Poll: My Samurai Jack fans would you prefered Father/Daughter Relationship or Jashi

Okay I know this is a little late but I kinda feel as if a father and daughter relationship between Jack and Ashi would've worked better imo, now don't get me wrong I'm not against Jashi but I felt as if Ashi became a little too emotional stable I mean in the first of half of the series she was basically naked X-23 but during the second half she seemed like a normal if awkward woman, I don't know maybe if they gave the romance more time maybe I could've liked it better but who knows. Thoughts, concerns, etc.

At first I would have preferred fater/daughter but I warmed up to lovers. It was well executed (considering the short time the show had) and overall fitted as Jack didn't really age mentally in a meaningful way.

Am I allowed to say that both should be an option?

I don't really care at this point. I had bigger grips with this season, so either way works for me. Besides, if we had to keep the canonical(back to the past) ending, it won't matter anyway.

I could go with either really, if only it wasn't to rushed.

I wanted Old Man Jack

Bit of a spoilery title, isn't it? It's been barely a month and I haven't finished the season yet (although I already knew, just saying that there are probably more people like me).

Anyway, I actually thought the big reveal would be that Jack was somehow Ashi's father. Their relationship seemed like that. I'm glad he finally got a girl but seeing him fuck some chick that I assumed was his daughter was pretty weird for me.

I would have been fine with either, although I think the Father/Daughter thing would have been less cliche. But "Jashi" (God I hate ship names) is fine too. They could have done it a lot better of course.

I would have preferred a father/daughter relationship, though I guess the actual relationship doesn't bother me that much. Wish they hadn't rushed it, though.

No either option?

Like with the op, I didn't really cared with either outcome. I mean I thought it was a father/ daughter at first but when they kissed, I rather let it be than to get butthurt like some stupid people out there.

I was good with either, but the way they handled the relationship annoyed me. They'd managed to have better pacing in five minutes with "Ikra" than they did in an entire episode with Ashi. This was because with Ikra they managed to portray the passage of time and their growing trust and affection. With Ashi? Sometime offscreen they changed from an ally/mentor relationship to one where they were intensely attracted to each other...and were very awkward about it. Ironically, they could have made even that work if it had come after the episode they actually used it in. You know, forced to reevaluate what they mean to each other after a near death experience, and all that.

As I said, I would have been fine with either, but the execution really needed some work.

Okay first if you're gonna combine there names like a DeviantArter, you have to do with for both relationships. Jashi can be their romantic relationship, and Ashack has to be their familial relationship.

Second eh? Either works for me, I just wish it had been better written. Or simply twice the number of episodes. The writing doesn't actually need to get better, just stretch it out so its not so compressed.

Caramel Frappe:
While I wanted Jack to finally find someone (cause god knows every woman he has come across tried to kill him / betray him / was Aku all along), the way things went felt awkward to me. Now, I understand that Jack didn't want to kill all of Ashi's sisters and they were brainwashed by their mom, but the fact Ashi never brought up that fact with Jack once they became close bothered me

So something like this


Close to father/daughter, but teacher/ward.

Their first positive interaction and tells that Ashi was changing for the better came from Jack sort of teaching her, showing her the errors of her way. So this relationship came more natural to them I think.


This is fucking briljant.


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