Need help finding a music video

So I was at the gym last night, and saw a very strange video on one of the screens. But I couldn't make out the name of the artist from where I was.

All I can tell you about it, is that the singer was an asian woman, solo I guess as I saw no other band members. And the video had her traipsing through various paintings of history. One clip in particular showed Van Gogh's Screaming Woman, skipping down the pier she is on, and then screaming. Two people that act like MIB agents hold up little flash devices in front of her. Then the camera turns around to show what she is screaming at, and it looked like giant legged aliens, similar to the War of the Worlds movie with Tom Cruise.

She also blew up a convertible (also in a painting) with a rocket launcher, that turned into dots for one of Monet's paintings. And it just stayed weird at that point.

Anyone know the song/video I'm talking about. I couldn't hear it, as I was listening to an app that tracks my steps, but I was curious what it was.


This one? Just googled asian singer music video paintings

Yep, that's the one, thanks.


One clip in particular showed Van Gogh's Screaming Woman

Obnoxious pedantry compels me to reluctantly point out that "The Scream" is by Edvard Munch. Easy enough a slip, as there was a van Gogh self-portrait in the video as well. Still, children under the age of 30 might be reading, and we have a duty to make sure they can tell their expressionist precursors apart. Also, Internet points.


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