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Our hero, Chuck Greene.
Our hero, Chuck Greene.

A few things you should know. It has zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. And it's also bloody. Quite satisfyingly bloody. For a good reason of course, an entire 'city'[1] has been run-over by zombies. And our hero, Chuck Nor...I mean Chuck Greene has to step up and show the horde of zombies what happens when you get in the way of him and his orange juice!

Storywise this game is actually solid. Unlike Capcom's other endeavours, it actually follows a decent plot with the characters breathing soul into the script. Zombie mania has been around for a while but it almost always deals with how a zombie outbreak starts and how the people survive it or more frequently, fall prey to it. In this game, people are attempting to get zombies Rights. Weird. 'Cause the last time I checked, the zombies didn't even have a sane brain to speak of. And while it's very amusing thinking when did the people decide to give Zombies Rights, it also tells about the level of detail Capcom gave to this one. Unlike the other game I recently reviewed.

Punks ain't dead bro.
Punks ain't dead bro.

So, like I said in the previous paragraphs, a zombie outbreak has occurred (yet again) and it's up to our hero, Chuck Greene to care of the mess. Why? 'Cause he got blamed for it and he has 3 days to clear his name. Again why? Because then the army get here who don't give a damn who they shoot as long as they are shooting something. To add to the experience is the fact that Chuck has a cute daughter, Katey, who was unfortunately bitten by her zombified mother in the previous outbreak[2]. So, what does Chucky do? Buy some Zombrex of course! To clarify, Zombrex is a medicine which post-pones the effects of zombification. Problem? It only lasts for 24hours. So, you have to hurry and find some Zombrex before time runs out. Otherwise, the results are grim. This strikes a balance, not only you have to deal with zombies but you also have to take the time to find Zombrex. I liked it. Especially when I had 4 Zombrexs on me.

Gameplay of this game is fantastic. A new feature is introduced in this game which allows players to combine a weapon with another weapon. Not only does this result in pools of zombie blood but you also get Experience Points for doing it. These points will automatically increase, give you a new combo etc etc. All of which is very important if you wanna survive in this jungle of insanity. The freedom in this game is also hilarious. You can force Chuck to go in his underwear or you can suit him up for a night of flir...killing zombies. Then there are the sidequests. Basically, it's saving this person from here and there and earning lots of EP doing it. The escort missions add a spice to the game since now you have to manage the main story line, Zombrex hunting and side-quests at the same time. But fear not. You have a handy dandy watch which will tell you what is happening.

Need more cash.
Need more cash.

The fun part for me were the boss fights. Although, they were also the most frustrating part of the game. The bosses are of people-gone-insane and the generally evil variety. They have ridiculous amount of health and they hit really hard. It's better to stock up on the ammo before a confrontation. But that's also another problem. You never know whether it's gonna be a boss fight or a simple side-quest. I recommend on stocking up on ammo either way since there's always a chance that you'll die brutally in the hands of a psycho. However, once you figure out how to defeat one boss. You'll know how to defeat all.

CONCLUSION: It's amazingly good and a joy to play. Still can't figure out what did Capcom do so wrong with DMC4.

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[1] The smallest city I have ever played in.
[2] i.e. the first game

How many reviews have you done since you started? I've barely done 2 and...I feel inadequate, curse you. >_>

I'm sure someone reviewed this! Oh well, good review, keep 'em coming!

I like that game. Nice review.

Cool man, might just buy the game now I heard your opinion! :D

Again surprised that no one reviewed this either. I am disappointed.

Actually, there were a few Dead Rising 2 reviews back when it was first released. they just weren't submitted to the archive, or Pimppeter never entered them, one of the two.

Review wise...proof read it, please. Just in the first paragraph, "I" is not capitalized. Starting off with something like makes the entire thing feel unprofessional. There is also a couple places where you don't have spaces properly, like when you say, "So, like i said in the previous paragraphs, a zombie outbreak has occurred(yet again) and it's". There are two obvious mistakes right there, that I have bolded for you.

How many reviews have you done since you started? I've barely done 2 and...I feel inadequate, curse you. >_>

Updated the review.. added the Reviews spoiler. See for yourself.

I'm sure someone reviewed this! Oh well, good review, keep 'em coming!

I know... >_> But since it wasn't added in the index.... the game becomes a target of mine.

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*salutes* That's what I get for not using Word. X3 Sorry for the first sentence, my ego got a bit ahead. My bad.


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