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Hello and welcome to Farmer Explains, today I am reviewing a game about the Mafia in the 40's and 50's called... Mafia... 2. The title does not matter, but I do have to say that it saved me a lot of time because I didn't need to read the back of the game when I wanted to know what it was about. Anyway before I already spill all the beans in the intro, let's start this review. Enjoy!

Macaroni and Spaghetti

Mafia 2 tells the story of Vito Scalleta, a young boy from Sicily who moved to America with his parents before the war got loose. After screwing up and getting send back to fight against the Nazi regime he returns to America where he hooks up with his friend Joe, who like most good friends instantly draws him back in the shittery drain. Vito finds himself back in the Mafia business and has to deal with all the daily betrayals, murders and frightened mothers that are part of it. The overall plot contains a fair amount of plots twists and it's not too bad either, I really liked it in fact.

Vito and Joe

The game is very story-based, honestly drop from too great a height and you have to replace the pavement, so if you like a good story, this game is just for you. There are a few downsides though, some of the missions are reserved for story purpose and the biggest example is when you have to pick up some friends, drive to a strip bar, watch a cut scene and then drive around a little more. There are entire missions without any action at all and that is taking it a bit too far in my opinion. At times these missions don't even have anything to do with the story and could easily be replaced with a single cut scene.

Stay in cover

Mafia 2's combat is pretty much the same as the standard; you hear enemies, you take cover, you play a rather easy variation of Duck Hunt before a few seconds. The AI knows its way around quite good and never really became a pain in the ass for me. When you're actually allowed to get some combat done you will find a challenging and amusing fight where the type of weapon you are using can make all the difference, so it's certainly an upgrade over say... Red Dead Redemption where I can headshot an enemy from across the open plains with a pistol. A few times the game suggests you use stealth, but it's always much faster to just shoot everything in plain sight instead.

Let me make one thing clear: This game is not a sandbox like Grand Theft Auto or Saint's Row. It is actually quite stupid that they chose to use a sandbox city because there is not a single reason to do anything. Not even basic meaningless things like collectables or random events are present. You don't even need money because there is nothing to buy except for weapons (free during missions) and clothes. On top of that even if you have millions of dollars and a garage & closet filled with the most expensive stuff ever, the story can just demand that you lose it all and never recover any of it. It even ends by sending you back to the menu screen and asking if you want to reload a previous safe, much like in Zelda games. Shortly: The combat works, but the sandbox aspect of this game is severely crippled by the game's heavy story.


While the game falls flat on its sandbox aspect it makes up for the big pointless city in its presentation. Everything in this game looks and sounds like it really is 1945. The radio tells about the march to Germany and liberation of Poland, the cars that drive around are real models and people are also dressed appropriately. There are just no words that can truly explain the amount of detail that goes behind this game. If you're a graphics addict then this game will make you cum sunlight reflecting drops of jizz on your beautiful floor with parts where the color faded away a little.

they should mention that on the cover

If somebody would hold a knife to my throat and demand that I name something about the presentation that sucks then I would tell him about the music, you see while music from the 40's and 50's does indeed add more atmosphere to your game it also creates a major problem: Not even my grandparents remember any songs from that time because those years where not exactly known for their beautiful music (those where the 70's and 80's!), so while you're driving around town you will constantly zap around on the radio hoping to hear something that's at least bearable to listen to. Also why can I turn on the shower and flush the toilet, but not turn on the fucking television!


Mafia 2 offers a great story and an awesome presentation that managed to keep me hooked to the game long enough to finish it. In terms of gameplay it's not bad, but it could have been much better. I would like to use the term "unpolished", but fuck if this game was even more polished it would have blinded me. I can recommend this game to people who are interested in a good story or in the setting, but the average online shooter fan might want to stay away from this title.


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