Remains of the Day: FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

... What the hell?



Pictured above. Someone who'll gladly knock you out.
Pictured above. Someone who'll gladly knock you out.

If you aren't utterly confused but amused by the end of the first episode then you're possibly more insane that the characters in it. After the credits starts rolling, you'll be left in complete confusion with but one statement in mind: "What the hell did I just watch?".

The story and the insanity begins when Naota, an average sixth-grader by every definition of the term is run over by Haruko, an alien, on her bike and then proceeds to give CPR to the still very much alive and functioning Naota after hitting him on the head with a bass guitar. And all of this takes place within the first 10 minutes of the first episode.

Guess who is having more of a fun time.  :D
Guess who is having more of a fun time. :D

The plot? Well there isn't any. If you do manage to somehow explain what FLCL is in a coherent manner, the viewer still will not be able understand it. It's for the best to watch it rather than try to understand from a brief summary alone.

Of course, the characters themselves cannot be described as normal. Naota, after being on the head with the bass guitar, now has an oddly shaped horn appear on his head every-time he thinks something perverted. Haruko, the alien and convicted head hitter, makes for one of the worst maids in anime history whereas Naota's grandfather and father lack any maturity. Maimimi, Naota's older brother's girlfriend, is probably closest to being normal. However, Naota's brother is in America, playing baseball and thus, she spends her time and energy making moves on Naota.

Of course, this is not a bad thing. The entire cast displays an entire range of emotions and stick with it. Haruko, loud and flamboyant whereas Naota is quiet and more reserved. Each character compliments the other, having his/her own distinct and unique personality; the way they react to events happening around them all reflect realism found in average human beings.

No you're not going insane. That is a giant iron.
No you're not going insane. That is a giant iron.

The animation and artwork is stylish and consistent. Vivid colours and fantastic character designs, the animation has a certain charm to it and is pleasant to watch. There's one segment in the first episode which is animated in a comic book format. Out of the group, Haruko looks the best. With her pink hair and green eyes and awesome Vespa bike and bass guitar.

The best feature of FLCL is the music. Played throughout the duration of the of the episodes, it's perfectly synchronized with every scene and keeps up with the fast pace of the story. Used to extreme effectiveness, the music plays out wonderfully and it doesn't distract you from the insanity taking place in the anime.

The only flaw which can be found is probably the story itself. It's extremely open to interpretation and so many things are happening simultaneously that it is hard to make sense of it. I'm not one to complain since FLCL pretty much made it clear from the first 10 minutes in that it wasn't going to make much sense to begin with but there are people who'll complain about such things.

Conclusion: FLCL is a very very unique anime. Does it give some inspiring message like in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? No. Does it provide an emotional roller-coaster as seen in Clannad and After Story? Nope. Is it fun? Hell yes. Turn off your major, logic-finding brain functions and just watch it. It will make you laugh to no end. APPROVED.

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Furry Curry!

One of maybe three animes I prefer in English Dubbing.

A great blast from the past!



EDIT: Good review... for your next one, I request either Robot Carnival or Memories. Short stories FTW.

Heh heh, I remember watching this, one of the strangest things I've ever seen. xD

The music was rather amazing, the one the I remember the most is the ending song and the stop motion bike thing that went with it.

I'd recommend Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica for a review.

I watched the entire series in one day. Thank god for summer.

Anyway, I loved it. It got the "This is japanese, we can do whatever we like!" feeling down. The music was awesome, the characters were great, and the story was random. What else can I ask for?

It's Perfect! The show wasn't afraid to break boundaries, which makes it so great.

I'm going to Netflix to watch it again. Thanks, Paradox. You rock.


Alright! Here's to move FLCL love.

This is "Naoto".


This, by contrast, is "Naota", a.k.a. Ta-kun.


Common mistake. Otherwise, nice review.

It may not make much sense but it always makes me laugh. And I think that's what its main purpose is in the first place.

10/10 perfect score

One of the down sides to the series was that there were only six episodes, so it's hardly worth even calling it a series. From my understanding, this wasn't necessarily the fault of the people working on it, but I still wish things were more extensive.

Man I love this series.

I had no idea what the hell was going on until the fourth time I watched it- but it was so much fun I couldn't even begin to care. It also had beautiful animation and a great sound track, so it's definitely one of my favorite Animes of all time.

i don't think you can seriously assume FlCl is random for randoms sake. Especially not when the codirector of Evangelion and protoge of the director of evangelion was at the helm of the project. FlCl is deceptively simple rather than just simple, i mean i thought it was a parody of evangelion which opperates under an opossing paradigm to contrast the prevailing conventions of mecha anime which had predated it. All the incoherent nonsense stuff is there to say thats what stories are these days incoherent nonsense, but FlCl takes that nonsense and imposes order through simple concepts driven by characters to amount to a really quite charming story of teenage development.

"Only the best(art) can realign chaos to suggest both the chaos and order it will become"
this Quote by Ondaatje always reminds me of FlCl.

although it is fun and the pillows create an excellent soudtrack it is a very rich piece with much more going on than your review seems to give credit.

Ah Fooly Cooly, the plot made next to no sense but it still managed to be an awesome anime. If you think it's weird you should try watching Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, it makes FLCL look like a children's story in terms of sheer randomness.

Supposedly, FLCL is about maturity, with every adult in the show being some kind of childish and Naota trying to resist that by bottling his emotions, which is why he's able to use the NO Channel...I think?


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