Poll: What temperature do you keep your house during winter?

tldr: Whiny roommate. Temperature arguments. Answer poll and move on.

Stupid title, sorry, but I've become quite sick of one of my roommates' constant complaining that our apartment is too cold and would like to know what temperature most people keep their living areas during the winter, to prove to him that ours is more than acceptable.

We have been blessed in that our apartment stays around 60F during the winter, without running the heat, only dropping as low as 52ish even when it was less than 0F outside last week. He seems to want us to run the heat continuously, boosting temperatures into the 67 degree range, which I think is just absurd and a waste of money. That being said, he'll turn the heat on when he gets up in the morning and I'll shut it off after he leaves for work, leaving our apartment around 62F, which it will happily stay at for as long as the sun's out.

Other friends keep their apartments much colder to save money, most being around 55 or so. We live in Louisville, KY, the "northern-most southern city," so temperatures are pretty moderate during winter, but not so moderate that we need the inside to be 30 to 40 degrees warmer than the outside!

It is my understanding that people living in truly cold areas (Alaska/Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, etc.) keep the heat low, put on more layers during winter, and pull out the blankets. My roommate would rather wear jeans and a T-shirt, the wasteful American. ;[




Add a poll option for "I choose not to use/don't have central heating or a thermostat and as such don't set the temperature or bother regulating what heating I do have to such a precise degree"

Because that'd be my choice.

25C or somthing

I live in Colorado and we have to keep it at 65 so the water pipes don't freeze over. Apartment complex rules.

My apartment has remarkably ineffective heating. It runs pretty much constantly in an effort to get to 72F but never actually gets there. Thankfully, I can afford the luxury of keeping my house 50 degrees warmer than the surrounding area :-P

Most of my house is around 60 F. But my room, thanks to all my electronics I believe, never goes beneath 80 F. It's way too hot in there, but that's where my computers are, so I suck it up.

i made the choice to what i want it to be but no one in this house ever lissens to me so it gets kept at around 20 degrees celcius.

I'm away from home a lot so it's always freezing in there. My bottle of olive oil froze, so how cold is that?

20.6'C right now.

But in the morning it sometimes is 4'C near the window...

Well I live in California but when it does get cold(talking about 45F) we usually have the AC at a reasonable 65-70 or start a fire with the fireplace and use blankets. With all the electronics in the house most of the time it will always be hot to the point where we forget to turn on the heater.

Well, my parents keep it somewhere between cold and 'turning your balls into maraccas'

And this is coming from me, someone who was wearing just a work shirt outside in -8c

Around 21 degrees centigrade which is a comfortable temperature.

I'm away from home a lot so it's always freezing in there. My bottle of olive oil froze, so how cold is that?

Cold enough that I would recommend wearing long underwear when you return to your house -- it's important to protect your assets!

Well.. Nuts. I was really expecting a lot more people to keep their places cold, but I suppose adults with full-time jobs can afford to live in warmth!

@Calobi: Yeah, my room is upstairs and has a power-hungry, overclocked Pentium 4 + nVidia 7900 GT pouring off heat. It serves to make the room warm enough to wear short sleeves, but only 'til the game is finished and the computer is powered off to save on the electric bill. Such is life.

65F, since I live in an older, drafty house. Doesn't really make sense cranking it up much more than that since it'll escape the house in one way or another.

The people I live with always complain about how cold it is and turn the thermostat up to sometimes 30 degrees centigrade and I end up sweating like there is no tomorrow...

Anywhere between 18 and 20 is fine for me though

I like 60-64 degrees, around. The thermostat in my dorm room's busted, though, so I have no idea.
I turned on the heat yesterday, though, because... well, it hadn't been on, and it was Winter!

I keep my apartment at 68 because even if I set it lower it doesn't get any colder. My suggestion to your friend is to put on a sweater.

usually sits a 70 here my last apartment leaked in cold air so I am enjoying my new found warmth

My parents are cheap and don't like turning on the heat so my house is usually 55-60F during the winter. When I get to college I keep it at 70, though.

I heard in a presentation somewhere that 50 years ago the average temperature in a house during winter in UK was 12 degrees C.

I'm a chilly kinda dude so i keep it b/w 65-70, my girlfreind hates it but hey thats just me.

I have the heat off mostly all the time.

And I sleep with a fan on next to me.

And I live in Canada, and it's cold as f*ck right now.

I go from 21c during daytime and 26c nighttime on my room, one for gaming and one for sleeping, i just love sleeping when its hot :P

I have the heat off mostly all the time.

And I sleep with a fan on next to me.

And I live in Canada, and it's cold as f*ck right now.

I sleep with a fan, too. I like being able to regulate my temperature quickly by just moving the covers without having to wait for the heat to radiate away from me. Also for the white noise.

I like it at around 70 degrees. That's a nice temp.

Too hot for everyone in my house but me is just right. I have something called Sensory Defensiveness, I feel the cold more than normal people do.

Maybe your friend has Raynaud's Syndrome?

All I know is that if my home stayed in the mid 50's all the time I would end up having frostbite on my toes due to my Raynauds.

60F, only because any colder is bad for electronics. I would have it around 55F, otherwise.


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