Saints Row the Third -- an OCD review

Yup, it's a playground.

After having thoroughly immersed myself into Skyrim and all the while constantly worrying if some choice (or some glitch) would interfere with what I wanted my heroic Skyrim tale to be, I needed a break. I decided I wouldn't care about - wouldn't get OCD over - Saints Row the Third.

Yeah, I did. I created a relatively generic female character, imagining that she'd be some amorphous lump that I'd play around with, eventually becoming something weird -- a fat green dude, a mussel-bound gladiatrix -- but I actually ended up liking my character.

I had obsessed about my secondary character in Skyrim; I had struggled with whether to quit and restart after I realized my Wood Elf's eyes were plagued by guyliner. In my opinion, if you're going to spend even three hours with a character, then there had better be some connection.

With the excellently unambitious writing and the inimitable Laura Bailey's voice acting (it's weird hearing her in a natural [-ish] voice; I kept hearing bits of Rasperyl and even a hint of Shin-Chan), I couldn't help but relate to my character. If you were Batman in Arkham City, then you're the Joker in Saints Row the Third.

There are many reasons to dislike the game. The most salient is its treatment of sex workers as inhuman commodities ... but it's just a dumbass game, right? I wish they'd been more cautious in their treatment of such a serious topic - but this is a different world; this is a sex and violence world. It makes more sense to complain about the world-war-level of people you'll end up killing in the game than whether it's ethical (or un-!) to ignore women's rights.
This game ignores human rights. That's part of the charm. It flexes the inhuman muscle we all try to ignore. Chaos can be fun - maybe not in the real world, but it fits perfectly into a playground.

soooo...did you like it or not?

Maybe it's because it's about 1:30 in the morning, but I'm honestly having a hard time telling.

I personally find it to be a bit lacking after the masterpiece that was SR2, but I still have fun playing it, and in the end that's what I play games for.

Good description. I'd say your right on the money, it's Looney Tunes and you've got the mallet.

Burt fucking Reynolds. Just thought I'd throw that in here.

I did love it. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was even disappointed when it ended ... so disappointed that I fired up SR2. But I really didn't enjoy the opening boat ride. The game was just as choppy as I remembered and I couldn't stand the control options. Admittedly, it was a bit of SR3 bias that made me feel that way, but I just decided to start a new game in SR3 and (part-time) go back to Skyrim.


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