Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) - A Review

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Monster play is pretty large. PVP at it's most enjoyable.

You might want to mention its going Free to Play in the fall.

Bullroarer for Life!

Loremaster and Captain are pet classes from what I remember.

Loremaster is a crowd-control/ranged dps/utility class.
Captain is a tank/healer hybrid.

Edit: I played a Loremaster for a good while and it's probably my favourite MMO class so far. Very busy class so it will keep you on your toes. Very easy to shine as an LM. Captain, less so from what I saw. The Loremaster is much more powerful with the aid of his/her pet. There is a proc from the pet which allows the LM to trigger self-heals and higher damage. Without this, the LM has limited self-healing abilities.

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