So how about Marvel's Legion?

So we are 6 episodes in to the first season.
And i must say it is quite interesting.

The characters are likable and funny (bordering goofy), And the actors are clearly having fun playing them.

Also there is a subtle tone switch in each episode.
Like the Bollywood dance scene end of ep1 and the narrator intro by Oliver in ep4.

As for the main plot.
I do feel like the "Evil" organisation is still a bit underdeveloped, but the Demon on David's shoulder On the other hand is developing quite well (can't do two things at once i guess).
But i do hope they will go back to the real world soon.

In short.
Enjoyable to watch.
And apparently Fox ordered a season 2.

It is so unabashedly weird. I love it. There's comedy, drama, action, and even a good amount of psychological horror. Also, I'm loving how the villain is shaping up.

Overall, as far as the super hero TV shows go, I'd say this will be right up there with Jessica Jones for me if it continues this strong.

It's not "Marvel's Legion", it's just "Legion". The "Marvel's" prefix is just for Marvel's MCU series, so it isn't part of the tile for Legion or Powers despite both being produced by them.

Apart from that, can't say anything about it since I don't have FX. Though it seems Sir Patrick Stewart has not been opposed to the idea of appearing in the show.

I like what I've seen so far but I'm a couple episodes behind. Need to catch up on Hulu.

So far I really like it. Not entirely sure what's going on half the time I admit, but I like it.

I like how they don't have to explain every characters powers explicitly, they just leave it a mystery. Like that bad guy who looks a bit like an older Leo Sayer; what's his power? He's evidently bullet proof but what else? And that jazz fanatic in the ice cube, wtf? It's bonkers but it's really well done bonkers.

Oh I think it's brilliant. Really enjoying it.


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