Things You Want Out of Godzilla 2014

So I was messing around on Youtube and happened across this video:

E.T. there may be low-profile, but he does bring up valid points. For example, he is right about Godzilla's heat ray losing impact when he uses it rapid-fire. The video did make me think it would be entertaining to talk about here. So what do you guys want out of Godzilla 2014?

I want an absolute opera of a movie. I want to see the Big G break out into a song and dance about the struggles of being a 200-foot monster in world that doesn't understand him with the underlying subtext of what it means to be truly human.
I want what a Godzilla movie should be, lots of monster v monster fights and city destruction.
As long as it does that well and makes the parts when Godzilla's not on screen relatively watchable, I'll consider it a success.

I want it to be good, and I want it to be readily available in the UK.

I want the monsters to look and move naturally and realistically. If there are high tech ships or robots, they should look realistic and functional. I don't want to see a cutesy baby godzilla or children for main characters. Godzilla should be the anti-hero out to destroy the baddie, but not giving a shit who he stomps on to get it done.

And if they can avoid terrible dubbing and overacting for human characters, that'd be great.

This line:

It just HAS to be in there somewhere. HAS to. It's just cringe-worthy to the point of hilarity.

I want it to be like Pacific Rim.

That's it. Just Pacific Rim, but with Godzilla and less Evangelion fanboys moaning about how Shinji Ikari is the greatest protagonist ever and all mecha is just a lame rip off of Evangelion whenever it gets brought up in discussion.

I want to see Godzilla killing a monster. I want to see cities being blasted to shit. I want to see hammy acting. I want to see GINO getting blown to smithereens like Final Wars. I want some kick ass monsters fighting each other in a long drag out bloodbath. I wanna hear that BEAUTIFUL roar of Godzilla's as he stands triumphant over the burned and bloodied corpse of his foe.

Somethings I'd like to see;
-Better monster vs monster wrestling than 80's WWF.
-Monster damage. I want to see these things hurt if they're hurt. Blood isn't really required.
I expect to see some useless army attempt on these things so I'd like to see;
-A realistic military response. None of these "5 airplanes" when they've got thousands in the carrier. I want a massive "last attempt, use everything"

The Americans have like 1000 nuclear missiles. Launch 'em all at Godzilla. See what happens?

I want it to be like Pacific Rim.

Actually I wanna see Pacific Rim 2 before I see a Godzilla reboot.

I want it to be like any of the other Godzilla movies that isn't that pile of crap from 98. I know it's not going to happen in the one that's currently in production but if it does well I'd like to see future Godzilla movies featuring other monsters. Also this image

I want it to be like Pacific Rim, but, you know, where humans do not get to pull an ID4 and stop it all. I don't want to ever associate Godzilla's interests with those of humanity except in the most sparse of relations, like "That monster or antagonist is attacking me, so I'll destroy it". I want to see humanity emasculated and humbled at every turn when dealing with Godzilla, reduced to the rat-like synapsids we once were at the feet of the saurians.. He should be the exact opposite of King Kong (a big ugly man who want's love) - an inscrutable monster, that embodies a raging storm or a nuclear blast.

Sorry, I lost my poop there! Found it, all good.

I want Matt Damon as the lead human role

Godzilla better have alot of screen time

Given the track record, I'd be happy if the movie limits itself to defecating on only one law of physics.

I want a huge bombastic kaiju movie. I want Godzilla to defiantly return to the genre scene. I don't need a movie about the human condition, it doesn't even have to touch on the dangers of nuclear warfare like the original. I just want to see a big fucking dinosaur pucnhing shit in the face and breathing lightning!

A fun monster movie romp with plenty of comedic camp in the script--just like "Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster", "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" (two of my favorite movies of all time), and "King Kong vs. Godzilla".

And more interesting characters than the most recent films. I'm looking at you "Tokyo SOS", "GMK", and "Megaguirus".

Less realism and more fun

I want Godzilla himself to look good, and I want another monster for him to fight. Ideally, an established, classic monster, but an original is fine if it's a good design and creative powers.

I'd also like the human side to at least be watchable, like in GMK or any of Heisei movies, or, ideally, to be really good like in Godzilla 2000. I know better than to expect that miracle to repeat itself, though...

Godzilla 1985 (the American version) scared the crap out of me. It also was my favorite of Godzilla movies, and it introduced me to



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