TESV: Skyrim Review [VIDEO]

Hey guys thought I would toss up a video review of Skyrim! lemme know what you think.

I think your tag was broken. ;) I went in and fixed it. You almost got it right, but you don't include the whole URL in your tag; instead, just keep the part after the equal sign. In your case, the tag looks like this: [*youtube=SbTvuFcgl9I] because the URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbTvuFcgl9I. (Remove the asterisk from the tag to make it work like I did in your post.)

Happy reviewing.

You need better sound mixing, sometimes the in-game sounds obscures your voice.

other than that, well done :)

yes this was the very first video since then I've made huge improvements on the other works i'll toss more up after i dont want to floor the forums!

and thanks Mr and/or Ms Mod person for helping my mistake!

I liked it.

Keep up the reviews, I always enjoy watching them, even if I already have the game.


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