Doctor Who: Best Companions

Yep, another Doctor Who topic. No poll this time. By the title, it stands to reason that there's too many for that.

So, yeah. Favorite DW companions across time, space, and Doctors. Because it's such a long list, I'm going to keep it to a top ten, and confine it to TV appearances only, otherwise I'd be here all day. So, on that note:

10) Amy Pond

9) Clara Oswald

8) Donna Noble

7) Rory Williams

6) Romana II

5) River Song

4) Nardole

3) Sarah Jane Smith

2) Brigadier

1) Rose Tyler

Oooooh, this ain't gonna be pretty because to be perfectly honest, I despise Rose Tyler a lot. As for favorites:

1. Sarah Jane Smith
2. Jamie McCrimmon
3. Leela
4. Amy Pond
5. Donna Noble
6. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
7. Jo Grant
8. Martha Jones
9. Ace
10. K-9

I particularly like Ace, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Donna, Vicki, K-9, Jamie, and Leela. I particularly dislike Rose and Clara.

I very much enjoyed Bill this last season. Rose is still No.1 for me.

After that, Amy 2, Clara 3 and Martha 4.

...well, only seen the New Who episodes, so it goes Donna, Martha/Rose, Amy/Clara. I liked Donna a lot since she was so different to the rest of the companions, had a great humour to her and played off Tennant incredibly well. Martha and Rose were both alright and had some damn solid episodes, and worked well with Eccleston/Tennant, but the whole romance angle they both had got a little annoying and overplayed for me. And Amy and Clara I don't like largely because... fuck, I just don't like how the Smith-era and later seasons were written. Had they not had such garbage scripts maybe I'd have liked 'em more, buuuuut... well, let's just say there's a reason I never made it to Capaldi.

I only have the New Doctor Who to go off of. Out of those, Donna is by far the best. Everyone else felt like sidekicks along for the ride who got better to varying degrees. Donna had a chemistry with the Doctor that made her feel more like his equal. It probably helps that they killed any romantic angle right at the start.

Donna. She was never in awe like the others and was very much Tennants foil.

Derpy Fucking Hooves ya' bastards!

Can we get a "Worst companion" thread so I can nominate Bill 10x over?


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