Poll: If you never had to eat...

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Ok so I'm just interested to see what the general consensus here is. Let's say hypothetically, you don't have to eat to live. You won't get hungry, you won't die of malnutrition. No semantics. Everything will be exactly the same except you won't suffer negative repercussions if you don't eat.

Eating would pretty much be exactly the same as well, it wont screw with your weird human photosynthesis or make you uncomfortably full forever, you just wouldn't need to do it anymore.

Under those circumstances, would you still eat even remotely often?

Yes because burritos.

Have you ever had a burrito?

That shit is just delicious. :D

Not really. Food costs money. Money I could spend on other things.

To be honest, I don't really enjoy food that much anyway.

Half the reason to go to a new place is to eat their food and drink their drinks. Why would you pass that up?

Periodically, sure, but I'd definitely cook a heck of a lot less often. At the end of the day, no matter how much you love it, it's just another chore, and if I could make it something I only had to do if I wanted to, instead of because I needed to, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I'm addicted to candy, so yeah. But if I could quit that addiction, which would be easier if I didn't get hungry, then I'd never eat. I'd use the money for manga.

Only if the food is free and is being offered to me by someone I know. I don't feel like spending money and time on it if I don't need it...

OK, maybe I might eat on occasion. There is some truly delicious stuff out there that I don't think I would enjoy going without for too long.

I'm a true Mediterranean hungus. I LOOOOOVE food. More than anything else. My favourite foods are hummus and cheese. Just any. Just gimme. Now.

There is very little food I DON'T enjoy eating. The family I grew up were ALL superb cooks and my dad is the best cook in the world. I know people like to show off about how great their mums' cooking is, but can any of your DADS actually cook?

I love food. hehe

I'd probably still eat though I'd imagine it would be somewhat rare, like going out for a fancy meal or as a celebration. The time and money saved from not having to cook/eat every day would be too good.

I don't think I could justify eating meat though. As it is I feel a little guilty about it, but I have to eat and if I have to eat I'm going to enjoy it, and there's no enjoying eating like enjoying eating some form of delicious adorable animal (plus giving up meat would lead to a whole lot of other dilemmas - shoes, belts, feeding my dog, etc). But if the only benefit being derived from eating is the momentary pleasure of the taste whilst you chew it, then I think that it would be somewhat unnecessary to end an animals life just for that.

Probably not. Think of all the money you'd save, I mean I spend like $100 on Groceries a week.

Oh absolutely. I probably wouldn't eat that often. Like if I'm feeling lazy or whatever.

I think I'd just eat whenever I got a craving. Maybe a week will pass then I'll see a commercial for pizza. So then I eat the pizza goodness. Maybe more time will pass until I see another commercial and then go and eat some of that.

And so on, forever and ever. Or maybe I'll just splurge on junk food. Either way...

Hmmmm....so I never feel particularly full...I suppose that's as long as I still don't eat that much.

I suppose it depends on the food. Then again, food costs money. Even so, I like to eat while watching stuff in my YouTube subscriptions, to the extent to where it feels wrong not to, sometimes, so I might still eat regularly.

There's also boredom, it attracts one to pass the time by eating, and seeing as it's still pleasurable, probably, yeah.

Absolutely. Food is amazing. If anything, I'd eat even more if there were no downsides to it. I'd sample every piece of food I could get my hands on.

I would still eat, good food is one of the best things in life. There are so many delicious things to eat, I would never give up eating.

fuck no. to stop eating is one of my ultimate goals in life. if i was granted this ability, i would take full advantage of it.

Why would I waste the money on food, the time preparing it, and accept the toxic damage 90% of it does to the body?

No, no I think I will pass.

I already eat more than I need to simply to avoid hunger, as do most people I assume. I might not eat as often anymore, and when I did eat it would be more like candy and desert and stuff, because it would be purely for recreation. But ya, I'd eat.

I'd severely cut down on eating, but I wouldn't stop entirely, because eating really good food is one of the great joys in life.

Eating is one the most enjoyable things about being alive... seriously, really good food is as enjoyable as sex.

This question is just silly, and the people who said 'no' are making me sad :(

Hell yeah I'd still eat things for fun. Now if this were about sleep, hell I'd drop that in a heartbeat. Imagine having a whole extra 6 or more hours every day! I could spend that time eating more food!

I'd still eat as an occasional form of recreation. I'd definitely love to be able to cut down on the amount of money I have to spend on food every week, but there's just too much great tasting food out there for me to quit eating altogether in this scenario.

I would probably eat for fun.

But beyond that I wouldn't even bother. Food's an expense I'd be willing to give up if it were possible.

(Not to mention this means less time spent in the bathroom.)

It depends. If not eating would make me hover at the exact weight I want to be with no ill effects (58kg) then yeah, I would never eat again.

If not eating means I would stay the same weight then there aint much point either way. Some food is nice.

Not having to eat would be awesome (also quite healthy for my bank account), but that would not stop me from enjoying a good steak from time to time. I looove steak.

Stuff that tastes good... yes!
I mean maybe not as often as I eat now but it would be like movies, I'd treat myself with something good every now and then xD

Not really... But, then again... Dumpster diving wouldn't be as fulfilling as it would be now...

I got to think this one over... Could we meet up at a local pizza joint? I hear they make a mean deep dish...

captcha: Hot N Spicy McChicken
You're not helping, captcha... It's the middle of the night where I am right now... How dare you make me MORE hungry than I am now? Besides, PIZZA~! Enough said...

Yes! There is some delicious stuff out there.

Although I wouldn't eat often - I already forget to eat way to often even though I need it TO NOT DIE.

But really, I will eat stuff. Kinder Chocolate? Oh my god, how could I NOT eat that? There is so much good stuff in the world to stuff your belly with. It's great.

Yeah, I would. I actually like cooking, and I'd miss food. I probably would eat less often though.

Although I wouldn't eat often - I already forget to eat way to often

I sympathise! I'm one of those people who just doesn't ever get hungry, but if I miss a few meals I'll just feel like crap a few hours later or the next day. It's a pain.

Yes. It's not often I eat because I feel hungry. I mostly do it because I'm bored... which is probably something I should work on.
I'd probably not eat as often though, to save some money, but one in a while I'd have taconachoburgerpizza night.


I'm fat enough

Good food, fuck yes because I like eating nice tasty greasy chips smothered in gravy as much as the next man.

Standard food that I eat to survive, like what i eat 90% of the time, nah, that money can be spent on gravy and chips and other things, no point wasting money

what about the flipside? can you still get fat? will eating unhealthy food still be bad for you? either way, yes, a thousand times yes, food is one of the greatest comforts a person can have (especially the stuff that will kill you if eaten in large quantities too regularly)

Probably not. Food kinda sucks. I only eat when I'm hungry or I have a lack of something. I eat sweets when I'm low on sugar, or salty foods when I'm low on salts. Not to get fat. My body is telling me what it needs. Only then I have to lift my ass to get to the fridge.

Also, eating takes bloody ages, not to mention preparing the food or the money spent.

I'd probably only eat on special occasions. There's some truly delicious food in the world, but it isn't made by me.

I would spend the money and time saved on videogames.

Eating food costs money and time, also, by not eating you eliminate the health risks that come with eating certain foods. This is a no brainer for me.

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