Help me make a videogame music playlist

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It's for the bookstore where I work.
I'm going for stuff that doesn't necessarily scream videogames and can pass for a "normal" music (including songs that may or may not have been composed for a specific game but are primarily associated with it anyway). The idea is to alternate between upbeat/trippy rock and something more slow and mellow but nothing too creepy. Chiptune is fine so long as it's not too strident.
This is what I have so far for example, 50 minutes. Ideally I'd like to at least double that.


I feel obliged to suggest Undertale.

There's even a jazz album for at least some of the songs.

Is it wrong of me to suggest the inclusion of the F-Zero X renditions of "Mute City" and "Big Blue"(known on the F-Zero X Soundtrack album as "Endless Challenge" and "Decide in the Eyes", respectively)?

I'm also going to suggest "Allied Nations" from Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, as well as "Shipyards of Lorient" from Medal of Honor: Frontline.

This song from MGS is a favorite of mine.

The payday 2 soundtrack is excellent, my personal favorites are "Ode to Greed"

And "And Now We Run"

If those are too techno heavy though my main obsession from the soundtrack right now is "Break the Rules" which just screams 80s rock, and has a great instrumental version and even better lyrics version

I see you don't plan to include only game OSTs. Well then:

MGSV - never played it, but Kojima has a good taste when it comes to soundtracks:
Elegia - New Order
Nuclear - Mike Oldfield
Not your kind of people - Garbage
Diamond Dogs - David Bowie

Bastion soundtrack - Setting Sail, Coming Home

Bayonetta - Fly me to the Moon cover
Bayonetta 2 - Moon River cover

Borderlands 2
Short Change Hero - The Heavy

Hotline Miami
Hydrogen - MOON
Hotline Miami 2
Roller Mobster - Carpenter Brut

Fallout NV
I got spurs - Gene Autry

Soviet Connection - Michael Hunter
GTA V OST - We were set up

We've been set up - Michael Hunter

That's it for now. Will maybe add more examples later.

After over 200 hours of gameplay, can't say I'm tired of anything from Persona 5 yet. And I just saw you wanting something to go from upbeat to slow and whatnot...Yeah I think P5 has some of that to offer. Just search at your own peril, cause if you plan to play at any point, I'm sure you'll find spoilers in thumbnails and maybe even song titles.

Slow and mellow you say?

Amplitude's Endless games have beautiful soundtracks.

Well, I'm more of a tinny 8- or 16-bit chiptune kind of guy, but let's see...

*loads up own "Video Game Music" playlist*

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness has an amazing soundtrack; I'm particularly fond of


PSX/Saturn Earthworm Jim 2, for Tommy Tallarico's particular brand of awesome:

Sonic 3D Blast wasn't all that great a game, but I still love this tune to this day:

Old as all hell, but an ambient classic from Myst:

Saturn classic Guardian Heroes, as criminally overlooked as its glorious ost:

Yuzo Koshiro's sheer brilliance on Legend of Oasis/Story of Thor 2:

And I'll always second already-mentioned God-tier Hotline Miami's and Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack.

Pick something from there, that series in general had great soundtracks, really makes me wish I could find my old skateboard.

Nier - Song of Ancients. Or most other songs on the Gestalt/Replicant ost. Don't know about Automata, haven't listened to it yet. Though it is bound to contain at least some gems.

The album Creid by Yasunori Mitsuda and the millennial fair contains good sounding irish folk music~ish and is tied to Xenogears, an old psx game. Creid is the title track and perhaps one of the more mellow one. Other recommendations from the album is Balto and Lahan since both are instrumental.

I'll think a while and come back if I remember something more rock-y but you obviously know of silent hill and it's sound tracks and that would have been my first stop.

Faunts - M4 Part II - Mass Effect
Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive - Mirror's Edge

And the Papers, Please theme when you open the store.

anything from the life is strange sound track works :)

Killer fuckin Instinct:

Klonoa 2, for something upbeat

Edit: fixed

anything from the life is strange sound track works :)

Yeah, forgot about that. The Life is Strange OST sounds very Bookstore-ish if that makes any sense.

Are you familiar with Supradarky's playlist on youtube?

I've always enjoyed Chrono Cross' "Time's Scar," and as a bonus it starts off ambient and becomes upbeat. Also for a little western ambiance, "The Outlaws" from Lucasarts' Outlaws soundtrack. And of course the best song from any GTA soundtrack, "The Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun" by the late Sideways Hank O'Malley and the Alabama Bottle Boys.

I'm liking most of the stuff people are posting but as for playing it at the store I have to discriminate between what I like and what I think would suit the place. Thank you all!

Faunts - M4 Part II - Mass Effect
Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive - Mirror's Edge.

Yup, these two are going in.

anything from the life is strange sound track works :)

Didn't know the game used an Alt-J song (Something Good), that one's definitely going in.

Borderlands 2
Short Change Hero - The Heavy

Going in!
I love the Hotline Miami OST but that one might be a little too creepy to play in the store.

Old as all hell, but an ambient classic from Myst

In in in.

"The Shard", written by Solar Fields for the first Mirror's Edge.

This might suit. Not sure if chiptune would fit, but hey, try it?

Borty The Bort:

This might suit. Not sure if chiptune would fit, but hey, try it?

I like it, doesn't overdo the chiptune, definitely adding it.

Johnny Novgorod:

Borty The Bort:

This might suit. Not sure if chiptune would fit, but hey, try it?

I like it, doesn't overdo the chiptune, definitely adding it.

A lot of FTL's "Explore" tunes are like this, have a look at them. Don't forget about the Advanced Edition music as well, it's just as good.

Ok it's not technically "Rock" but fuck it everybody that doesn't like Blind Guardian has no place in a bookstore.

And with that let's go with the song they wrote for Sacred 2.

Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds
And for a video let's go with the in-game concert.

Can I suggest every single sung track in Transistor?

I'll also add the previously suggested songs from Bastion that are from the same artists as Transistor.

There's also this song from an indie game called The Cat Lady that I enjoy.

Also Telltale is really good at this, there's actually a pretty good version of the song In the Pines on the ending credits of Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 that's sung by a Telltale employee, I believe she's one of the artists but I'm not sure.

They also had a really good selection with the intros to Tales from the Borderlands I particularly like the second Episode intro song Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra's "Kiss the Sky" and I believe the fifth Episode?s intro which is James Blake's Retrograde though that's a bit more famous, they're all good and combined they do match what you are looking for, some slightly trippy tracks, some rock and some mellow tracks.

Metal Gear Solid 3's Snake Eater also sounds kinda normal if you ignore the silly lyrics so I'd add that.

For the moment I'll leave it at that but maybe later I can think of more, the old Tony Hawk games had killer soundtracks and there's tons of racing games with awesome music, not to mention that if you want to add metal there's always Br?tal Legend and so on, plus I also just read the OP and since you also accept instrumental songs and chiptune music I'll definitely have more suggestions.

The instrumental version of Stateless' "Miles to Go" (the one I prefer) appears on the Sleeping Dogs' soundtrack:

But the original version is really good to:

Come to think of it...what about Gerudo Valley?

Uhm... something like Somnia Memories from Parasite Eve? That's definitely slow and mellow.

Bonnie Pink Ring a Bell from Tales of Vesperia comes to mind

There are also a few stand out tracks in Gta IV that I always like such as Sleep is Impossible Now by Deluka and Vagabond by Greenskeepers

Omikron: The Nomad Soul has 8 songs by David Bowie on its soundtrack

- Thursday Child
- Something in the Air
- Survive
- Seven
- New Angels of Promise
- Brilliant Adventure
- The Dreamers
- We All Go Through

Any of these songs could easily pass for 'normal' music, because, well, they are.

Search stuff by Lindsey Stirling/Sterling (not sure how the surname is pronounced at this very moment...)
Put in a few of her songs on that list as well :D

While I've never actually gotten to play the game myself, I can almost always recommend the Neverhood soundtrack when someone is in need of video game music.

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