Pointless or stupid research topics.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have seen this, government research projects to prove the absoloute, undisputable obvious.

I figure we can share them here and get a giggle with our fellow escapians, these things are common on those 6:30 shows (in melbourne) like "A Current Afair" and "Today Tonight", so heres one I caught.

"Fat kids are more likely to be bullied at school" I kid you not this highly debated issue was researched by the Australian government, and there was a 5 minute news story on it a few months back.

*edit* apparently I've not been particularly clear in what it was I mean, what I'm talking about is government funded research projects that end up with ridiculasly obvious solutions, like "alcoholics are more likely to drive under the influence", "the chances of a car crash being fatal increase when the driver is under the influence of drugs" (they whipped this gem out after it had already been shown beyond any doubt that driver under the influence of alcohol, which is a drug is very detrimental to ones driving ability) as well as the above fat kids being bullied example.

I could be the only one but sometimes when these things appear on tv or in the paper, I can only sit their in disbeleif thinking "people get paid to work this out".

after seeing these studies you are simply succumbing to hindsight bias, or the mistaken belief that you knew it all along. these studies only seem obvious because anything that is suitably explained seems commonplace. like many humans you are simply overconfident in what you know, and you place too much faith in human intuition (which is frequently wrong).

im too sleepy to go on about the importance of these research projects but i highly recommend that you eduacate yourself about them as you only stand to benefit from the knowledge.

ok, what are we supposed to be discussing?
it ok if you don't know, we can all go over to the thread on nuclear power in australia, its far more organised as a discussion.

oh, i've got a good one anything you see on ACA or TT

There was a study done on the progression of gravity through Mario games.


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