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A free online fantasy card game

Allow me to start this review off by saying something that I, in all honesty, probably should NOT say...

I, generally, dislike card games.

The reasons for this are many, such as cost, complexity, and the trouble involved in finding a second person to play against; but the overall problem I have is with the games themselves. Whether they're too complex to let me get into them or too simple to hold my interest, I just never seem to find a card game that can keep me going.

Which, you see, is all the more reason to give "Elements", a card game that I quickly got into and deeply enjoy, a closer look.

It's much easier to use than it looks.

"Elements" is a free online card game that combines many of the same basic ideas behind many other card based games with the simplicity of a relatively straight forward online flash game. The gameplay revolves around using an element you select as your main strength (1 of 12 possible choices), building your deck with cards that either take advantage of your strength or that can be used for specific strategies, and engaging in fights with the A.I., randomly selected online players, or friends that you can invite via the easy to use PvP interface.

While each element is relatively different, all of them are very closely balanced. For example, the "Darkness" element revolves around manipulating your opponents tactics against them, while "Aether" (my personal favorite) revolves around voiding your opponents tactics and avoiding damage. While it can feel as though this is done at the expense of variety, since each elements special card set is a limited pile to pick from, this problem is easily worked around by two factors: A) you aren't locked into using only one specific set of element cards by your specialty, and B) each element set uses a VERY different angle of strategizing from the others.

Each new player is given a basic starting deck of 30 cards, the minimum that can be held at any time (60 being the maximum), centered around the element that the player has chosen to use. Building the deck involves fighting either the A.I. or Random Players, as the PvP function doesn't give out any Electrum, the in-game currency used for trading and upgrading your cards.

The best picture I could get of a typical match.

This is where any possible barrier of entry to a new player is broken down. There are five different levels of play against the A.I. that you can choose from. The lower two levels are typically used for sharpening your strategies, learning the ins and outs of the different elemental types, and gaining small amounts of Electrum to help build and customize your deck. Whenever you feel ready to fight other players, the typical fight with a Random Online Player is matched up relatively close to your current skill level, and from there the outcome of a fight ends up, more often than not, being given a 50/50 chance, depending how the different strategies of each player falls together. After each match ends, the winner is given a relatively healthy amount of Electrum and can continue upgrading and manipulating their deck.


While I might not generally enjoy card games, this game is not only superbly easy to get into, it also is capable of keeping just about anybody's interest. It keeps everything closely balanced while still remaining a challenge, and barriers to entry are almost non existent. I believe that anybody, card-player or not, will find something here to enjoy.


I have removed my words from this site.

You couldn't have written it better except if you were maybe a little less professional in tone. Not a bad thing, though variety is the spice of life.

But that's my two cents.

And I play this game occasionally, if anyone cares, I was in the screenshot Skorpyo used there, kicking his ass.

I have removed my words from this site.



And I play this game occasionally, if anyone cares

It is on.

Also, that doesn't look like you're winning.

He didn't show the chimera screen shot. I used another fractal on the vampies, added some gargoyles, made a chimera, he died in one turn. Actually, he couldn't get the chimera shot because of that. :P


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