Vampire Wars: Made by "Zynga"

A while ago I quit Facebook due to the fact that it was, like most social networking sites, boring and a little "too with it", like the dad who uses words what no-ones said in 20 years, like "Hip" or "Fly" or "Human Equality", to convince his worth to his already embarassed offspring.

It wasn't until a passing fancy to see whats changed in the world of Facebook occured that I noticed an "application" that seemed quite alluring. "Vampire Wars". At first I passed it off as another waste of time, created for those who have no life or think that playing games will increase their social adequacy by that added point five percent. (We live to Dream.) It wasn't until I finally gave in to the relentless amounts of invites I deemed it worthy of actually spending time to get to know, and admittadly I'm not all that displeased with it.

Vampire Wars by Zynga

For a web based RPG, its rather addictive, its dark sence of humour and alluring artwork gripped me into the good old days when being a Goth was the pinnacle of self loathing sophistication and where the darkest things in life seemed the brightest.

But of course, its no MMO.

Having said that, it's still the type of game I can put my hands up and admit I actually enjoy playing, despite its subtle but regretably numourous flaws, of which I'll come to later.

The game, after having you give your character a name and choice of 3 vampire types, of which include Edward Cullen (Modern), The Vampire Lestat (Noble) or Angel (Primeval), has you start off in the "Coffin". The main page of the game in which the latest news, offers and chat feed is shown. Unlike other games of this type, its complexity in it's layout was made simple by a simple tutorial that told you how you should start off in the process of making your character and getting used to missions. This is the first role play game I've seen that'll tell you what you actually need before starting off in the big world in simplistic methods. And whats more simple then. "Click this to do this because it does that which helps you in this way"?

Eyrpmav, currently a level 8 noble vampire.The avatar your allowed to create has the choice of being interchangably male or female with 3 different skin tones to show that even in the vampire world, racism is still an issue. (Somewhere Blade is rolling in his grave...) And for once, the female version of the vampire ISN'T a busty bint in barely any clothing, although to most this might seem like a flaw, its rather refreshing to see a game that doesn't rely on well endowed half naked bints with breasts as big as their head to be the unique selling point of a game.

The game stays true to it's word when it comes to the vampire mythical physics, holy items: bad, shape shifting: good and other aspects you'd expect to see in your garden variety vampire as it's MANY abilities allow for different character builds and stratagies, whether your the defensive, offensive or even money maker type of RPG gamer, and it even has promotional value such as rare abilities you can only get with the second currancy of the game, "Favour Points". Which not only can you purchase with real currancy, you can also earn in game as well with levelling up, trophy collecting and other various methods.

But like all games, theres flaws.

The biggest problem I had with this game wasn't in fact anything to do with the game, per say, it was more to do with the fact that not only is this a web browser based game, its based on Facebook predominantly. Meaning that although this is a quite popular game, its not exactly the most worthy of mentionable games you'd seem to expect in today's market. Be that as it may, I still found it more addictive then the likes of World of Warcraft or Call of Duty...

Well okay, maybe not Call of Duty.

Further more, another problem involving it's base. The web browser. This game is souly enjoyable when you, like me, have a decent to jack rabbit speed connection and requires a lot of Javascript, Flash, etc to run. It seems like a lot of hassle for what its really worth in my honest opinion. Anyway I appear to be nit picking.

Another problem this game has is that it requires you to constantly be on your guard and have the security of a tight arsed bank teller, quite literally actually. The main currancy of the game is "Blood", obviously, being a vampire game, and it's units can climb well into the millions if your a careful and lucky gamer such as I seemed to be. But the worst can and will happen if your not careful, you have the choice to place your winnings in the "Blood Bank", again, an inspired name, where it'll be safe (if you get past the 10% deposite charge.) Why is this nessesary? Well you and other gamers have the chance to battle other gamers at the click of a button in which you damage them and take their blood units, however the victem isn't the wiser to this until their blood seems to have mysteriously vanished.

It takes an aquired mind to venture into the lesser known realms of gaming such as this, I've seen others religiously sporting the likes of Modern Warfare 2 or World of Warcraft, which fair enough, theres nothing wrong with, but to find an addictive game in the least likely places is quite satisfying when your bored of the same old thing. I advise those who haven't already tried it to do so. You might just find a new gaming passion.

hey what the hell happened to Mafia Wars? you know i love them both :)

(though you still won't add me >.<)


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