The inspiration of your username

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Not a deep or convoluted story here. I switch pseudonyms frequently, and I like making up names. This name is 100% made up. Quite like the way it sounds, actually. Syne as in sine (wave).

Romulus was taken. I kept a wolfman pic for years because according to myth, the two brothers were raised by wolves. So the next logical leap would be that the founders of Rome were lycanthropes.

A decapitated centaur is a headless horse-man and that seemed funny to me one day. Now I'm stuck with it

Mine's an alteration of a meme that never existed based off a reference.

It's based on Bartholomew Roberts, who according to legend was the most successful pirate of all time, and the basis for many cliches we associate with them, such as buried treasure on uninhabited islands. It's a pseudonym I've used on several forums for years. When I learned about the existence of Bartholin glands though (since english is a second language to me after all), I started to think about perhaps rebranding myself online.

I wanted something catchy, and related to Rorschach from Watchmen, so I used an expression used to describe him in the actual Graphic Novel.

Used to be Solaire of Astora here. Inspiration is obvious, got bored of it and asked for a username change since I used my first one on that. I tried to include some connection to the old name and I'm liking sleep a lot more as I age.

Elsewhere on the internet I just go by my name on Twitch more often than not.

I was trying to think of a name for Metal Gear Online (the mgs4 version). I wanted to go with another stealthy reptile to be sort of similar to Snake, Chameleon seemed to obvious so I went with gecko. I spelled it as gek0 because gecko was taken, and having K0 in it just seemed cool to me at the time. I've been using variations of the name since, I just like it.

Recently, I've been using gekosaurus because it's never taken.

I am the first taco, there are none before me...

I needed a new forum name because I'd outgrown my old/original name from my younger days and couldn't think of anything. Then the TPB of the fairly middling X-Men storyline Here Comes Tomorrow fell into view and I liked the sound of it because it sounds interesting but also dumb at the same time if you really think about it.

It's also never taken anywhere. I've moved onto Mantis Toboggan on other forums since.

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