd be really cool if such an organization existed.

...but then again, most of the SPCs that are mentioned are just downright eerie/scary, makes you wonder what'd happen if they ever got out.

Sorry lost my train of though, back on topic: yeah I usually shrug off all conspiracy theories. all these talks of nanochips in your potato chips, amnesiacs in your coffee or birds that are spy cams, all are bull-frickin-horse shit. It never really makes sense though, why would the government spy on you? what are you doing that's so special? Sure they might be looking for "potential terror attacks" but so far I've seen no mad genius unleash his/her army of technology eating nanomachines, only mad men going on shooting rampages, tis a shame really.

That robot bug looks like a ginormous waste of money. If the US government wants some of my DNA they should just ask. And I don't really see why they would plant RFID chips on ordinary people. It's not like we go anywhere particularly interesting.

Basically I just think about it rationally for a few seconds to determine if it seems ridiculous or not.

People: 9/11 was staged by the US government, as an excuse to go to war.

Why would the government go through that much trouble (and cause that much damage) when there are a million easier simpler ways to justify going to war, like made up WMDs for instance?

People: The Moon Landing's were faked.

What about the launching of the Saturn 5 rockets off the ground? Are you telling me that footage is fake too? Or are you saying that they actually spent all the money to build the huge expensive rocket, but just didn't put anyone inside it for some reason?

People: The Holocoast never happened?

How exactly do you fake something like that?

An secret evil group of bankers is trying to control the world economy through the federal reserve system

No duh, that's kinda what they do.

I sigh, smile and nod; then I go home. Except when I had an acquaintance tell me that the American government forcibly put cancer cells into Bob Marley to stop him from spreading his powerful musical message. I made the mistake of being openly skeptical. Never again Escapists, never again.

I can not stop hearing about the evils of money, banks, chem trails, advertising, and fluoride. Just...every fucking day. I don't know if all of those are technically conspiracy theories, but good lord I am sick of hearing about them.

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to burn bridges with old friends. I've known the guy since I was seven, and he is my bro, but he's completely indigent, reliant on me, and blames all of society for his problems rather than taking some personal accountability.

I really don't know what to do. Occasionally, I'll see something come up that I can quickly and immediately disprove, and I'll post that, but it never does any good. People will believe what they want to believe, no matter the argument you make or the evidence you provide. If it did any good, all those hours I've spent trying to convince people that Anarchy is not the way to some wonderful, idyllic utopian society would not have been a waste.

Question why the "brave, conspiracy-revealing freedom fighter" hasn't been shipped to Alaska to spend the rest of his life in a gulag. Seriously, so many conspiracies claim that the government are damn near omnipotent, but they can't somehow track down your stupid ass? No, sorry dude, but you're most likely dead if you don't disappear; better get rid of all your electronics, sell anything to heavy to take with you at the pawnshop and then leg it out of the country.

I once met a man who claimed the current Queen of England was a shape shifting reptile who ate a child a day in Buckingham Palace's basement. We don't speak anymore for some reason.

OOOOHHHHH NNNNOOOO!!! I may be burned at the stake but hey, I may as well live on the edge.

Honestly from my view... Some conspiracy theories, seem more plausable than what is claimed to be truth. I do have to admit I'm not really one to believe such conspiracy as Area 51 is conducting experiments on aliens and crap like that to be honest i really don't believe in the whole alien thing.

But there are other conspiracy theorys that grab my attention, and the more horrible and harder to believe the more likely my reaction is "yeah good point"

I do not necessarily believe them, but i do tend to do a little online research if one grabs my attention. Most are full of crap but there are some that hold a little more truth

What gets me is there have been things in the past major or minor that have been covered up one way or another, and have come out in recent years that what was actually put out as a conspiracy was actually the truth. Now im not talking major well known conspiracy theories. It has in the past made me question just how much of a conspiracy thoery could actually be closer to the truth than what is put out as the offical story. Maybe some of the "crazy conspiracy theroists" aren't all that crazy

These days my default reaction is to despair at just how stupid some people can be! I've heard many conspiracy theories and every single one has sounded like such a colossal pile of arse-seepage that even Fox News and religious fundementalists were rolling their eyes!

There's no need to fact-check most of this half-baked drivel as it's already identified as BS due to the stench wafting around.

Yes I know it's generalising to bracket all Conspiracy Theorists / Theories together but I have yet to meet one with any credibility. Ironically, like the religious and "conservative" right-wingers, it was Conspiracy Theorists themselves that drove me to my current position, thanks to their wide-eyed, spittle-spewing tirades.

9/11 "Truthers" are a particular pain in the arse. Not only is/was (I've stopped paying attention to them) their ranting hugely disrespectful and insensitive, only the biggest wingnut could watch several-hundred thousand pounds (in weight) of airliner, loaded with tens of thousands of gallons of highly flammable fuel and travelling at several hundred miles an hour slam into a building and then scoff "Well, if you think that is what caused it to collapse..."

Flouride? Well I am 31 yeas old and I haven't become a government drone yet and I have no fillings or gum diseases. Go figure...

Lizards in disguise gonna take over the world? All I can say to that is you need to get your medication refilled...and that you need to get away from me!

Holocaust deniers - If any group of people deserved to be crushed between the jaws of an industrial-sized, diesel-powered, hydraulic arsehole-crusher...

Moon landing fakery - I've had to deal with this first hand and it made me want to force feed him broken glass! So, America spent squillions of dollars to design, build, test, blow up, re-design, re-test and re-launch a huge number of rockets and capsules; they undertook a huge selection and training process, making it as public as can be without actually installing TV cameras in the Mercury Seven's toilets; they contracted many engineering firms to build the Saturn V, the Lunar Module and all the support infrastructure to go with it and then, before the world's press, launched several of these massive buggers into space...just so they could film someone on a sound-stage in Nevada? Yeah, no...

I have to admit that I have always loved the Mercury / Gemini / Apollo programs and lap up the books and documentaries so perhaps I am a little biased but when the "angle of the shadows" cast by the Lunar Module and Neil Armstrong, the CT's biggest "proof" they were staged, was debunked and scientifically explained by everyone including the Mythbusters (who are CLEARLY on a Government payroll!!!! They have hats and everything!!!!!!!), I had to laugh. A lot. The best part is that he accused me of not having my own opinions and being too easily swayed by the opinions of others! Shame really as he was a nice chap in many ways...

Outwardly dismissive but inwardly believing. (Well, some of them)

I shouldn't, but I react with open scorn and heavy sarcasam. I suppose I should be nicer to stupid and/or crazy paranoid people, but my job frequently puts me into contact with such nutters. I cover news overnight at a talk radio station. A station that airs right-wing punditry during the day and conspiracy-ist entertainment overnight. And as the only one in the building at the time, I am the only one who can answer the phone. I don't usually bother, there's no use talking to people who listen to stuff like we air. Unless it is our local news or sports coverage, which we cover without bias. Also OK are the people who listen to Coast to Coast overnight for the right reason (because it's funny to listen to the crazy, basket-case callers.)

But sometimes I answer the phone. I really don't know why. And it's always flouride this and chemtrail that and the government is behind it all. Even when I point out that "the government" (US) is so inept it can't balance a checkbook (a skill I learned to successfully do when I was 11) but somehow it can carry out cover-ups that would have to rely on the silence of hundreds or thousands of people and teams of experts working to coverup and carryout goals and aims that usually don't really have sound reasoning for doing in the first place... they'll never change their minds.

Usually because we're a part of the "media conspiracy." I love how right-wingers say the media conspiracy exists to promote a liberal agenda while at the exact same time liberals claim media conspiracy exists to benefit the mega-corps that are buying up media outlets.

Liberals and conservatives... equally blind and stupid.

So I react with scorn. Callers hate me, but 1: callers represent at most 1% of the audience and 2: their usual crybaby whine of "I'll never listen again" or "you just lost a listener" is a very empty threat. A: I don't care, and B: people who listen and take seriously shows like these are so addicted they'd rather cut off their own arms than stop listening. Most don't even make it a day before tuning back in.

I'm fascinated by them and are very eager to believe them, just like magic, aliens and anythiong between, but at the same time, I also don't believe anything without reasonable proof.
And since 95% of people who insist on these theories are nuts, and if they were really true you wouldn't hear it in public anyways, I don't believe in any, yet.
Except Prism, but that's not a theory anymore.

Whether something is a conspiracy theory or not has no bearing on whether it's actually true.
There have been actual conspiracies in the past. However usually we can only ever tell that it was a conspiracy in hindsight after all the evidence is out.

As far as I can tell, most of the circulated, ongoing conspiracy theories usually contradict the the available evidence (ie. they're demonstrably false) or they at least do not have enough credible evidence behind them to reasonably tell that they're true (they're "not true" in that sense).

Someone implied to me that 9/11 might not have been a terrorist attack and not by Al-Quaeda. I found that insinuation absurd, so I looked it up and indeed there is not a single piece of credible evidence in its favor, but there's a mountain of evidence against that idea.

A senior student actually held a speech in front of some of the freshmen students (he was in charge of welcoming us) and he talked about the dangers of vaccines and outright told everyone to not get vaccinated, if possible. I was very skeptical about his claims, but I didn't know enough about the subject at the time to neither agree nor disagree. When I looked vaccinations up later, it turned out that he was full of bullshit. I think it's outrageous that they let him spread such misinformation.

Someone else once put to me that the Bilderberg Group conference, an annual meeting of world leaders, was a very suspicious, because it's secret, implying that they plan nefarious stuff there. Of course there was no evidence again. And without evidence you cannot make any honest claims.
I looked it up and the secrecy has the purpose of ensuring that the people speaking there will give their honest opinions.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
-Hanlon's razor

By the way, another thing to be aware of is that there are two definitions of the word "theory" that are often conflated:
1) The colloquial meaning; a speculative guess.
2) The scientific meaning; a principle or body of principles for explaining observed facts or phenomena, such as cell theory and the theory of gravity.

'how do you react to conspiracy theories?'

That's a loaded question. How do you differentiate if what you are hearing is a crackpot conspiracy theory (what you are implying) or actual corruption (unless it's not painfully obvious like your robot mosquitos taking DNA samples&planting RFID chips on the mass public?)

To disregard every accusation against the government as a 'conspiracy theory' makes you just as gullible as those that believe the earth is run by lizard people.

When someone shows you Dick Cheny made so much money from his ties with defence contractors, which is mighty convenient and a conflict of interest, are we going to liken that to '9/11 was an inside job' alex jones nutters and completely ignore it?


Flouride? Well I am 31 yeas old and I haven't become a government drone yet and I have no fillings or gum diseases. Go figure...

This is an example of possible corruption being disregarded because some idiots come up with extreme 'conspiracy theories'. Or there's another conspiracy theory that these crazier conspiracy theories are pushed into the spotlight to smear the more reasonable questioning of the status quo.

Anyway, I'm not a fluoride expert (my intention is not to change your mind-as I am unsure myself but to stop you from taking an absolute stance on everything you hear) but the theory is that aluminium companies were flooding the water supply with Aluminium fluoride, a by product of aluminium production, there was also sodium/calcium fluoride that may of been from fertilizers or something. They didn't want to get sued for contaminating everything and there was some beneficial research about fluoride. So lobbyists pushed for the 'fluoridated water' and the public was sold on how amazing it was, and we suddenly need it.

Even if fluoride or anything else is awesome for your teeth it doesn't mean it's safe to drink litres of it daily. When drugs are made don't they have to go through FDA approval and stuff- that takes years. When I take creatine I'm told not to take it for longer then a 3 month period. when I use toothpaste or if I were to use teeth whitening solution I'm told not to swallow it even once, and we are talking about fluoride levels during our entire lifetime. If you were to eat 12 oranges a day for a week you would end up in hospital with an overdose, if you at a polar bear liver you would also be in hospital with a Vit A overdose. So I wouldn't be so quick to disregard studies concerned with other health problems fluoridated water may have.

I just googled an article;

You are looking smuggly down at 'conspiracy nutjobs' and they are looking smuggly down at you
My point is, don't be the polar opposite of the extreme conspiracy nut jobs it makes you as bad as them.

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