Neutral Drow reviews: A Drug That Makes You Dream

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I've been searching around the sites with google. Where is a good place to actually purchase this game and others? Also, buy and download would be great as well. Apologies if I missed an existing reply with that info.

Peach Princess carries most of the officially-released titles I know of, including this one (which does come in download format, if so desired).

MangaGamer also carries some titles, notably the Higurashi novels, Kira Kira, Kara no Shoujo, and Shuffle.

J-list has even more of a selection...though its mostly imports, and thus more expensive. Also, the site creeps me out something fierce.



So do you know where to get Fate/Stay legally? As i dont want to torrent it. And thanks to google i know there is an english patch, which means i dont have to use my crappy japanese language skills.

A mere 100 dollars from PlayAsia, last I checked.


A 100$ you have to be kidding right? Thats like 1000 Swedish Kroner (which is a lot) I got GTA4, Dragon Age: Aweking and Assassins Creed 2 for that much.

I havent tried this before but some of theese developers lets you download the game over their website. Try the japaneese one, Google translator is your friend? *Used it for a russian webstore once, worked like a charm*

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