Freeware Horror Game: WHICH by Mike Inel

Which by Mike Inel

"A short game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house."

In this quiet atmospheric first-person horror game, you are trapped in a house that is encased completely in shadow, as if the house is deep underground, your eyes having adapted from being here..... or theres something wrong with you and how you see everything. dreamlike. The silence is like pressure on your ears as you search the house, drawers, cupboards looking for anything to help you. Instructions on how to move are written on the walls. You follow them. A locked door with a drawing of a heart on it emits a heartbeat, the only sound besides your own footsteps. Turns out you are not alone, theres someone else trapped here, too. Ever been stuck uncomfortably in a room with someone who doesnt like you? Yeah, its kinda like that.

Im always looking for the next horror game. Give them to me, I will download them ALL! If you are as well, i suggest you give it a try. No reason why you shouldnt, because its FREE, takes a second to download, and takes only minutes to play. Like a short story, it only has to be as long as it wants to be, no padding with unnecessary sidequests or exposistion. Just get out of the house. Just get out.

Short, a bit simple, surrealistic, has multiple endings(dont need to look it up. Just keep at it, youre doing it right) but like any story told by a person instead of a committee, has personality.

Dont want to make the preview longer then the game itself! lol. Give it a try HERE

(also can be in 3D, as you can see in the video)

Thanks! Good find!

Wow, that was pretty good. Looks like he has other games like WHY and WHEN and stuff. Does he have a game called HOW?

Looks like a good game, it's too bad I don't have the guts for horror.
I can totally handle something like "Evil Dead" or zombie movies, but if it's something like "Silent Hill 2" or "The Ring" I won't even be able to finish it. And this look like the latter.

Looks interesting. I'll definitely be giving this a closer look later.

Hope I don't wuss out on this several minute game like I do most horror media.

I really like Mike Inel, He has other stuff, called How, Where and Why.

His stuff is definitely worth a look.

Good call OP! ^^

EDIT: Each of his games usually has a theme, and they're pretty clever.

That...was pretty damn scary. Really good atmosphere, especially regarding the red and blue contrasting with the monochrome environments.

Highly recommended. Even if both stabbings are almost cartoonishly long.


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