Miracle's Whip- Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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great review, now if it only worked more often on my pc...

I've heard the PC version has issues alright.

Some people talked about not even being able to open it up, let alone have it crash on them.

Great Review man. I loved the first game and this just looks like it improved on everything. I liked your strategy for dealing with campers too

Enjoyed the review, well done.

An open question; does anyone know whether Onslaught is worth it? Really have not heard about it at all.

Great Review man. I loved the first game and this just looks like it improved on everything. I liked your strategy for dealing with campers too


And yeah, that's my favorite thing about the online... someone's hiding in a corner with a shotgun and sniper rifle? Bring the roof down on his head!

The PC version is largely neglected by EA / Dice. Let's put it like this:

There are a significant number of bugs/glitches.
1) The netcode sucks, so it's often laggy - even when playing on servers in the same TOWN as me, and I've got a 5 Down / 1 Up line!.
2) The hit detection is HORRIBLE. At nearly point blank range (~10m), you can fire a shotgun (with pellets, not slugs) at a dude who's standing still and completely oblivious to you... and not get a hit with a single pellet! You can empty an entire clip into a dude in CQC, and still not kill him (a lot of guns are 5+ body hits). You can see blood spray from a .50 Cal HMG round, and the dude's still at full health.
3) There are a number of guns that are significantly better than others, and some of them you get fairly early on. It's pretty clear that there's a problem, when there's 28+ weapons in the game, and ~75% of weapon usage is made up by 3 of 'em!
4) You can walk up behind a dude, knife him in the back 4 times and not kill him. Then he finally catches on, turns around and knifes you once and gets the kill.

Since the game was released, despite constant promises to resolve these (and many other) issues. And since release, they have:
1) released a patch for the consoles only;
2) released some DLC for the consoles only;
3) released new maps and game modes - you guessed it - for the consoles only; and
4) are now working on the next purchased expansion pack.

We've only recently received a patch to the PC version. The patch notes only covered half the issues they'd promised to fix... and only about 80% of the patch notes actually worked. There are some bugs that they've "fixed" that are still very much alive and kicking!

And don't even get me started on the poor game design decisions. Just as an example... giving one class a) the medpack, b) the resuscitator, and c) a heavy machine gun that can outshoot sniper rifles, but has a RoF of 600+ RPM and 100 rounds of ammo is so totally balanced, don'tya know. Oh yeah... and if you thought the noob-tube in MW was bad, just wait until you meet Uncle Carl!

Add to that the TERRIBLE customer service. My clan stomped all over another clan in a ranked match. This was a BAD thing... because we later discovered that one of the forum administrators is in that clan. Since then we have been repeatedly harrassed on the forums. Our recruiting threads are locked for minor violations of TOS (often not even committed by our members). When some of our members complained about this, they were banned from the forums - and since EA ties everything into your EA account, they've lost access to every online EA game they own as well! And when we reported this to the CSR's, giving numerous examples of how we're harrassed for things that nobody else gets nailed for nothing happened. They reported it to the forum administration 'for action'. Let's be serious... a dude's trolling on your recruiting thread, calling you all "ghey fagg0ts" (or some such - never got the hang of l33t-speak) and you tell him to stop being an idiot... you get banned and the thread locked, and the troll is posting on your new thread tomorrow. Seriously. WTF?

So no... BFBC2 has the POTENTIAL to be an absolutely awesome game. But it's been ruined by blatant stupidity and mismanagement.

Bad Company 2 continues to improve for me; of course, the campaign will feel predictable during the series, but the online component is a great time-sink.

Your review convinced me to give the game another chunk of my time, so thank you! I look forward to more of your work.

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