Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet!

-Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet!-

...Give me something good to eat!

If you don't, I don't care, I'll murder you with a polar bear!

...That's how the rhyme goes yeah? Aren't polar bears a staple of halloween lore?

Oh well. Doesn't matter.

It's nearly that wonderful spooky time of year again and We here at The Injustice League blah blah blah evil posturing blah.

What's your favorite candy or sweet?

Or if you're a fan of the trick approach, what's the neatest prank you've ever pulled?

Bonus candy for telling us both.

What's your favorite treat? (or trick)

-T0ad 0f Truth-
-Chief Inquisitor of The Injustice League-

Nastiest prank? Opening the door and "treating" kids to a foghorn.

Makes me laugh every time, one time I had a parent complain to me, arguing that "trick or treat" should only mean treat, which fucking sucks.

My favorite candy? Sour Apple sweets!
Damn do I love these things, I always buy them when I can, sadly, I never got them trick or treating...

Favorite candy?

Peppermint Patties. So tasty and minty.
Also any sour candies are on my favorites!

I dont do pranks.

Sweets? how about all of them?
Ok, if i have to pick one right now it seems to be cacao flavored condensed milk, pressed into a candy. they look like this:


The text saying "karvute" (means: cow) is not a name, its a warning of what you will become due to enormous colories included.

I don't have a huge sweet tooth, I much prefer savoury stuff.

I do like really sour sweets though, like sour cola bottles.
I very rarely eat them though.


Favorite Sweets: Either TWIX or Hersey's Cookies and Cream candy bars. I abstain from too many sweets now that I live more healthily, though I will indulge my sweet tooth once in a while.

In all the years I trick or treated, I never once pulled a trick to be honest. Mainly because I only wanted the treats. :3

If I had to only pick one, I'd have to say either starburst, or skittles.

Favorite sweet--white chocolate. Rarely get it though.
And this year (in the somewhat unlikely event we get any trick-or-treaters) we're giving out salt water taffy, because it is yummy, was readily available, relatively inexpensive and it stays good for a very long time so when we are left with a large quantity I can ration it out slowly.

Favorite trick? Talking smack to dragon types, because they all think they have an advantage over me with their water attacks, little do they know I've got Ice Beam! they never expect a ground type to have Ice Beam

Favorite candy? Either candy bars like Three Musketeers or Butterfingers, the delight known as Sour Patch Kids, or anything with dark chocolate.


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