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Hey all.

Due to a new job, I just moved to a new city well away from anywhere I've lived before and know absolutely no one. This is pretty much the first time that I've ever had an experience like this (other than college, but the whole group of freshman thing made that easier). Anyone have any tips or such for meeting people or finding things to do?

I've always been a pretty big introvert, but I'm trying to use this opportunity to "restart" and expand my experiences. Anything you guys have to offer would be great :D

Be friendly towards your coworkers (saying "good morning" and "see you tomorrow" is a good start). It not only improves your working days, but you'll be able to get better recommendations from them for things to do on weekends and after working hours.

Use the Internet!
Whenever I travel I alway checkout local Facebook events or groups and just join em and say "hey I'll be in town for a few weeks let's do stuff." So just find stuff you're interested in and go from there.
There's usually a lot of people in your same position so just be open about being new to the area and looking for friends and you should do fine. I'm a touch introverted myself so joining a group or event and introducing myself there was always easier than going up to someone in a bar or something

Challenge the local gym leader to get his / her badge. And make sure you spend a lot of time wandering through the various bits of long grass fighting complete strangers.

At least, that's how I think it works. There may be gangsters involved, as well.

Depending on your particular interests, going to the Gym to work out can be a good place to meet people, or joining a local sports team. Another thing if sports and exercise isn't your thing, Tabletop or CCG's are a good way to make new friends. Find a local game shop and show up to Friday Night Magic, or join a DnD group, or any other such event.

If none of that tickles your fancy, bars and clubs are another good place to meet people and have a good time. Find a local bar you might like and start hanging out. Sing some karaoke, buy a round of shots, get up and dance. All in all, it really just depends on you and your interests.


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